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Hello good people.
I finished some work I had to do and I can now start the next project: fixing my old electric guitar.
Its a cheap Ibanez I got 15 years ago.
Its making an annoying background noise when plugged in the ampli.
My question is: seeing that the wiring is a bit chaotic, would it be bad for the sound if I was to use a circuit board to clean things up (like the ground wires, all going to the back of a potentiometer)?
Thanks for your time
Pic related.
I forgot to add: I am pretty sure that the noise the guitar makes when not touched is the poor isolation and poor wiring to the ground loop. Fixing the wiring with a circuit board should clean things up, am i right?
i replaced pickups in my cheap guitar and the internal wiring was all coaxial, grounding the case of the pots etc means everything is already shielded.
if you want to use a board use a board but just making it look clean doesn't mean it will sound clean, you have to actually think about how the signals are getting fucked with and where your noise is coming from and how to stop it.
Why not try and repair the connections? Seems like you want are trying to repair a problem with a bandaid.
>Hello good people.
oh.... my sweet summer child.
I am polite cause you are good people. Always had great experiences with diy.

I tried checking all the connection with a multimeter and trying to follow the ground loop on every single cable. My diagnosis is that the wiring is shit, but if you think otherwise tell me where to look, cause i have 0 ideas.

How to follow the fucked signal?

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