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Just came into a Viking electric range + downdraft vent for cheap. Metal is all scratched up and the glass cook surface is shitty too. How can I make this look new?
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For anyone wandering in, I ended up getting picrel. It arrives tomorrow will update then.

As for the metal, I found a cool yt video that demonstrates a cool refinish technique. I probably won't be able to pull this off perfectly, but at least the surface will appear more uniform as opposed to completely fucked up.
I would try doing wet sanding. I'm pretty sure most stainless steel for kitchens is 304. Get some higher grit sandpaper. Usually those sponge sander things work. And tape off the elements for it so you don't nic the glass. Then put some water down and sand in a one way motion back and forth on each side. It should give it a better more uniform finish.
Update on glass. I used the usual method, which is taking a razor scraper to it. That removes all the 3D stuff. I thought I might be able to resolve that cloudiness in the center of the burners, but no luck, the glass itself is fucked. I used the cooktop cleaner and it certainly made the fucked-up glass shinier and stain-free.

That’s cool, I’ll incorporate that into my plan for the metal. Thanks
Forgot the glass pic
I'd try Flitz polish with the buff ball attachment on a drill.

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