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File: snapshot.jpg (385 KB, 1920x1080)
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adjusted the transmission chain tension on all 4 motors, steering is way snappier now. added a main power switch powering the contactor solenoid and motor driver. prepared the remote emergency stop integration, and added power distro connections for the digital fpv sbecĀ“s and gps autopilot.
That thing is awesome. I've never seen an r/c truck that could go through grass taller than the truck.
it collided somewhere with a small bush it instantly uprooted and then just pushed that lump of earth and roots with its weight in front of it until it collected so much dirt i had to reverse. it will be a fine snowplow. im still thinking of a way to realize a lightweight sickle mower from a somehow modified 1m long battery powered hedge trimmer, to cut that grass down to about 20cm
File: 61-LJSJhMAL._AC_SL1000_.jpg (56 KB, 1000x984)
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mounting this extra large brush cutter to it was also an idea i had. using either its 2 stroke engine, or modify it with a badass brushless motor.
How much does that thing weigh?
it usually holds 4 batteries , but right now its for the test drives on 2, that reduces its weight a little, currently its around 70 kilos, ~80 with the additional batteries. it can easily transport my 110 kilo ass sitting on top of it. on level, hard ground ive also loaded it with 230 kilos of concrete pavers, to see if the motors stall, but the frame is not really made for this weight to drive around on bumpy ground, i was really concerned that the motor mounts would fail or the bearing blocks tearing the t slot nuts out of the aluminum extrusions.
File: predator-hand.jpg (50 KB, 700x697)
50 KB
i looked it up , this thing weights just 13 kilos. thats nothing. i would ditch the wheels and the handle bars, and mount it with a joint and a linear motor on the front, on top of the badger, using the linear motor to adjust its height as needed. i would need vibration dampening for it when using the 3 HP gas motor, it might rattle all the screws on the frame lose. i think a powerful brushless motor is the way to go.

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