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File: ladder.jpg (43 KB, 600x383)
43 KB
how to overcome the feeling of death when using extension ladders? do I just accept it will happen?
Lern 2 balanse
If you're the one being put on a rickety cricket, just accept that you're expendable.
I guess so, so in the event that something happens how do I minimize the impact? Should I jump like a cat/curl up or try roll?
Make sure you're setting it up at the right angle. Google like ladder setup fireman stance.

If you need to reach to do something, do not let the centerline of your chest past the side of the ladder. That's just as far as you can reach and you need to get down and move the ladder if you need to go farther
File: .D.png (81 KB, 347x288)
81 KB
Fall with the ladder then jump off at the very last moment
be me
>start climbing ladder
>ladder starts to wobble or bounce
Hit with your feet, knees bent then roll
you grab those 3 safety ropes to brace you
fucking retard
You overcome the feeling of death by taking safety precautions. Guy in photo is an idiot. You should tie the ladder with rope or have something hold the ladder in place at the top. One bad move and you're a goner.
Use a quick grip clamp to hold the top of the ladder to the structure you’re leaning on
>go to festival with rollercoasters
>find all the biggest, baddest rides
>force yourself on all of them
fear of heights cured
Taking theater lighting classes in college did it for me. Climbing on lighting positions 30' in the air will do that.
Besides, if you're just climbing onto the roof, you won't be there long enough to tip the ladder. If you're doing work off to the side, just get some hooks for the ladder.
Honestly, unless you're a total spaz, or really fat, ladders aren't that big a deal, unless you're a fat pussy.
Do this. >>2442518

When you know what angle the ladder should be at, you'll start understanding the risks of shallow and deep angles with practice. There's risk in leaning to the sides. There's risk in setting up on an incline, on wet, or the feet even sinking in. >>2442522 I always give the ladder a serious bouncing and jump around about the time I'm 6'-10' up. If the ladder's all over the place and unmanageable 1/3rd of the way then it's going to be a trap at the top. Go down and reset the placement.
He'll catch himself on the electrical lines.
Remember the 4-1 ratio, for every 4ft in height the ladder should be 1ft away from the wall
And make sure the feet aren't going to slip once you get halfway up. I'm not a fan of heights but some work requires them, you have to put up or hire someone.
Shove a butt plug up your ass. You'll be so focus on it you won't have time to be a pussy about heights.
I worked for a professional painter in college. We used to have to transfer from ladder to ladder at the top of two story paint jobs. No ropes or safety equipment either. It was scary as fuck at first but you get used to it.

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