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File: vikings blood.jpg (26 KB, 380x676)
26 KB
>Someone please make a sticky edition

I'm going to attempt an idea I had tonight. It's strawberries and cream cider. Here's my idea.
>Couple pounds of strawberries mashed up and simmered to get the juices out
>Something to add creaminess, maybe oatmeal??
>Strain into a bucket
>Fill to 1 gallon and add sugar until I get to about a 6% starting gravity
>Toss in some vanilla and maybe other spices
>Ferment dry and backsweeten with lactose or homemade strawberry syrup
>Bottle and carbonate
(Pasteurize if backsweetened with fermentables)

Can I please have some input on this? It would be my first original recipe.
>pic is just some cherry mead
File: 1613589618299.jpg (1006 KB, 1440x1081)
1006 KB
1006 KB JPG
Last one got saged so quick.
Got a CO2 leak I can't for the life of me fix. Pic related is the keezer I just built. I've drained 2 CO2 tanks now. I've got these hose clamps tight as fuck I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any tips in making an airtight CO2 system greatly appreciated.
Also I've never made an original recipe like this so can't input much. Those flavors sound good together go for it!
Get some soapy water and start spraying everything down.
File: 20210206_153243_pt1.webm (2.58 MB, 270x480)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB WEBM
hey frens
this last weekend I tried out my lime variant of the homebrew ginger ale
it spent about 10 days on the fridge inside the bottle, though I had to vent it on day 1 outside fridge because I was worried about pressure
it turned just perfect, very light cider, it didn't feel too citric, I did get a light buzz, and it did wonders for my stomach
somehow it went from a lighter 1.010 density to a heavier 1.040, is that even possible?
is also had quite a spur of gas when I first opened it, even though I didn't add any additional sugar

I'm now making a new batch for 8 liters, will post pictures later
Is this thread for beer only or can I ask questions about making wine as well?
Yeah wine/mead and even distilling is pretty chill around here
Strawberries kinda suck in brews just because you need so many to actually perceive strawberry flavour. IMO just use retarded amounts of strawberry puree.
>somehow it went from a lighter 1.010 density to a heavier 1.040, is that even possible?
No, it's likely you made some kind of mistake for the first reading. Are you using a test jar or graduated cylinder? Homebrew ginger ale doesn't get super alcoholic so it'd be expected for the gravity to drop a little bit.
I just finished up, I used 4 pounds of strawberry for a gallon. I mashed them and strained them through a cheesecloth. Hopefully that's enough. If not I'll just go for the strawberry syrup at the end to bring some of the flavor back
File: okay_retard.png (28 KB, 200x244)
28 KB
Thanks man. Right now I am shopping for barrels. I'll definitely have more questions later.
I've been brewing wine for about a year now and i've gotten comfy with the procedure and basically just playing around with ingredients and flavors now.
I want to get into carbonation. How does it work?
ok retard

