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I have the bad habit of buying tools I have no real use for just because they're cheap

I have a bucket full of new 3/4" drive breaker bars just because they were $1.50 apiece

How do I stop hoarding, just because shit's cheap?
manufacture your own tools
I'm working on this right now. I can't wait to get my forge setup.
Sell them for a profit
Jerk off instead
Like right there in Tractor Supply or...
Set up a table at your local flea market. Bring all your extra tools. Bullshit with the other vendors, then offer to sell everything you have left to themb at the end of the day. Then next time you have the urge to buy something just because it's cheap, ask yourself if you'll actually use it or if it'll just collect dust.

How is Greenville, Alabama? Was Tammy hot?
Is Greenville, Alabama a nice town.

Post Covid, I find myself hoarding shop consumables that went extinct in the first months.
>How do I stop hoarding, just because shit's cheap?
You need to get your finances situated
Buy a house, buy a car, build an emergency fund, pay into your retirement
Make a real plan with a real roadmap.
Do you plan on working till you are 70 years old?
Do you plan on retiring early?
Are you going to start a business or invest?

I used to hoard like you did, I used to just nickel and dime myself like crazy until I really broke my finances down and had a real goal.

Once you start actually realizing how fast everything adds up, and how its hurting your future interests you cut out the hoarding shit real quick.
Your future aspirations become a lot more important than having a bucket with ten 3/4" breaker bars you dont really want.

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