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File: 454_7_hf_set_1.jpg (25 KB, 435x349)
25 KB
I need a good set of T-Handle hex drivers. I have a cheap cheap 15 eur set and it's fucking shit. I already bent the fuck out of the 3mm one. I was looking for other sets and I found this Wera set. I guess Wera is supposed to be good but at 60 eur it's a lot of dough.
Oh and I need one of those clickly wrench thingies with a bit adapter dunno what its called.
>Oh and I need one of those clickly wrench thingies with a bit adapter dunno what its called.

Read this in Adrian Bliss's voice.

Bohndus Allen tools are the tits. Elkind and wiha are close seconds.
Bondhus and Eklind are both steals for quality stuff in the US, but I doubt OP will get a good price on them in Yurop.

Where are they made? Wera makes some good stuff, their drivers, but a lot of it is playskool meme shit that costs too much. Seems like more and more of their stuff is made in Asia lately. If they’re German made, that’s straight, the Czech stuff is ok too but it sucks to be paying a premium price for stuff made in developing countries.

I’m a fan of Wiha drivers, German made and less of a meme compared to Wera. Felo as well, German made for most of the stuff, real nice, and at least in the US it seems to be slightly more affordable
>I’m a fan of Wiha drivers, German made
the hex L keys are made in poland, not sure about the T handles
The t-handles could be Asia as well, one of them said Vietnam, which seems to be a little better than mainland China.

Guess you better go with PB Swiss and pay $$$$

Just looked into Felo, I think those are still German. Their regular L-shaped balldriver keys are actually stamped “Made In USA”
File: 815t8ZVkuFL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (153 KB, 1080x1500)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
I've got no idea unfortunately where they are made. The (pic related) wiha ones look like shit desu.

Huh that looks decent but still for some reason wera look more quality I guess it's just the fancy handle tricking me.
File: 91qK7EEC5LL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (403 KB, 1500x2268)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
PB swiss look good tho this is some bullshit that the set doesn't include a 2.5mm driver for M3 bolts. The only 2.5mm I see available is the one pictured on the bottom and is 20 fucking euro. And it's gonna piss me off that it isn't a matching set!
File: bondhus.jpg (66 KB, 743x1000)
66 KB
regarding bondhus (pic related) is 41.66 EUR for a set.
>I guess Wera is supposed to be good but at 60 eur it's a lot of dough.
Also their marketing is cringe
Hm I've never seen it. Looks more and more I might go for bondhus, doesn't seem all that bad even though the handles see a bit uncomfy. PB swiss is just a bit too much.
There's also some brand my colleague says its good, called Unior
>Hm I've never seen it
it is pretty much all muh-rebel as if it is marketed towards 13 year olds, but priced toward middle aged men
wow that's gay
What about Gedore (blue line)
what? you dont want to pay $3.5k for a cart with that logo printed on it, and a handful of screw drivers, sockets and wrenches?

Yeah PB Swiss is super expensive.

And be careful falling for the colorful Wera meme. There’s a reason Redditors love it. They make solid drivers, but there are complaints about those colorful grips, especially if you work around chemicals like mechanic work, certain fancy soft grips like that will fall apart.

Read some Wera reviews, you can tell which ones are 5-star reviews written by some fanboi who just opened the box, and a lot of 3 star reviews from people like “My young coworkers loved these so I bought a set 6 months ago. The handles are all sticky now and awkard to use in some spots and they were expensive for the quality.”

Also think about whether or not you want the T-part for more torque. The ones like the Bondhus will be more balanced when you get to spinning them fast, but you lose on the power when you really need to break loose a crusty fastener.

Kek, I forgot about this. I gave up on them when I saw they attempted to reinvent the ratchet and combination wrenches and they’re both quite mediocre. The ratchet doesn’t even fit sockets from other brands. My father in-law likes their stuff, but he doesn’t speak enough english for me to explain what a meme it is. I thin Spanish Reddit taught him about Wera.
>"Tool Rebels"

That's more pathetic than middle aged men wearing "patches" from a fucking TV show about fake bikers.
Was going to mention the other Yuro tool brands too, but that company is always mentioned for wrenches.

