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I have a bunch of 1 ton haulmaster chain hoists that need to be upkept and maintained, some need repairs. I'd rather not go back to harbor frieght and replace them all. How do I find them or simply maintain them and keep everything in working order.

I habe one chain hoist that releases the weight it's holding and drops it, another whose chain keeps falling off and one who's drivewheel is bent, leaning away from the chain hoist. I'm thinking for the one that's falling that it just needs lithium grease.
*how do I fix them, not find them
If you can't find who the OEM is it makes most sense to tear the malfunctioning hoists down and inspect for wear to learn what wears or runs low on lube. I'd at least tear down the one you know is fucked and keep it as an organ donor.

If safety is critical and you live in the US or Canuckistan just replace them so if someone dies no questions come your way.

Better chain hoists one can get parts for exist but your company is likely better off disposing of any bad ones, if practical into your truck. (I've done some epic scrounging of many thousands of dollars of material by asking for and getting permission.)
Disposal is not an option, they need to get repaired
>buys the cheapest chinkshit
>must maintain it into perpetuity
Good luck.
>they need to get repaired

If you can't repair them will you be killed? What country do you live in where fixing disposable crap you may be personally liable for looks like a good idea?

You're free to contact Harbor Freight for parts support. You already tried that, right? If they didn't offer parts what did they say when you emailed up their customer service chain?


If you're free to buy parts why not free to replace hoist? I suspect thou art bullshitting but if not show your boss this thread.

You could consider not buying trash hoists. A wise general rule of thumb is if you destroy cheap shit at an acceptable rate, buy cheap shit. If too many die that you're not profiting vs. a quality replacement like Crosby or Columbus-McKinnon then upgrade, but I doubt that is happening. If your boss is sufficiently open-minded he may let you trial quality chain hoists by buying one or two then noting how long they last and if there are any warranty issues what was the resolution.

Those model hoists are so cheap (84.99) they don't "need to get repaired". Of course they'll wear out etc.
Boss said, and I quote, that if I wanted to work with him that i needed to get my masters degree in chain hoists.
Find a different company. Don’t work for a faggot that buys rigging from harbor freight.
>I habe one chain hoist that releases the weight it's holding and drops i

which reminded me, how the fuck does a chain hoist allow you to go up and down but it locks when you stop pulling the chain. In this video he says his has a ratchet that holds the weight and a clutch that allows you to bypass the ratchet to lower the load:


so OP has a broken ratchet.
Thanks man!
Honestly, just tear into it and start figuring it out. There are different styles of chainfalls. I have seen some of them with a brake applied by a thread. The load will try lowering and this will tighten a threaded piece that squeezes a brake.

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