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How would I go about chucking the floyd that's in a Pro Series KV and slapping a Kahler 2300 tremolo in it instead? I know that the Kahler's have a much smaller cavity than the Floyd does so I am aware of the option of just putting a block of wood in there to fill the space and then route that out, but are there any other options? There aren't any 24 fret King V's that aren't the shit cheapo models and I would much rather a Kahler than a floyd.

I know this is DIY and all, but if I cared at all about the output of my guitar and didn't have enough diy knowledge to do this without asking for help on 4chan of all places, I'd just take it to a luthier and get them to do it.

It'd be so easy to totally ruin your guitar by half-assing this.
I see your point and I can agree, but I just found a site that sells adapter plates so that you don't need to do anything wacky to replace the floyd with a kahler. I might start looking into that.
Why is Kahler vibrato system better than Floyd Rose system?
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shoulda bought a tele
not floating
That means it's worse.

That's not an argument. Kahler is a laughably small portion of the guitar tremolo/bridge market for a reason.

Look at this glorious fucking thing. Where's the wicked Kahler aftermarket options?

If the tremolo is not performing well then it's user error, setup error or bad strings in pretty much all cases.

If you don't want it to float then just use a block of wood to block is like a sane person.
And here I thought my babicz was classy.

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