How much do they want for Kleins over there? Another solid US brand, I was surprised to see Bondhus costing so much less than Wera for you.
Also think about the ball end depending what you’re working on.
if you need torque you use an L key or a socket, not a T handle
>I guess Wera is supposed to be good but at 60 eur it's a lot of dough.
Its because wera hex-plus drivers rape every other hex on the market.
Straight up mogs them
They are well worth the money, and dont let the tripfag who is obsessed about projecting a particular image with his purchases try to tell you otherwise.

I did notice that you didnt say shit about the new Project farm video showing Weras screwdriver tips demolishing most of the competition, while only barely being edged out by far more expensive screwdrivers.

And that was just plain drivers, not their objectively superior hex plus drivers.
But hey, reddit right?
Good workman never blames his tools
>oh but what if the tools are shit
Good workman dont buy bad tools
>Project farm
found the retard. yes putting screw drivers in a 20 ton press and seeing how much force it takes to bend them is a totally valid test that everyone cares about and is how they are typically used
Thats not the test I was talking about, you are intentionally being obtuse
Weras reputation for having some of the best driver tips in the industry is well known and widely accepted already.
For retard farm to stick them in an impact gun and run wood screws with them just proved that. The tips held up exceptionally well.

Of course anyone who has actually used them day in and day out would tell you that.
The project farm videos exist for retards like bepis who are worried more about reddit than actually buying proper tools.
See >>2222968

On Reddit? I don’t see them much in the real world.
>clearly superior in PF’s dumb tests
Jesus christ, some of his stuff makes you think, but this video was retarded. Also he gets the super expensive demo Wihas instead of the comparable regular set.

Are you the same fag saying “Vampliers BTFO!” because their 7” screw removal pliers didn’t do as good on leverage tests as 8”-9” linesmans from other companies? You know that they’re screw removal pliers, right?
>$4 Wera bit KILLED the competition costing 1/10 the price!
That meme brand doesn’t have any secrets that makes them better than the competition. Spend the extra money if you want to be a #TOOLREBEL and have peeling playskool grips, although the latter may not happen because it’s hard to fuck up the grips on your unboxing thread on Reddit.
File: 1608418151674.png (12 KB, 629x574)
12 KB
>being worried about a marketing campaign as opposed to the objective quality of a tool

Bepis, seeing how you dont actually have a read job, the fact you personally dont see any high quality tool brand out in the real world doesnt mean anything.
I dont think you understand how utterly worthless any anecdote you may have truly is. Its even less valuable than reddits anecdotes which is saying something.

The pictures of wear were pretty obvious and objective.
No amount of deflections, trying bringing up some other anons whining about vampliers will change that.
We get you are trying to save face about all the whining you do rallying against the "reddit boogeyman", but you are doing a pretty poor job.

>That meme brand doesn’t have any secrets that makes them better than the competition
Oh no no no
Bepis, do you NOT remember the last Wera thread you tried to shit on Wera in?
Where you said the same exact thing, talked a big game, larped lying that you had touched and used them from a co-worker before and they they are all the same.
Only to find out that the Wera hex-plus keys are in fact physically different, unmistakable to anyone who has ever touched or used them?

You may be banking on the fact that other anons not remember, how unfortunate for you!
There is a reason that they are industry standard in actual trades who actually use hex keys all day.
Its because they dont let "reddit" live rent free in their head like you do
File: hexplus.jpg (17 KB, 474x474)
17 KB
>Only to find out that the Wera hex-plus keys are in fact physically different, unmistakable to anyone who has ever touched or used them?
Just look at that
The wera hex-plus, in all of its patented glory which no other brand can even touch.
these are the people who think those shitty Joker wrenches will do anything beyond getting them upvotes.

I bet you see a little flank drive logo on whatever socket set and thing that’s revolutionary too. Have you seen my friend Stanley’s fat diamond tips?
>tfw Mac users aren’t #TOOLREBELs
File: HexPlus.png (610 KB, 529x677)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
>I bet you see a little flank drive logo on whatever socket set and thing that’s revolutionary too.
Of course its not revolutionary anymore, now that the SnapOn patent ran out every single wrench and socket manufacturer uses it.
They do it because its objectively works way better.

Too bad that Wera patent hasnt run out for the hex keys yet, so Wera is the only brand you can get it from.

