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Any tips on how to make a homemade mattress?
>I spent $400 on a mattress that is 8x worse than a mattress I could've bought online for $250
Listen bud there’s very few things in life worth having, let alone spending hard earned money on. A bed is one of those. If ever there was an activity that simultaneously increased your health, improved your mentality, and required zero exercise it’s sleeping.
I read the "wiki" on mattresses (yes on reddit, cry about it) and came away more confused than I was before.
there are so many options bros, even within one type of mattress like springs or foam.
and then I sometimes read here or there about how breathing in foam all night gives you lung cancer, wtf am I even supposed to do? sleep on a sack? I also read latex slabs are the best, but apparently they're double the price of the other types.
any recs? is purple any good?
>is purple any good?
It's a decent mattress if you're looking for that type of mattress, but it's a lot more expensive than other options that are in the same quality tier.

Noone can exactly tell you what type of mattress is going to be the most comfortable for you personally. If you're fat or slim, then that could affect your choice, if you sleep "hot" or not, etc. And then you have to consider durability vs price.

Foam mattresses pros:
-Good value for money at the lower end compared to lower end spring mattresses
-Usually pretty warm to sleep on, which is nice in colder climates or if you're just a cold kind of person
-If you roll around or move in your sleep it won't disturb your partner since they kind of dampen any motion
-Easy to find different firmness levels so you can get one that works for you. A lot of times heavier people prefer softer mattresses, but this is personal preference.

foam mattress cons:
-not great for sex because they have no bounce and kind of absorb all your motion... It's like trying to fuck in 8 inches of water
-usually not great in terms of durability. On some of them the edge kind of softens or breaks down if you sit on the edge of the bed a lot. Also they can get a body shaped crater or soft spot over time from normal use. Don't expect it to last 10 years.

Spring mattress pros:
-Not as warm as foam mattresses
-Durability tends to be much better than foam over a period of years and years. You can also often flip them over occasionally to extend their life.
-Much better for sex because they have lots of bounce.
-If you're buying used, they can be an excellent value because a lot of people get rid of expensive mattresses that they rarely used and because they have longer lifespans than foam you can find more sweet buys. Also, high end expensive mattresses are often sold cheap as dirt when they're used because few people want to buy a second hand mattress.

Continued in next post....
Spring mattress cons:
-harder to move around because you can't fold them to fit in a vehicle etc
-more difficult to compare softness levels especially if you're buying online, because it isn't as straightforward as comparing various foam densities.
-it's hard to find a good value at the lower end of the market... A lot of cheap spring mattresses are awful IME

I've also tried other options on my quest to find the most comfortable bed. Hybrid (spring coils inside a foam mattress) are nice and combine some of the better qualities of each type.
There are all-cotton mattresses which are basically just a sack stuffed with raw cotton which can be comfy if you like a really weird firm bed, but they smell like sweet hay. Same with wool mattresses, and they're both heavy and unshapely.
Reed mats are not for everyone, especially heavier people. And they're kind of expensive in the USA.
Sofa beds are almost always crappy as beds and not great as sofas either. And they're heavy AF to move around.

The fact that you're posting this thread kind of makes it seem like money may be an issue to you (otherwise I assume you would have just gone to a furniture or mattress store and tried different options)
So I offer you this advice for thriftiness: high end spring mattresses can be had for dirt cheap if you buy them used-- like $150 or less for a mattress that retails for several thousand dollars. I've bought quite a few of them like this over the years and I think it's a good route for a poor NEET.

continued again
Final post from me.....

If you want to do it the scammy way, you can order a Purple mattress or one of the other companies that offers an extended "no risk" trial period, and then tell them you want to return the mattress. In the USA, it's not legal for them to resell a used mattress, so they don't actually want it back. They will ask you to either donate it or dispose of it locally and provide a copy of the receipt from doing so, OR they will send a company to pick it up and haul it off.
In either case you can just get rid of a trash mattress from the side of the road or whatever instead of sending off the Purple mattress.
Then you keep the good one for free.

High end mattresses have a ridiculous markup for the retailer, and these days a lot of manufacturers are retailing straight to consumers. Even so, the pricing is just stupid at the high end. Good luck finding something that suits you, I hope any of this info helps.
I’ve had a “Zinus” green tea foam mattress (I’m sure this is just some marketing bs but whatever) I got off Amazon for $250 like 5 years ago.

King size, has held up very well. Still super comfy, no indents (but I’m also not very heavy).

If I needed a new mattress I’d buy it again.
>often sold cheap as dirt when they're used
>not legal for them to resell a used mattress
I'm confused. Where does one acquire a used premium mattress then?
Craigslist, facebook marketplace, yard sales, occasionally some types of thrift stores which sell other furniture have them.

Apparently it's a state by state law thing, because some states prohibit used mattress sales altogether, whereas some of them have labeling requirements etc. None of this matters nor is relevant for small private sellers though.

