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i want to make something like this but im a complete noob when it comes to workshopping. i did some classes in high school and made a table and stool and boxes but nothing with metal

what do i need? where do i get it? what's the spinning joint called?
ive tried googling but im getting water pressure joints and stuff
Your going to need a welder. There's a few different kinds of welding processes out there, Arc welding is the cheapest, it will work with any old scabby piece of metal and you can do it outside, inside(with ventilation), etc. The downsides are you will have to practice a lot, maybe watch some guides read some books and it's filthy. You will have to clean up your welds to make them not look someone did a mister whippy on your metal.

A grinder and paint makes me the welder I ain't.

Mig is easier to do but you need more shit, maybe a gas bottle with all the fittings.

Tig is mostly for elitists and if you want to weld aluminium or stainless.

You would be better off making this whole thing out of wood, it's more forgiving if you fuck it up. Metal works are fun, definitely more costly.
Try searching for things like bearing and spindle instead of joint.
Just don't. It's gonna create noise like crazy.
If you really wanna, just get a tub.
There's a bunch of ways you can go about this.
If I had to do it, I'd start with a six-pointed star from wood (made by slotting the wood with a saw and removing material with a chisel, thn gluing the pieces together).
Next, stick the back circle on there. Material doesn't matter, unless th star is so weak that you need reinforcement.
Then, make the rim. Thermoplast would be best, but expensive (except PVC, but that releases gases when heated). Sheet metal with one edge bent and carpet on top, or thin plywood bent to fit on regularly spaced pieces of wood around the diameter would be cheaper options.
Then drill a hole hrough the center of the star for the axis, widen it to the size of the bearings (roller bearings, preferably) on both sides, put the bearings in there, stick a piece of threaded rod (or, better, a rod threaded only on the ends, with the bearing running on the smooth part) through as the axis and tighten it against th bearings with two nuts per side so the outer nuts stop the inner ones from loosening.
Finally, screw the axis to an A-Frame made from wood, with feet running underneath the wheel.
Just put the cat in thr dryer
As it runs the motor will generate electricity that you can sell back to the utility company

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