Deflections arent going to make your Bhondus keys any more useful or any less barred by patent law to be straight cut.

Lets go back and see a few quotes from Bepis
>"Yup, I was using some Wera Hex Plus today. They fit like a quality hex from another brand"
>I like shitting on Wera because they’re Playskool tools and they make a bunch of meme shit that Garage Journal unboxers love
>on being told that the cheaper extruded wera keys are cheaper than the bhondus golds he was posting "So at that point you’re just a brandwhore because it doesn’t have the hex plus anyway"

And then of course when this post showed up, he realized he had to resort to deflections because the LARP was up.
How sad.

Should OP be buying objectively worse performing T handled hex drivers to own reddit?
You KNOW its bad when you have to resort to posted stripped fastener removers (which clearly cant tighten a fastener) to try and pretend a patent doesnt exist.
Yup, expensive hex keys should work like expensive hex keys with tight tolerances, I wouldn’t recommend paying for the memes though because Wera hasn’t successfully reinvented the wheel or the wrench.

There’s a reason Snap On and Stahlwille or whatever premium tool made in a first world country don’t have inserts like pic related. And there’s a reason Wera is the only brand anybody has heard of that sells ratchets that don’t fit sockets from other companies. Oh and they attempted to build something like the dogshit Craftsman Mach ratchet, you know that shitty tool that naive wives buy for Christmas and then the husband has to bury it somewhere in the bottom of the tool box so he can tell the wife that he totally uses that useless tool she got him,
File: 1631473026095.gif (3.36 MB, 350x190)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB GIF
>op looking for the best hex keys, asks about a brand specifically
>gets told about that brands patent, and how they are the single brand who is using tried and true technology that has become standard in another tool sector
And the best argument you can come up with is posting stripped fastener removal tools and posting combination wrenches?
Dont buy their hex keys because they "havent reinvented the wheel or wrench", as you sit and admit they literally have a patent on the hex keys

Holy kek
I hope you understand how pathetic you look right now.
I honestly dont know why you keep digging this hole deeper.
>The standard anywhere besides Reddit

The rest of us said that there’s plenty of real good hex keys for the same money and the #TOOLREBEL sticker you get with the Wera set isn’t worth the markup over other brands that are just as good.

Show me another Wera marketing ad, I’ll show you another Powerbuilt Zeon product or Stanley’s revolutionary diamond tipped screwdrivers that changed the industry.

You can patent a turd, that doesn’t mean anything.
File: S5gR.gif (979 KB, 450x253)
979 KB
979 KB GIF
>continuing to prove he buys tools only to try and impress 4chan as opposed to actually using them
>honest to god having to act like flank drive isnt a huge deal, especially with socket cap fasteners which tend to get damaged and stripped
File: 136945229083.jpg (29 KB, 640x360)
29 KB
>I’ll show you another Powerbuilt Zeon product
Theres a reason the Poerbuilt Zeon product and that mac product exists, because you stripped that socket cap out with your Bhondus hex keys
You and your gifs and your Wera marketing memes are missing the point… you fell for their tricks.

No halfway decent company has sold sockets without flank drive in decades. Wera can file all the patents they want, but their laser etched screwdriver tips haven’t reimagined screwdrivers any more than Stanley’s diamond tip screwdrivers. The drivers are fine tools, but then you paid a premium for marketing and now are falsely claiming that it’s become an industry standard.
Wew, those social media marketing people over at Wera deserve a raise for getting you hooked so good.

Have you tried the Joker wrenches? Ignore all the 3-star reviews, just watch some unboxing videos and see how colorful they are!
File: 1627051645870.png (120 KB, 320x320)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
>No halfway decent company has sold sockets without flank drive in decades.
100% true, and guess what?
When Weras hex-plus patent runs out, a grand total of 0 quality brands are going to be selling straight cut hex keys either.

>still worried about what marketing
>still posting deflections
I’m beginning to think you are a Wera marketer with these ridiculous claims.

I heard Tekton’s innovative patented tri-lobe design is the new industry standard for screwdriver handles, and when the patent runs out, every single screwdriver sold will have Tekton’s innovative patented tri-lobe handle.
File: 1519561587492.jpg (62 KB, 642x648)
62 KB
>with these ridiculous claims.
That flank drive is objectively better at tightening and removing a hexagonal nut and bolt?
Thats been proven time and time again, and every single company has adopted it for that reason. You even said it yourself, its so commonplace that most people dont even realize its "flank drive".

