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Is anyone a welder here? I’m testing tomorrow for D13.1 certification on tig I haven’t practiced for half an year because I was busy being a NEET Im not even sure if this is the correct cert to be going for if I want to get a job as a tig welder I was told I should go for aluminum certification if I dont pass this is Im thinking Ill just bite the bullet and get a job as a MIGger
It’s harder than it looks mang

That test has less than a 1/16 inclusion or defect allowance anything over and you’ll bust it. Tig is where it’s at but you don’t need to worry about this big daddy test yet. Go here and search the forum and meet like minded people and find awesome work with per diem. Www.industrial projects report.com
So being a MIGger it is then huh
im not that confident enough in my abilities considering I dont know how the plates should be set up im good at flat but that doesnt mean shit compared to vertical and overhead right I havent been able to practice aluminum where Ive been going but I think its workable and somewhat easy with some practice which honestly I dont really want to go through
File: 1642276339118.gif (2.96 MB, 454x498)
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just send it broski
I run a laser welder. No certifications.
I didnt do it I was banned from testing where I was going to because I fucked up royally on another test I did
there’s two places near me hiring one makes shock absorbers for cars
The other hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders
Should I just go for these two places and see if they hire me? Its not like they need to weld aluminum or stainless there do they?
how may hours does it take to get good enough at welding starting from 0 experience?
i'm thinking of taking this welding course that's 55 hours total, including theory and certification at the end. have to choose between tig and mig tho.
Depends if you have the eyesight and talent. Get an eye exam even if you don't want to. There's a lot more to learn before taking training so you will get much more out of training. Visit welding forums and read and post questions like what should you have for personal tools beyond what the school supplies etc. Schools will generally list required minimum tools. I'm not going to retype the internet but you can get a lot of useful info in a few evenings of study.

You'll get much more out of the time you're paying for that way and can max out using the school's facilities. Also "good enough: is based on the task. I suggest taking TIG as it's more demanding and you'll likely get more out of it. If you can TIG you can learn MIG very, very easily.
How fucking badly did you mess a test up to get banned from testing there? Did you try and blow up an acetylene tank or something?
I took down the plate without permission
i was doing a stick test and I fucked up the first pass that I burned a hole so I just gave up and thought I’d just turn in the plate for a fail until the inspector saw me while I was taking down the plate which I wasnt aware was not allowed I was thinking of doing structural but I was really delusional because I though it would be pretty easy also I just really wanted to start working
File: 1624768915618.png (100 KB, 246x291)
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Yeah, only doing metal core these days but I can stick and tig too.
That completely depends on the sort of industry you wanna get into so I don't really know what to tell you
another question for you all then, how are the occupational hazards for a welder? am i gonna get lung camcer by the time im 30 or is that a meme from 50 years ago when people were sniffing lead for fun
If you wear your PPE (PAPR, P100 for avoiding fumes and safety glasses to block out UVs and particles from your eyes among others) chances are you'll be fine. I worked with a bunch of old welders and the worst health issue I've heard of was a hernia.
Bunch of people on here talk about those things like it's still the 1920s, probably because they're skinnyfat neets making every possible excuse to not do anything with their lives
cross-posting from another thread because urgency
any welders/fire safety experts still in the thread? I have a small (torch size) propane tank actively leaking in my backyard at this moment. How do I safely diffuse this?
I think it's leaking from the attachment port. I don't think it's leaking when the torch is still in place, but that's still probably not safe enough to keep.
can I just leave the torch valve open in my fire pit over night? would it be better to actively burn it out? how long will this take?
>how long will this take?
depends on size of leak
if it's still leaking then leak isn't that big, move it to fire pit and forget, maybe even open the valve a bit so it empties faster
outside of closed rooms small propane leak isn't all that scary, it won't blow your house up
safety glasses don't block infrared radiation which can be just as damaging to your eyes as UV. You need to wear real welding goggles or a hood.
infrared is just heat

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