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Are there any painters out there?

I bought my first small spray gun (which matches my small air compressor). The only gun I could find that matched my CFM was a 4oz detail gun.
I only plan on doing some small work, repainting small parts and tools and such so thats fine.
I want to use Rustoleum thinned with acetone like a bunch of youtube videos show.

My gun makes a BIG deal about "cleaning" the gun between every coat, or if the gun is going to sit for more than 5 minutes.

For in between coats, what exactly does that entail?
Each coat is going to take longer than 5 minutes to dry, so do I just dump the paint out of the gun back into the mixing cup and just spray straight acetone?

If 5 minutes is all it takes for it to dry and clog, do I need to do something special to keep my paint in the mixing cup from going bad between coats?

Everyone is worried about the proper technique and the proper mixing, but gloss over or ignore the logistics of the actual paint in the cup or in the gun.
Flush it with thinner between coats and when it's gonna sit. It's not rocket science. Load it up with anough thinner to clear the passage out, done.
If you are shooting air drying materials (as opposed to something catalyzed that kicks off like a two part epoxy or linear pyurethane ) five minutes wait time in the pot is an absurdly short time to insist that you stay under without cleaning.
At worst cracking the trigger just to flow new material after 5 minutes should keep the internals wet and if the tip clogs you can wipe it with a thinner soaked q tip...
However if the tip clogs in 5 minutes your paint needs better conditioning, not just a thinner but flow agents and probably a retarder.
To that end using acetone as thinner is the exact opposite of what you want, it's a very fast evaporating solvent that will make paints its mixed into dry faster.
Fast drying paint is the cause of most painting problems and especially with spraying.
Read up on paint conditioning for spraying, get your info from better sources than online videos and at worst you might have to disassemble your gun and scrub it to get going again if you take a phone call and forget it for a couple of hours.
Acetone is fine for cleaning but unless you are spraying in Antarctica there's no reason to use it as a thinnner, regardless of what the company that sells the gooey half dried already paint known as Rustoleum might suggest.

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