Now what kind of mental gymnastics would you have to have to believe that a hex key in a hex socket cap is going to be ANY DIFFERENT?
The same exact issues arise, and those same exact issues are mitigated using flank.

Please go on and tell the crowd why you think its suddenly different for hex keys
Yes, and Powerbuilt’s Zeon technology is objectively befter at driving all fasteners! And Stanley’s diamond grip technology is objectively superior to regular steel screwdrivers! And Tekton’s innovative patented tri-lobe grip is objectively the best shape for a combination of speed and strength!

Do you really think that diamonds are softer than steel?
File: 1559176988819.jpg (49 KB, 662x662)
49 KB
You didnt answer the question, you deflected
Why does flank drive work for hexagonal nuts and bolts, and why would it suddenly not work for hex keys and socket caps screws?
Also look at your pic here >>2223126

That shit is closer to using an e-torx socket on a hex bolt than flank drive. Wera hasn’t reinvented the wheel. If it really helped as much as the marketing team claims, Snap On would have been selling them 10+ years ago for $247 per set.

>industry standard
Yea, when your industry is nothing but #TOOLREBELS!!!

Wera’s dogshit patents aren’t nearly as innovative as their marketing department has led you to believe
Have you heard of Milwaukee’s Red Helix(tm) drill bits? They are objectively better than standard drill bits. Prove that they aren’t! It’s an industry standard among my industry of Milwaukee fans. The machinists are itching while they wait for the patent to run out so Norseman and Chicago Latrobe can start using the Red Helix(tm) design to make superior drill bits.
File: 1565906500564.jpg (126 KB, 1013x1200)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>That shit is closer to using an e-torx socket on a hex bolt than flank drive
Oh wow, imagine that, when you invert the tool and the fastener, it doesnt look exactly the same.
The end result however is exactly the same as the flank drive, the torque is applied to the wall using a larger surface area instead of the corner with a thinner part of the tool. There is a reason I compared it to it.
Im not sure how that flew over your head.

But im glad we got one thing straight.
You refuse to answer the question because you know you are stupid.
You know your position is weak when all you can muster is "marketing" and "reddit" and posting unrelated stuff.

Was a great talk though, its always nice when you make yourself look even worse than usual.

The question is, does OP care about what some retard tripfag thinks, or does OP care about actually buying a tool with objectively better technology?
I know that I bought my tools to use them, just like everyone else in my shop. Not to "own reddit" and get pats on the back from one person on 4channel.
You do realize that Red Helix is a trademark, not a patent. And that variable helix is commonplace for endmills and actually does make a difference in different circumstances.
And dont think I forgot that you bought and own those Bepis. I was the guy who explained to you why variable helix was a stupid idea in a drill bit.
File: IMG_20211005_2223497.jpg (2.29 MB, 3996x2664)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
>Tekton’s innovative patented tri-lobe grip is objectively the best shape for a combination of speed and strength
i know you're shit posting, but you do realize mayhew has the same handle for their screw driver style pry bars.
You fuckers are confusing the absolute fuck out of me, is there something special about weras hex drive in the end? Or is it the same as others? I am using completely normal DIN912 screws I'd be using the TX ones if they weren't so damn expensive.
File: PXL_20211006_085716626_1.jpg (3.04 MB, 4000x3000)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
Bondhus is based. Pic related is my home set but I also use them at work.
Ye but those aint t handles, altho nice collection
I don't do alot of bench work so T handles would be kind of overkill to have sitting around.
I do only bench work
I would ask you if the tri lobe really is that special, but I see you have yet to use them.

No. If the #TOOLREBEL marketing team were to make a gif for you, you would see the Wera hex is still digging the corners of the tool into the flats of the fastener, like any other hex would do. If you really wanted it to be like flank drive sockets, the flats of the hex key would be curved out, not in, that way the load would be on the flat part and not the corners.

You got tricked by the marketing to think Wera reinvented the hex key and it’s better than sliced bread.