>Are you using a test jar or graduated cylinder?
I'm just using a standard densimeter, the same thing happened again in the 8 liter batch, it measured below 1.02, though this one had a much higher water ratio
File: bochet.jpg (47 KB, 637x421)
47 KB
just bottled a bochet I kind of forgot about from like a year ago. It's a mead made from caramelised honey if you don't know. Never made one so I didn't know how it would turn out but it came out really interesting. I chose to caramelise the honey pretty hard because I wasn't sure it would make a worthwhile difference otherwise. It has a kind of baked sweet flavour and something similar to really toasted marshmallows. Not the marshmallows themselves just the burnt sugar crust they get. There's also a bit of a coffee/chocolate kind of bitter note. It's a bit nutty too like roasted hazelnuts or almonds. It's definitely not something you'd want to drink a lot of but it's very complex so it's interesting in small doses
might be interesting to make another one and round out the smokiness/intensity of the flavour with some cherries or something. Could also do one with lactose like a milk stout but that's a little out there
There's enough distinct interesting flavours in here that it'd probably be a fun project to run some through a pot still and blend up something nice
Didn't bother taking any pictures so here's one from google images
Thanks for reading my blog
A couple of days ago, I realized that people use grainfather g30:s and similar brewing systems as sous vide machines, and now I can't stop thinking about buying one. Plus, kettle souring seems ridiculously easy with a g30. Done a few BIAB batches, but it's such a hassle that I've only done partial mashes for the last few years. To make it worse, I don't really drink that much and I only have 3 corny kegs. Hold me, /diy/. Anyway, I have a recipe all lined up to use up some extracts. Super dry keto edition fruit beer with passion fruit and amarillo hops. Will brew and post pics tomorrow if I'm not a lazy shit like I usually am.
How should I make beet kavass for the first time?
Agree with spraying everything down with soapy water. It's maddening when you can't find a leak. Places I have found leaks: Bad pressure relief valve in the keg (make sure they are screwed down tight), Faulty gas and liquid connectors, and my favorite: a pinhole in my regulator that happened during manufacturing. I had to submerged the regulator in water to ID that one. Good luck!
I used my GF for sous vide once. One of the cryo bags popped open and the beef juices ruined the the filter-- I couldn't get the smell out. Proceed with caution.
File: cozy.jpg (244 KB, 1504x2016)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Chilling the wort
Nice. I wanted to do this during the one time we ever get enough snow in Texas but the damn HBS is closed...
Use a sparkling wine yeast and bottle with a very small amount of active yeast. It keeps fermenting a little while, producing CO2 in the sealed bottle.
If you screw it up it could burst.
Can I do kombucha in peligrino bottles that I cap? Second fermentation only. Sources say yes but I want to double check
Some how yeast got into my fruit juice and made it into a lightly sparkling cider. It was absolutely delicious.
File: 20210217_170425.jpg (1.11 MB, 1632x1224)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
I'm the citric fruity cider anon
this is basically a ginger ale with both orange and lime, I used 2 liter sugar cane juice, raw
could you call this a wort?
File: 20210217_172848.jpg (1.1 MB, 1632x1224)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
this thing boiling gives off an amazing smell, though I have to admit it feels a bit like medicine syrup
I think I left a good 10 minutes on low fire, is there a knowledge know-how on wort making too? like how much time and temperature to leave it for?
File: 20210217_210013.jpg (979 KB, 1632x1224)
979 KB
979 KB JPG
here is the thing on the bucket itself, first time using this new fermenting bucket
went for 8 liter only, even though with this alone, it felt that it didn't quite get enough juice in there, but filled my biggest cooking pan too,

the density was just about 1.020, I didn't add any actual sugar since I'm going for a light ginger ale, I'm gonna add more after bottling for gassification

also worth noting, I didn't tighten the faucet screw enough, it started leaking, so I have to shove my whole arm in there
also worth noting2, I also put in my whole ginger bug in there, I wonder if I can salvage the must at the bottom of the bucket to keep the yeast going, that is if its good enough
File: mead.webm (2.51 MB, 405x720)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB WEBM
I have no clue what I'm doing
well it looks like its functioning at least
the apple pieces is curious touch, what yeast did you use? how much honey?
well, this is my 4th try. I always did 1:4 honey:water.

as for the yeast...I started out with backing yeast.
I kept the remainder of the previous batch after bottling and made a new batch with it, so this is 3rd gen mead grown yeast you could say. (1st one was wild fermentation, but I had to get rid of it since it started to mold)
maybe I'll buy proper yeast at some point, but I like the idea of nurturing my own.

First gen was with apples (like in the vid) and it worked out okay (guess because it was a lot of yeast for a 5L carboy in the package)
second one was plain honey and water, which didn't ferment a lot.
this time I added apples again and in the meantime I also got myself some yeast nutrient salts (added a bit over 1 gram).
Could I make a SCOBY out of raw green tea kombucha?
Anyone have experience in refilling their own co2 tanks? I have a 5# and 20# I just got filled and I want to use the 20# to refill the 5#. Is it as simple as hooking up a co2 whip line and transferring over?
Anyone brewing their own hard seltzer? Just started a recipe, no idea how it will turn out
1kg sugar
200ml leomon juice
5l water
1 tsp nutrients
1 tsp yeast
Fermenting at rather low temps, will report back in 2-3 weeks
Used champagne yeast btw
had to look it up, apparently it's a zoomer thing?
isn't it just fruit flavoured carbonated water mixed with some alcohol?
not enough antifreeze. thats where sweetness lives
>but I like the idea of nurturing my own
yeah I like that idea as well, I'm >>2036196
and I did my own ginger bug, going for at least a month,
but I put it all in this batch and I'm wondering if I can salvage some from sedimentary remains

on the batch itself, I took a reading today I think was nearly 1.005 already, tasted very sharp, and showed nearly no off gassing at all in the airlock, which indicates I'm might have gone waaay too much water ratio over the mixture
what I do when it's done is that I put the container in a cold environment so more sediment falls out, then I fill my bottles.
The remainder is disturbed again and then filled in a small bottle (like 0.25L) which can be reuse in the next batch. (so far they were always very reactive for me, so use a strong bottle and cap)