Mostly private sellers are where you'll find them. You don't tend to find them in many large stores.
>Mostly private sellers
Huh. Makes sense.
Any tips for sanitizing them? Or at least making sure they're deloused and whatnot? Is there a service? Or just put it in a bag with some good ole Zyklon-B I have sitting around?
I have one of these fuckers. It's box springs and memory foam, one of those mattresses that you can jump on with a wine glass on the opposite side. Worth every cent.
I've used one of those little handheld steamers before and it seemed to do the job, but you can also find unused or "like new" mattresses being resold by yuppies with giant empty houses.

It's weird that people get so spooked about sleeping on a used mattress but don't think about it at all when they sit on a sofa that's been used. (both of them are equally bedbug ridden and squirted upon)
File: Purple-bed.jpg (65 KB, 600x338)
65 KB
>any recs? is purple any good?
The owner of Purple unironically came onto /diy/, made an inconspicious thread, and then shilled purple.
Then people trolled him about the powder scandal, he got extremely asshurt and mad, admitted he was shilling to try and call other people out as being his competitors.

It was pretty hilarious, and 100% a reason to never buy a Purple mattress.

The company was under fire, never did come out and say what the powder was, they did some bunk 3rd party testing that wasnt scientific at all and didnt actually say anything in the "papers" the released. It was just a bunch of damage control, where everything is "proprietary" and they cant expand further

Remember, never buy from any company like Purple Mattress who give Youtubers and bloggers a 20% off coupons.
They are giving away mattresses to influences, paying influences a kickback from every coupon, giving you a 20% off coupon, and still making a hefty profit.

You are paying for marketing (and to sleep on chambers full of packing powder that gets into the air if you flop on the bed too hard, but dont worry "in the amounts of exposure youd breath under normal use, its GRAS generaly recognized as safe"
This is unironically one of the times where Amazon being the cut throat, draconian company can be useful.
Their Amazons Basics memory foam mattresses are identical to some of the other private labels, but they undercut them all at like half the price. There are like 3-4 actual memory foam factories in china that makes 90% of all the mattresses. You are paying a gignatic markup for marketing, and for shipping, and for returns. Every small company has to account for it, Amazon just wants market share and takes the hit on cost.


Stop thinking, just buy it or one of the other Amazon Basics mattresses.
Youll probably like it fine, and if you dont, amazon will take it back with 0 questions or fighting.

>t. own the same mattress I linked to, after reading and researching so fucking much I never wanted to look at another mattress again
Research is pretty useless as they all feel different in real life.
Im a different anon, but I literally saw a Hotel 6 just throw out 25 queen mattresses (that looked to be in clean and decent enough shape) for free outside their business.

It does happen.
I'm a mattress salesman.

My advice is to not do that, but if you absolutely have to then you should google some DIY mattress companies that sell the individual components.

Here's what you'll want:

1. The coils
2. A bucket and topper (to house the coils and the foams that go on top of them
3. Some euro-coils
4. 100% natural GOLS certified organic latext (good luck finding it, lmao)

I know literally everything about mattresses AMA.
Is that the box it came in? Was it compressed?
Depending on whether or not the foam is open or closed cell, you could try EPDM/TPO bonding adhesive maybe? We glue polyiso insulation panels together all the time on direct to deck epoxy applications. Alternatively, you found always actually use spray epoxy, but the tanks plus the sprayer would run you a new mattress unless you know a well equipped commerical roofer.
>powder scandal
just google it, dude. The long story short is that there were lawsuits and issues having to do with Purple mattresses being shipped out leaking this weird mysterious powder everywhere. You can see it in that guys pic related.
The purple mattress has chambers on the top layer that collapse when you lay on it, being memory foam and all.
They fill the chambers with some white powder to keep the mattress from sticking to itself.
It puffs out of the mattress every time you sit on it, puffs out when you pulled it out of the box.

People asked what the fuck it was, because they were worried some rando company that was new at the time is filling their befroom with white powder and breathing it all night.

And instead of giving a straight answer they DMCAd a bunch of youtube channels and took a few people to court over defamation.
And then in the end, never actually told anyone what the powder was.
Just had a "third party" give them a bunk paper with nothing meaningful, then they gave a bunch of bloggers free mattresses to say how safe it is.

Pretty shady all the way around.
You can find free fucking mattresses anywhere you cheap dumbfuck
File: 1373560586544.jpg (51 KB, 500x375)
51 KB
The lawsuit is stupid, because one of purples competitors did in fact run with the story.
So Purple won a "defamation" lawsuit against them slamming them.

Purple winning a defamation spat between two competing companies doesnt really mean shit.
Regardless of whether his competitor had bad intentions or not, there are real concerns from real people, with a real problem that is unique to purple.

And they still never addressed what the powder is, and just ambiguously claim it a "food contact safe" powder instead of letting people know what it actually is.
And for anyone who has any experience with pedantic, deceptive people who use word play, thats a gigantic red flag.

