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>Enjoy bus/shed/barn/etc to house conversion videos
>Have to weed through countless bougie inefficient hipster shit that is entirely form over function
Why is this the case? which are rich normies who don't care about function the main ones doing these conversions?

There is a razor edge between "can afford a shitty house in a cheap location" and "can't afford to even live in something that's not a proper house". There are VERY few people between those two financial situations, they're probably going to end up on either side before long, and there's an even slimmer chance they're clever and resourceful enough to pull off a conversion in the first place.

In other words, there are only two types of people who do this: Well-to-do hipsters, and weirdos. The former gives you garbage that looks nice, the latter gives you what you're looking for, but probably doesn't make videos about it.
I'd like to see more weirdos and middle class families making these, it's a fun concept ruined by hipsters who just wanna live in an art piece.

It's a shame that most weirdos just don't make videos like you said,
Unless it's someone like an artist creating a live/work space out of a commercial or institutional structure suited to what they do, most building conversions are the definition of form over function ie wanting to live in a form like a gas station or barn or church or fire station or grain silo that was never intended to function as residential housing.
And in most developed areas that will also entail all manner of legal roadblocks related to zoning and residential building codes along with related engineering and permits/variances and other expenses that make those projects labors of love/vanity projects that are by default inefficient uses of time resources.
When it's the other way around and residential structures are converted to commercial spaces it's no big deal in large part because the hurdles are far less interesting or surprising and there's little human interest angle to make a big deal about.
With buses and similar mobile living spaces even nice ones face negative stigmatization of transient lifestyles so there's a strategic reason to make any project appear well funded and not created out of need...going stealth wirh something that doesn't look like a "real" RV or ignores the "I live this way because I can afford to live however I want and chose an RV" aesthetic is a recipe for constant scrutiny and orders to keep moving along.
Because they're silly and that's all they are.
Oh, look, another "have to explain common sense things to an autist" thread.
Or function over form as form is most of residential home construction which is based on conformity to rituals few even remember.

If you farm and have the silo they're fine for a small rugged residence and easy to convert for real farmer (see Farm Show magazine, the DVD of its archives is /diy/ epic kickassery) who can do that stuff as a matter of course just like raising a barn or placing culvert. Farmers fab some of the largest tractors and ag equipment on earth. The starving larping incel of cultivated incompetence CAN learn that shit with determination. First thing to do is copy success because everything has been invented you actually need (this angers dumbfuck noobs).

Shops are outstanding if you work on vehicles and machinery and all a shop need to be a house is a kitchen, latrine (which it should have anyway), and a bedroom which can be an open plan office.

Such projects are best executed by people who already have decades of applicable experience, and they aren't poor because they have no trouble making money or supporting vehicles to haul supplies (like farmanon hauling containers with his gooseneck trailer). If you can play in that league in the first place the rest is easy.

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