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a brass wood screw broke off and is stuck in the worst place possible.

this is to hang a ceiling fan so i really want to get this screw out and put another one in

it's in a hole in drywall, recessed into the ceiling, something like pic related.
can't get pliers around it because the hole is too small.

i tried one of those screw removers that you tap and screw in, which i've used successfully on screws in more typical positions, but upside down and in a tiny hole it's just not working out because a) i can't see what i'm doing and b) the screw broke off in a really twisted way and i can't get a decent bite

what do?
Why not just make a new hole next to the existing one, the fan will surely cover both when it's installed?
the design of the bracket is such that i can only put the hole in one spot.

i can't move the bracket because it has to go over the electrical box and i can't rotate it because it needs to be lined up with the stud.
brass can easily be drilled out with almost any bit. Drill a hole directly through the screw and put the new screw in the hole.
This. And if you fuck it up, drill a bigger hole the size of a dowel rod. Put chunk of epoxied dowel in there to make a new drillable surface.
you are up shit creek.

The only way to fix this is to either move the fucking bracket or to mount the fan to a wood block that mounts to the studs and covers your tracks.

there's no way to do magic. If you can get a broken brass screw out, you aren't putting anything else in that hole.

Just accept it
try rubber, could possibly work

Nice dubs
Pre drill your hole with the proper size drill next time- especially if going into wood with a soft screw.
sometimes its much quicker and easier to make a new hole in the bracket....
you got 2 ways to solve this.
1. drill the whole shit screw away, put a dowel in the hole, drill hole again but right, screw in new screw. Use wood screws, as the thread is wider than the shank. Make sure that the new hole is the diameter of the screw without the threads (aka only the threads will deform the wooden dowel), so that you don't have to twist the screw like an animal and shear the head off.
2. cut a groove in the body of the screw and unscrew it with a flathead screwdriver. Drill hole right, put new screw in.
If it's actually brass just drill through it.
Just a word of advice : *never* use the screws that come with the device you're installing. They are crap. Get some good screws of the same size/type.

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