As for the yeast. I read that using backing yeast is ok, as long as you don't go beyond 18°C (above and some bready flavors can be produced) + it's not as resistant to high alcohol levels, so you'd typically end up with 5-8%.
I'm not sure how and if that changes when I reuse the yeast for making alcohol over several generations, but I've bought myself a couple scales (vinometer, alcoholmeter and oechsle scale)
still not very proficient in using them, but I'll get there.
Whenever I work with any kind of berries I make simple syrup out of them and they add nice flavours. On one hand yea you could say I shit in the mead by adding granulated sugar, on the other hand who gives a shit when it's such a tiny amount compared to the size of the barrel and the amount of honey.
Anybody have experience with freeze concentration?

Made a batch of maple wine that I want to jack up to a hard, maple syrup liquor. Left it outside in a bucket overnight, Canuck here so it was like, a -8 celsius low last night. Checked on it in the morning and there wasn't a single chunk of ice in there.

I have some ideas about why this happened but I'm not 100 percent sure what exactly the problem is. It's slightly less than 4 gallons of fluid, so maybe it just needed more time to lose heat? Maybe the plastic bucket insulated it? My product is only 12 percent atm so it should absolutely freeze at least a little bit with what was probably an average temperature of -4.

Unfortunately we won't have sub zero temperatures for the next couple days where I live so I'll have to wait until thursday to try again.

I dunno, any thoughts?
File: 1519827705.jpg (86 KB, 1000x728)
86 KB
I do. Applejack is fucking delicious, but prepare for the worst hangover ever.

All the heads and tails you would remove during distillation are in there and they will fuck you in the skull.

For your problem, it's because that volume can't freeze overnight at that temperature. You could use your freezer if it has enough space. I did it in a 300 liter freezer like the one in the picture.
>what I do when it's done is that I put the container in a cold environment so more sediment falls out, then I fill my bottles.
>The remainder is disturbed again and then filled in a small bottle (like 0.25L) which can be reuse in the next batch. (so far they were always very reactive for me, so use a strong bottle and cap)
That's where my setup will come in hand, I had a flow restricter on the faucet, the kind that only lets flow come from above, it also reduces a bit of flow turbulence so it helps with gas
and I also have one glass bottle specifically for keeping the starter, along with a rubber and airlock for it
Question from a broke alcohol enthusiast.

I got my hands on some funky yeast that allowed me to get 20L of 19.5% alcohol with just sugar and water.

It naturally stopped fermenting and I've racked it and cleared it into a secondary vessel. My question is if I use this product to make some fruit infusions and just bottle it will it keep or do I need to pasteurize?
You can try the bottle method instead?

Freeze in a bunch of water bottles and let the melt drain away.
>Can I please have some input on this?
Some spices are antiseptic and will kill your yeast. I've had cinnamon do this while making cider.

Also, I don't know what you mean "backsweeten." If you want to end up with a sweet drink, you have to filter out or kill all yeast before adding more sugar, otherwise you end up with carbonation.
Regarding the backsweetening the pasteurization will be killing the yeast no?
>I've got these hose clamps tight as fuck I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
When I set up my CO2 system I was told to use ear clamps (pic related) and that screw clamps can cause more problems then they solve. When you tighten them down to tight, you could be ripping and kinking the hose.