Its not a proprietary trade secret, its some industrial powder that you bought off the shelf, which everyone knows will probably have been shown to cause respiratory distress.
They just think they can get away with it, because people will not notice, and will have enough sheets on the mattress it wont come up enough.
What do I look for to give me maximum enjoyment while prone boning my wife while she whimpers helplessly.
File: 2-1024x683.jpg (88 KB, 1024x683)
88 KB
You can get a waterbed mattress for $50 on amazon. Just diy the frame. Valhalla awaits.
The real redpill is sleeping on the floor with a few blankets for padding, or a thin shikibuton.

I'm not kidding either. It's helped tremendously with my back pain. Mattresses are a meme. As long as you properly position yourself, you'll feel better and get better sleep on the floor. Not immediately, but your body will adapt to natural physical sleep. My speculation is that actually feeling a hard surface under you shows you which positions tend not to hurt your joints. A soft mattress "hides" this, and you never learn.

Your ancestors didn't sleep on a giant mound of offgassing springs and plastic foam. You don't have to either, and you shouldn't.
gonna second this.
>Your ancestors didn't sleep on a giant mound of offgassing springs and plastic foam.
They slept on hay or corn or feathers in a sack, which contoured to their bodies.

If you have issues with a soft mattress hurting your joints, thats exactly why firm mattresses exist.
They give the same support you feel by laying on the floor, just without the hotspots and pressure points.
I started doing this too when I moved and couldn't fit the spring mattress in the trailer. It was surprisingly okay sleeping with only minimal padding, and I started liking it better.

Pro: Sleeping pads when camping are not a problem
Con: All hotel beds now feels like hammocks

I know this question likely does not help your commission - but do you think any of the IKEA mattresses are good and worth the price?

Asking for a friend.
>Your ancestors didn't sleep on...
Our ancestors had shit for life expectancy, too. The old ways are not always the best ways.
Infant mortality and lack of modern medicine

I really hope you're not implying that sleeping on straw contributed to them dying of a common cold in their 40s
I really hope you're not implying that sleeping on straw didnt contribute to the spread of illness and disease from fleas, ticks, and rodents that also nested in said beds.
You think that just because they'd sleep on straw means they're sleeping out in a barn or something? Straw would be incredibly easy to reset and/or replace if anything was gross about it. Hygiene and germ theory understanding may have been lower which contributed to mortality , but not the physical act of your body sleeping on straw.

Case in point: shikibutons in Japan are only 3-4 inches thick and Japanese have some of the longest lifespans. Does that mean sleeping on western big thick cloud mattresses contributes to an earlier death?
>shikibutons in Japan are only 3-4 inches thick and Japanese have some of the longest lifespans
You cant bring up infant mortality rates as skewing life expectancy in the olden age, but then sit here and say the japanese have the longest life expectancy.

Just like everyone knows about infant mortality, everyone also knows about the RAMPANT and widespread social security fraud in japan where deaths are not reported to the government to continue the government money coming in.
not that guy you responded to, but I have owned and slept on several IKEA mattresses over the years and some of them are quite good (especially for the price at the time-- idk what they cost now)

The only caveat is that IKEA offered a wide selection of mattresses--- cheap thin foam mattresses (they're not great for long term use), memory foam, gel, spring, hybrid, pillowtop spring, etc etc

I slept on one of the hybrid "haugsvar" type mattresses for years and it was fantastic.
I have an IKEA Hesstun that I bought 8 years ago and has worked very well for me. I'm about to rotate it for the first time too (not designed to be flipped) My only complaint is that I sleep really hot and the foam topper isn't doing me any favors. Also I have to be choosy with sheets because IKEA mattresses are not standard sizes for US and not every sheet set works. IME it's tall and needs tall fitted sheet. Best of luck anon.
You argument is fundamentally flawed. I will not elaborate.

Get dunked on by strawchads.
Your concession has been accepted. Good day.
Sick hannibal lector posting. Had a pizza yet?
Comfort aside, straw? The shit that kicks up constant dust that literally gave allergies the name "Hay Fever". Who the fuck would want to sleep on that?
File: 20220415_150439.jpg (1.75 MB, 4032x3024)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
Mattresses are expensive and they can't really be cleaned, so I built a net bed instead. There are definitely things I would change if I did it over, but I like it. I just put a thick blanket down under me, and the net can be removed and washed if needed.
you fags dont use rubber mattresses? I bought 2 rubber mattresses 2 decades ago, one large, one thin, all kind of shit happened on the thing, I even popped a jogger rummaging through my bedside cabinet and it turned out fine, the large one is with me and the wife after moving 3 states, the small one went with the kid when he moved out to uni. I love it, it's the only thing i'd kill to protect aside from my family and the house, it'll probably outlive me.
Could you link one? Or example keywords. Web search is bringing up latex mattresses.
What changes would you make anon?
File: 1656577842957.jpg (138 KB, 960x957)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>DMCAd a bunch of youtube channels
>There's youtube channels dedicated to mattresses.

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