Have you heard about Pilot Point?
We are quite different you and I
We sure are
I'll buy pretty much any euro brand but I won't buy Wera. Shit isn't even made in Western Europe.
I think they do some Vietnam stuff. Wiha too, especially their wrenches and pliers I believe. But, in all fairness, the few Vietnam tools I have seem to be quite a step up from mainland China, it’s more like Taiwan stuff. Got a pair of Fujiya pliers plus some of those Vessell balldrivers, and they’re not quite as nice as the Japan made tools, but the Vietnam models were cheaper and definitely feel good. As long as you’re not paying German made or US made prices for the eastern yuro or Vietnam made tools, it will be ok,
Yeah wiha is a no-go for me now, I might try gedore, it should be good.
I finally said fuck it, I'm buying PB swiss shit...

The only reason I'm not getting an 8mm is cause I fucking can't get one from the supplier.

Normal ends
>PB Swiss Tools 207.L 2,5-100
>PB Swiss Tools 207.L 3-100
>PB Swiss Tools 207.L 4-150
>PB Swiss Tools 207.L 5-150
>PB Swiss Tools 207.L 6-150

Ball ends (maybe)
>PB Swiss Tools 1208.4-150
>PB Swiss Tools 1208.5-150
>PB Swiss Tools 1208.6-150
File: werk10.png (112 KB, 1500x2268)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Werk10.com seems to have pretty awesome prices. Probably don't need the ten or the eight tho, I don't think I'll have much use for it
What are some good wing handle brands?
Well at least you won’t have any regrets about not buying the most expensive you could get. The handles look pretty comfy tbqhwy.

You weren’t convinced by anon parroting the Wera #TOOLREBEL marketing wank?
What exactly is rebellious about Wera tools?
they use the same style screw driver style handle for every tool regardless of whether or not it is a good idea
They sell ratchets that don’t fit sockets from other brands
File: IMG_20211006_2129114.jpg (2.29 MB, 3996x2664)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
their T handles fit Sunex impact sockets just fine
It's a reddit meme brand.
Yeah I meant wera, I wasn't convinced, and PB swiss has nice warranty.
>developing country
File: kek.png (543 KB, 2306x456)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
>Shit isn't even made in Western Europe.
Its literally made in the czech republic, right over the border from Germany.

>If the #TOOLREBEL marketing team were to make a gif for you, you would see the Wera hex is still digging the corners of the tool into the flats of the fastener, like any other hex would do.
I mean you can continue saying this all you want, you can lack basic understanding in physics, but it doesnt change reality.

>I wasn't convinced
Maybe you should do your own research instead of trying to appease a tripfag.
No matter how much money you spent on the PB Swiss's its still inferior geometry of the tool, and as you use smaller sizes you will still get issues as wear sets in.

But hey, reddit right!
>right over the border from Germany.
just like poland, which is in eastern europe. slavs arent western european. but keep on doing damage control because you're too personally invested in some brand, to the point it has become part of your persona, and you feel injured when someone tells someone else to buy something else as it doesnt validate your choices
I like Czechnology for guns but I don't know about their tools.
> you're too personally invested in some brand, to the point it has become part of your persona
Its the exact opposite my friend. I own nothing else from Wera except their hex drivers, I literally dont care about the brand otherwise.
They just objectively have the best hex tools, and its half the price of other high end brands.
What kind of retard buys shittier tools because they are afraid of their marketing scheme, or what reddit thinks?

OP may have fucked up and bought something shittier for a higher price, but its not all about OP or Bepis and his crusade to have his persona validated.
The argument with Bepis was never about him in the first place, it was about the people on the sidelines.

Lurkers coming into this thread also looking for quality hex keys probably had no clue that Weras drivers have a completely different geometry than every other company on the planet.
I mean most people dont, its not advertised well at all.
But hey I enjoy helping other people on this board.

But hey if you want to know about my persona, its about buying and using quality tools.
I mean if youve ever wonder who posted Fujiya on this board first (andgot Bepis go on about vietnamese tools, after I shilled how good the viet Fujiyas are which he now goes on about), who posted Tsunoda on this board first, who posted Malco on this board first, who posted the Knipex Pliers Wrench on this board first, who pushed for Dewalt drill bits (which Project farm later confirmed, which Bepis still to this day now shills), who posted the Engineers/Vampliers on this board first, who started the whole "taiwan tools" thing before Bepis actually came to the board and completely went along with, who actually started the first 3d Printing General etc etc
Ive literally started so many different trends and altered so many different narratives on the board its not funny. Even in Bepis's case where ive seen him flip flop on stuff after being told to.