Also, as others have pointed out, soapy water is how you locate your leak.
Ha! I read "pasteurization" as "pressurization" and had flashbacks to that time my friend thought it would be cool to have more head on his homemade beer and added twice the sugar. Ended up with glasses full of beer foam and very little beer.
Well it's better than ending up with bottle bombs I suppose.
Been brewing extract on a shitty electric stove for two years. Bought the big boy Anvil Foundry with the pump to jump into all grain brewing. Anyone used one of these guys before? Anyone got a favorite all grain recipe to recommend?
Put it into smaller bottles so you have a much larger surface to mass ratio.
Also, -4 doesn't sound like a lot at all. Not even beer freezes at that temperature.
I've been looking around for a brewing course/certificate to change my career but they are overpriced as fuck. 3k for two weeks at the brewery? Might as well buy gear, mats and a book.
Anyone got recommendations for adding cinnamon to mead? I was just going to dump 1 stick per gallon in at primary but apparently it can inhibit the mead?

Will it be OK or should i make a tincture and add at secondary?
Isn't it literally impossible for such a high abv to go bad?
That's the thing, I have literally no idea what I'm doing.
File: 20210223_115244.jpg (2.14 MB, 4032x2268)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
It's OP with an update on the strawberries and cream, looks like I have a ton of sediment but I'm mostly through primary fermentation and had a quick taste, I definitely don't get a ton of the strawberry right away, but there is some. It certainly doesn't taste bad. I didn't add the vanilla yet but will when I do the back sweetening, which will probably be some kind of syrup with lactose sugar and strawberry flavoring. I'm definitely gonna carbonate this. I think it would be refreshing as fuck carbed and chilled. I'll post the full recipe if it doesn't end up sucking ass or if anyone wants it just let me know
Probably won't start brewing until I'm out of college but does anyone have advice for beginners?
Nice color.

I have nothing else to say.
If you're in college a turbo cider party is a good place to start. Everyone makes a batch and you get smashed together 2 weeks later.
Next time you don't need so much headspace
That sounds really nice actually. I'm underage (18) though and while I do drink I think brewing would be much more suspicious.
Well it's up to you of course but if you really want to be discrete you can can go super low tech.

A 2l water bottle full of apple juice and bakers yeast with a balloon over the top with a pin-prick in it will work 90% of the time.

We used to do it at uni behind the fridge as the heat exchanger kept things nice and warm.

Though to be fair it's probably not worth getting kicked out of college over.
This was just my only empty fermenter, as long as there's positive pressure inside it won't turn to vinegar
>nice and warm
what temperatures are you aiming for in your ferments?
I assume it'll go way beyond 25 degree C behind the fridge where a lot of bad things start to happen... or so I've read
Beer is simple compared to wine and other brews, and you can make top stuff cheap. To make good beer with only a large kettle, fermenting bucket and bottles you should look up cold infusion of specialty malt, and dry malt extact ( DME) . The largest part of brewing is always cleaning and disinfecting, and StarSan is your greatest friend. US-05 is an awesome dry yeast with a neutral taste profile for ales, stouts, IPA, bitters etc. It also has a very forgiving temperature range. Dry hopping is great for a clean and rich hop taste and smell, but NEVER leave them in for more than 5 days. If the beer gets that super tart dry hop taste you have to leave the bottles on a shelf for at least half a year before you can drink it. I've done that twice, and now I only dry hop for 3 days which works well.
>advice for beginners
Sanitation and patience are fundamental, all good flavor depends on those.
File: 20210223_215650.jpg (2.96 MB, 3264x2448)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB JPG
Thanks for the advice guys, I may end up getting some plastic water bottles and take it in batches in the freezer. Will be a bit more time consuming than I'd hoped but if that's what I gotta do so be it.

Anyway here's another project of mine I just bottled. Its ginger mead, all set for bottle conditioning. Pretty excited to see how it turns out. Made it by brewing a tea from fresh grated ginger, green tea bags, and lemon peels. Mixed in the honey and the juice from the lemons then pitched in some Fleischmanns baking yeast (kinda weird I know, I have proper wine yeasts too but sometimes I use bread yeast for a goof). It fermented for a few days, meant to get it down from a gravity of 1.07 to 1.03 about before bottling but it fermented way faster than I expected, after just five days there was no sugar left. Just means I'll have a stronger end product I guess, no biggee. So I sweetened it up with some more honey, added a bit of regular old granulated sugar as well because boy was it strong, and bitter too.

