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Does anyone have any plans for DIY aquaponics systems? What kind of fish/plants do you grow?
Yeah I have one indoors with a 30gal aquarium, working on a second outdoors. Since the indoor was my first attempt, I just used normal aquarium fish, goldfish and plecos. If I could do it again I'd get more expensive fish so their spawn would have value, but other than that they work fine and plecos clean the tank. It requires very little maintenance, I just refill water and harvest/plant for the most part. Stuff grows great. You can use a grow bed with a bell siphon or PVC pipe with holes for net pots and a downward slope, I use a grow bed. Grow bed goes on top, water drains to aquarium and an overflow on side of the aquarium sends water down to the sump tank where it gets pumped back to the grow bed at the top. Idk if that's confusing to read, but it's pretty simple when looked at. Turns on like 6 times a day for 30mins.

For the outdoor, I already have a mini pond I'll work around and I'll do the PVC/net pots setup instead of grow bed. Will probably require filtering, but it's pretty similar.

If you want to do it, there's a ton of examples on YouTube. I took info from a bunch of videos and made mine how I wanted it.
what kinds of things do you grow?
I've wanted to do this, but haven't had the extra money to invest and would be worried about losing interest or keeping up with it. Have watched youtube videos about it though. I'd want to use tilapia and grow all kinds of vegetables. Would start with leafy greens and go from there.
I've grown both leafy greens and fruiting vegetables. Lettuce/kale/carrots/radish/broccoli/cauliflower/zucchini and plenty of other things. The bed is 4x4 so it can only handle maybe 2 big vegetable plants at a time. Only issues I had was that the zucchini needed more watering to fruit without dropping flowers and the first lettuce i put in bolted because it was too warm in the room...other than that, I just put stuff in and it does great. I start seedlings in soil and wash it off with water once the sprouts are big enough to transfer. You want to start with leafy greens until the system is established, then you can switch to fruiting things. If you plan on only doing small leafy greens and have limited space, I would do a PVC/Net cup setup instead.
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Do you find having a garden in an enclosed environment with more control over it has resulted in fewer issues with pests and plant disease, and can it reduce overall water usage if done right compared to an outdoor garden bed?
The only water needed is to make up for evaporation and whatever the plants use. No fertilizers either, that's what the fish provide...so it's really just fish food, electricity, and some water for plants that grow better than anything else I've had, I also have an outdoor garden and dutch bucket system. I've had no issues with disease nor vegetable pests, but I did have a crane fly infestation for a while. I assume it was because I would leave a 5gallon bucket of water outside to remove any chlorine remnants before adding to the tank, I think they laid eggs or something while it was sitting outside in the sun. Now I use a chlorine filter instead and have had no issues.
you should try small scale to see how it works and get a feel for it. You can find videos on how to do it easy on tik tok and youtube, just search diy and aquaponics. Hooe this helps.
YouTube has a lot of ideas.

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