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File: index.jpg (6 KB, 157x320)
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Any buying tips for bandsaws? Good brands? Small shop, don't have a bandsaw yet, thought maybe it would be worth it. I don't have 240V electrical outlets anywhere if that makes any difference
I have an old 14" Delta Rockwell bandsaw that runs great but the motor is only 1/3rd hp which is noticeable if I cut anything thicker than 2" and the blade is a little dull.
I'd suggest you go for 2/3rd hp minimum.

If you're buying new I know Rikon, Grizzly, and Jet are all pretty reliable imports
What kind of work is it for? How much will it get used?
File: EyeOut.jpg (13 KB, 474x266)
13 KB
I've got my eye out for an old 14-16" Delta, Grizzly, or Jet but bandsaws on Craigslist and Fleecebook are priced like they're made of gold.
Things I've picked up:
1. Replacing a missing fence costs about 120 dollars.
2. The outside of the blade wheels are lined with rubber, called tires. If the tires are shot, the saw will run shitty, but the tires can be replaced. It seems to me that cast iron wheels would be preferred because weight and momentum.
3. Some bandsaws don't track straight because they are out of alignment. These are the ones we want- cheap because the owners can't into basic machinery and maybe need a new blade and tires.
4. A 240 motor might be able to be rewired to 120, so that's not a deal killer. But 3 phase is way out. Unless it can be repowered and the price is right.
There are a handful of frame styles for full size 110/120v bandsaws. You'll see the delta style and the European style like you pictured. The European style is typically more rigid but this may be unimportant for what you need.

Harvey makes most of the nicer bandsaws for consumers, like the Lagunas. Honestly you'll be fine with either style in that strength of motor unless you have some absurd amount of super heavy duty resawing planned.

You'll see three main styles if guides, they all work. Cool blocks or steel blocks are the lowest end; carter style skateboard bearing blocks are a common upgrade, the best are supposedly ceramic guides like that come standard on the lagunas.

I have a Laguna 1412, it cuts stuff, but so does a harbor freight.

If I needed a full size 110v saw I'd go for the harbor freight on the low end and either the laguna 1412 or rikon 10-326 on the higher end. The harbor freight is delta style where the Laguna and rikon are euro style. Theres about $800 in difference between the high and low end there so be honest in your needs.

If I only needed to use it occassionally or not for resaw purposes I would seriously consider the 10" WEN. It comes with a stand, has a light, and by all accounts is pretty decent for under $400.

Bandsaws are pretty simple so used is always an option but that depends on what is local for you; I shopped around forever with nothing popping up before I bought my Laguna. The next week a Rikon 10-326 for $600 under new price popped up 5 miles from my house. But that's just how shit goes.
>But 3 phase is way out. Unless it can be repowered and the price is right.
A VFD will fix that problem
Anyone use a Wen 3962T? Amazon reviews say it's finiky at best and plain garbage at worst but I want something small for roughing blanks from green wood and this one has the best cutting height in that size. It looks the same as the similarly sized Grizzly but costs less, so that one's out, and the only other one I'm considering is a Rikon 10-3061 in case I ever need something with some degree of precision. I'd lose an inch of cut and about $200 more on that one but how much can a little 3.5A saw really handle, keeping in mind my purpose?
Sadly, there's nothing used around me that'll fit my space and budget.
File: 1014_#103270607.jpg (18 KB, 360x510)
18 KB
Imagine buying anything but the cheapest ryobi available
Take the Matthias Wandel pill
What, buy super expensive equipment that automatically cuts perfect tenons for you every time and then look down your nose at people who dare to use other joinery?
You don't need anything but a bandsaw and a tablesaw to build a bandsaw
File: frame71-b.jpg (80 KB, 950x633)
80 KB
You could do it with just wood but if I were trying to build my own bandsaw I'd probably weld the frame out of square tube. Matthias's process for building a wooden frame is awfully complicated.
Probably just crafty woodworking, i don't expect to mill wood with it or anything
someone post the picture of the small bandsaws from a bunch of manufactures that are all the same.
I have a Grizzly 14" bandsaw, I like it a lot. I'm amazed at how much they have gone up in price in the past year though. I paid $680 shipped for mine 2 years ago, now one will set you back a grand shipped.
A lot of people shit on Grizzly but in my experience with their stuff (bandsaws, planers, jointers, lathes, etc) the stuff is very good for the money. Their customer service is very good too.