Its amazing what you can do on a slow board
Reddit likes them, so they are bad.
Sounds reasonable.
>Its the exact opposite my friend
lol no

>who posted Fujiya on this board first
>who posted Tsunoda on this board first\
>who posted Malco on this board first
>who posted the Knipex Pliers Wrench on this board first
>who posted the Engineers/Vampliers on this board first
>who started the whole "taiwan tools" thing
thank you for confirming what I just said. and cool story bro, i'm sure you were the first person ever to buy tools from these brands. I bet your dad works at nintendo too! keep it up with the damage control
File: IMG_20211009_0853464.jpg (2.1 MB, 3996x2664)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
>who posted the Engineers/Vampliers on this board first
and here you go you sperg, i'm the first one to post twin grips on this board so that makes me right and you wrong. slant eyed japs and wera shills BTFO.
I haven't bought the PB swiss ones yet, I'm waiting till a friend comes from germany so I'll order to him when he decides to go. I hate buying tools, always days spent on fucking choosing the best tools... Now wera is back in the game if that video is to be trusted. fucks sake...
Tho if the durability is worse than PBswiss I'd rather go for the pbswiss. I don't care if I fuck a fastener or two eventually.
I’m not sure it matters if they have never been used
File: ergostar.png (310 KB, 611x623)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
I got the wihas because I won't want the kill someone every time I attempt to pull a small key from the holder.
>Assembled in USA
How? There’s nothing to be assembled!
File: 029.jpg (23 KB, 800x800)
23 KB
flag handle master race
>. I bet your dad works at nintendo too! keep it up with the damage control
The best part is, I genuinely dont care if you believe me or not, if I craved that sort of validation I would trip or avatarfag with the same unused tools in my apartment toolbox.
Some validation isnt worth trying to achieve.
Like validation from people too stupid to look objectively at a specific tool from a brand, and worry about what their marketing campaign says.

The only real damage control here is people trying to come to terms with the fact that the company with bad marketing does in fact have a higher quality tool.
Its actually a bit funny to watch.
File: IMG_20211009_1704420.jpg (2.42 MB, 3996x2664)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
>Made in German
I could have sworn the ones I got said Made in Poland when they arrived

stay jelly anon
File: IMG_20211009_1707045.jpg (2.23 MB, 3996x2664)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
yep made in poland

>i dont crave validation
>which is why i write walls of text
aint nobody got time to read that
>aint nobody got time to read that
Just like we dont have time to use our tool collection amirite?
Used those metric L keys a couple weeks ago to replace the hip pivot bolt on my Aeron. Stay jelly anon.
Jelly of what?
I also own a herman miller chair, but it resides in the house that I own.
I'm buying t handles not L keys
They put it in the holder lmao
Very interesting
Our office uses these exclusively they are the shit. I'm waiting to buy one off the office when we will have extras.
File: IMG_20211009_1719116.jpg (2.22 MB, 3996x2664)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
>notice me senpai
for how much you shit talk bepis, you'd think you could come up with some more bantz rather than just copy/paste his lame attempt. anyways seethe more tradie scum.

if you want the service manual with all the torque specs
Kek. Face it anon, you should scratch up your tools a little bit. Maybe order a sandblaster off Bezos dot com and hit the tips with that. I would argue my Allen and Craftsman keys are way better than those shitty Wihas because yours don’t work at all.
>that poor cope
enjoy trading your health for a paycheck wagie
That makes no sense. We all trade our lives for money. And some of us trade our money for tools to save money or make money. And one anon trades his money to Jeff Bezos for tools to take photos of then.

You know what else makes no sense? Collecting tools that are never used but not leaving them in the original packaging. That totally tanks the resale value.
>not being part of the work from home masterrace
bleh, I prefer working in an office
>enjoy trading your health for a paycheck wagie

have fun getting fat in a swivel chair, office cuck
Fuck you my Aeron is nice

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