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First time home owner. Well water. Installed this whole house filter a year ago. Never noticed any water pressure drop. Took it out to inspect. Holy shit, what the fuck where the previous owners doing without one? Is the water softener clogged just as bad too?
Sellers paid for a well water test, and everything is normal. I had an iron test done in the winter, it was unconcerning.
Is this expected after a year of use? I live alone, and my garden hose is pre filter.
nigga be drinkin out of an oil well
What is it.. dirt? Metals? Calcium...?
Yeah. That's not an issue. Many fillets have a bypass when the element becomes clogged. We have the same phenomenon with our well water where I grew up. It's likely harmless.

Just regularly replace your filter, ya dink.
I went out and bought a 25 micron pleated filter, thats all the store had. the one i was using was 5 micron string wound
what filter type would you recommend?
I use 5 micron. Works fine for general use. Use a charcoal filter for drinking water 'cause I don't like the taste of the well water. Our water tends to be a bit silty, but that is just a symptom of my father cheaping out on installing the well 20+ years ago.
you mean its silty because the filter at the bottom of the well isnt fine enough?
I still get some white silky crap in my water even after the softener and Britta filter. I am going to install a reverses osmosis dispenser, and feed it to my fridge.
>hurr durr at least youre not poisoning yourself with mind control flouride maaaaaaan
File: 20220804_062108.jpg (3.16 MB, 4000x3000)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
It should be replaced more often but it's fine.
Op is on a well because he has to be.

Having a filter, or even a sanitizer is completely normal. As opmsaid, the surprising thing is the house didn't have one when the well was put in
I don't think anyone here could tell you what's normal for you. You'd need to compare with neighbors. One thing you could do for kicks is use the garden hose to fill up a milk jug or 5 gal shop bucket and let it sit in the sun for a few days. See what settles out.

The details of the test is more important, what where they testing for? You could probably go with a prefilter to get the larger stuff before going to the real filter. Depends on particle size. Looks like iron oxides from the picture but it really could be any number of things.

Your water softener is really just adding salts, if it has a reservoir you can check that to see if you have a lot of sediment.
OP here. there are a lot of iron fragments on that filter.
well test was for ammonia, nitrate, and arsenic
The place I rent the water softener from did a iron test and said it was fine, im going to call them on monday and see what they can say. im also going to rent a reverse osmosis system from them, and maybe an iron filter if needed. they can also slush the softener tank
to filter well water? no. its not normal. unless your house is built over an old garbage dump.
My mom's place has similar well water. When I pull her filters out, they look pretty much the same, but a little more of a reddish-brown. High iron levels. Apart from switching to a different filtration method, there's not much you can do but replace the filter as often as it needs it.
My well has a similar sort of thing going on. I'm inclined to say it is not iron oxide. I used to let water run and overflow perpetually into a tank for our cows and make a puddle for pigs in an adjacent pen. There was a bloom of red algae or bacteria. Did not happen the animals. Also, or shower get a red coating around the drain. It comes off fairly easily with mild abrasive. Even rubbing it with my fingertip.
Put your penis in it please
File: 510mwfXYJlL.jpg (26 KB, 557x654)
26 KB
you could try a back flush filter,
instead of changing the filter you open the valve at the bottom and water pressure flushes the dirt in the drain.

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