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File: crystal-bathtub.jpg (76 KB, 800x531)
76 KB
name a more complicated and difficult DIY project. you have to drive a tow truck in the middle of a forest and find a huge crystal or petrified wood (assuming you have legal permission) then haul it away and spend the time and labor carving it out. then you would likely have to use a crane or forklift to get it in the new bathroom you will be building for it because its too damn heavy to move through the door. how feasible is it?
Bump for interest.
Building inspector will probably fail it, as it could crack apart at any point in the future, hurting the user.
Tubs carved from solid stone are not common, but are far less rare than you'd imagine. As long as the framing can support the tub when it is full there's nothing inherently against code in having a heavy tub made of stone or concrete or anything else.


Also the idea that because some heavy material might break apart and hurt someone it won't pass inspection would eliminate all kinds of common building materials like glass and ceramics and wooden beams.
Obtaining material in that specific way is adding pointless difficulty. Tow trucks (I own one with a nice Holmes 440 I extended the boom on for yard tug) are poor or unusable for that sort of thing vs a trackhoe or backhoe which does better innawoods. A tow truck boom would be fine for installation (innahouse is not innawoods) though. Plan the entire process for comfiest results.

Unless the foundation is designed for such a heavy load support will be required but the tub itself can be easily moved on a custom-built steel dolly on rails or beams. I would build a steel frame and anchor that to the tub for easy future maintenance. It's best to build everything for ease of maintenance.
File: 1623091865827.jpg (26 KB, 562x546)
26 KB
Also, it is quite possible for a unique individual in the current year to weigh upwards of 500lbs.
File: font.jpg (879 KB, 1500x1328)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
That's not a complicated bathtub. This is a complicated bathtub.
TFW Observer chairs.

>Kids! It's time to watch your Grandfather take his weekly bath.
Mom, I just ate lunch!
>You know the rules. If you can't keep it down, bring a bucket.
bad place for the light fixture.
>letting a building inspector in your house
>letting a building inspector in your house to look at a fucking bathtub
Who the fuck is going to call the inspector and why would he give a shit if your retarded bathtub breaks apart and hurts your butt?
Pretty close to what this guy is doing.
if only the old egyptians could see this

>how feasible is it?
very much but why not make it a two part bathtub cast from clear epoxy ?
this way you can put all lighting and pipes and usb and pressurized air suplly inside

the insurance company will demand it if you need to file a claim, say due to arson or vandalism. Also it's required to lease and it's often required to refinance.
anyone thinking this is a real crystal is retarded

maybe its smaller crystals glued together but i guess its just 100% artificial

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