I put a 6" lift kit on mine and it can resaw 12" logs very well with a resaw blade.

Lots of boomers with older Deltas, the good Delta stuff is pretty old though, stuff made 90s on is kind of shit.
Snagged a Jet 14 bandsaw for $200 on CL. Just had to sand down the deck and get some new guides/blade.
Been good so far
This picture just gave me AIDs
File: Capture.png (116 KB, 919x392)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
would this one be good? it's on sale...

That's literally the harbor freight bandsaw with a different coat of paint and a shitty fence for hundreds more so no
perfect, just the thread i was looking for

>live in an apartment, no garage, just office space
>looking for a bandsaw that can handle a 4x4 atleast
>budget is about $500-600 at most

what are my options? I dont want a desktop sized bandsaw but i dont have space for a huge full size industrial bandsaw. anything helps
Table saw, circular saw, and/or jigsaw depending on the project.

Honestly even a table saw is pretty far fucked having any business in an apartment in my opinion.
File: 60500_I.jpg (162 KB, 1222x893)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I just checked and that's not true unless the harbor freight bandsaw is a completely different model from the pictures they advertise (and that's a possibility with HF)

Now, Ryobi on the other hand...
Id prefer a band saw. i have a jig saw and a circular saw that are nice but i want something that stays in place while i move the material, instead of the other way around. i also want, kind of, to have an excuse to buy a big machine instead of just a normal power tool
I've been using a little Metabo for the last 6months, its sort of a mid-range brand and I mostly use it for small bits and pieces making knife handles on it mostly. Have thrown some larger chunks through it to make some cutting boards and its more or less done everything I expected it to do without any problems. Did have to tune up the roller bearings either side of the blade so they're set up how I like it, but apart from that its out of the box and good to go, the guide fence and platen is pretty solid

Looks like it's literally the Porter Cable that is $569 at Lowes

I wouldnt be surprised if it's still the same as the HF, they're all just delta clones.
I've owned two Beaver Delta saws. If you get an older saw, you will need to:
Dip and bake the motor, or replace with a sealed motor
New tires
New belt
Graphic guide blocks
Replace the main bearings, you have to take them into a machine shop to have them pressed in
All this will double the performance and value of an older saw.
>motor, belt, bearings
Pretty straightforward, easy to source
> tires, guide blocks
Are these parts model specific or are replacements more or less universal?
those are both the same bandsaw.
Mostly. They're not literally identical. They source a lot of the parts from the same bulk supplier and are probably even made in the same factory, but not everything is the same. The tension knob is different for example, just looking at things we can immediately see.
This is the way that all household appliances work. No company manufactures their own large appliances. They contract with a company that has a factory that specializes in building that kind of appliance, and the factory assembles them to the specifications of the tool company. Then they move on to their next contract.
So one day they make 1000 Ryobi Bandsaws, and then the next day they make 1000 Central Machinery bandsaws, and the next day they make 1000 Uncle Bumblefuck's bandsaws. To say they're identical isn't true though. The frame might be, but the internal components can change. The HF ones for example will be specified to use the cheap motors that leak magic smoke, whereas the better brands will be made with motors of the same form factor but higher quality. This model benefits the cheap shitty manufacturers because it makes it appear tat they truly are the same product under a different coat of paint. The parts that you can't see like the motor and the spindles are where the differences lie.
Both, but there will be a look up table. I bought mine from Lee Valley.
sounds like the time you do all this you will have exceeded the cost of a new decent quality import (grizz, jet, shopfox, etc)
and no, modifications/changing parts to better parts on old machines does zero to increase real money value
Op here thanks guys. So by the sounds of it it's too hard to figure out brand names and shirt in this space and i am probably better off going by the pricetag.
no dude I have the ryobi and I checked it out completely then went and looked at the harbor freight one. they are the same or about 99.9% I did some more searching and found that there are about 8 manufacturers that sell the EXACT same one, or ones that are only cosmetically different (different paint and latches).

someone posted a picture a couple years ago of all of them together but I did not save it.
In my case I got the saws cheap, I like the heavier castings, these additions were not that expensive. If you leave out the motor cost, you are into about $150cdn.
can that go slow enough to cut metal?
cuts metal just fine. nothing thicker than about 1/4 inch.
I've had good luck with grizzly products (lathe and wood saw). Paint flecks off but the machines themselves are solid. I'd imagine they do decent bandsaws as well for mid-range

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