Bottled it all up, got one in a plastic pop bottle so I can gauge the pressure. Once the time is right I'll be pasteurizing these guys and they should be good to go! Very excited.
last time I tried to mix ginger and honey, the honey pretty much fell out of the water after a day or so.
like, the water was almost completely clear and the bottom looked like it's covered in a thick layer of pollen.
was it too much ginger, or was there something else amiss?
after that I thought you just can't mix ginger and honey...
Pasteurizing scares the hell out of me. What temp and time are you going for?
Hmm, I'm really not sure about this desu. What I will say is I doubt that the ginger was the cause of your problem. It could be that your must was oversaturated with honey, and the excess was sinking to the bottom. Oversaturation happens faster at a lower temperature as well so if you had your fermenter in a particularly cool place that could also be a factor. I haven't ever had this problem myself, although that might have something to do with the fact that I swirl my carboys around periodically in the early stages of fermentation, which I guess would make sure the honey stays mixed in there.

I did some poking around on google and it seems that even if the honey sinks it will still be able to ferment, and may actually cause the upper layer of the must to get going faster and then you can just make sure things are properly mixed as the ferment progresses.

It'll be a first for me so I'm a bit nervous about it as well haha. Planning on getting the water to ~175 degrees F and letting the bottles soak for 10ish minutes.
Make sure the bottles are in there while the water warms up. Less chance of glass shrapnel.
What dumb cunt thought making carbonation drops sized only for 375ml was a good fucking idea.

I like almost every other fucker has 500ml bottles. So do I add 1 per bottle and have a kinda sparkling product? Or do I add 2 and hope the fucker doesn't explode?

Stupid fucking retarded cunt manufacturer.
Yes, but it takes a while to brew. The scoby is probably not something you even need as just keeping some leftover juice is fine. It gets quite strong as it ages 4 week mark and needs dilution.
how do you make webms?
Can you weigh it, crush them into a power, and put powder worth 1.3 drops in each? Maybe dissolve them in water and then boil off the liquid if you can't crush them? Or just eat the cost and get some finishing sugar from the HBS. I've always been super paranoid about sploders so I wouldn't put 2 in a 500ml bottle but maybe that's me.
Yeah I can but at that point I may as well just weigh out priming sugar. I was gifted the drops through secret santa so it's no big deal really.

Just can't work out why a product that is supposed to save time doesn't come in a more normal size.
I use the Mash & Boil but the all-in-one systems are pretty fun. I like using a paint strainer bag inside the malt pipe just to make clean up ten times easier but you don't need it.

If you're able to lager, Phil's Lager is pretty good to try out a new system with since it's a cheap light lager that costs like $10 to make.

For 5.5 gallons it's:
-6lb Pilsner Malt
-.25lb Caramel/Crystal 10
-.25lb Caramel/Crystal 20
-.3oz centennial hops at 60 min
-Ferment with one pack of w-34/70 at ideally 55 degrees F, but you could in theory ferment at room temp with that yeast
-Lager at 35ish for 2-3 weeks
I need a fermentation chamber. Maybe I can find a use mini fridge soon.
How should I go about diluting this tea in order to grow one? I’m thinking 1/3 cups cane sugar and three bags of black tea with some filtered water. Would that grow a scoby in around 2 months?
I just grated the ginger and didn't press the juices out (wanted to rack it a week later or so)
the ginger settled at the bottom and then a day later it was all covered by the honey that fell out.
yeah, it was a bit cold. around 12 degree C, and the honey concentration was fairly high as well.
I'll try again with less honey and with just the ginger juice.
but I guess I'll wait until it's a bit warmer
a good idea (on windows) is to copy the files in e.g c:\ffmpeg and then add that folder to your PATH variable (then log out and back in)

that particular one was done with
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 -an -vf scale=-1:720 -c:v libvpx -b:v 800K -threads 11 -deadline best -map_metadata -1 out.webm

-an gets rid of the audio track
to avoid stretching with scale, one parameter should be -1 (so it keeps the correct ratio)
you have to play around with -b:v so it still looks good, but doesn't go beyond the filesize limit (start with 1M and then work your way down if you have to)
you can ignore threads if you want, but if you use it, pick your cpu thread count - 1
-deadline is the general quality of the encode, it goes from fastest to placebo. (it takes longer to encode, but since webms are typically short, best is ok)
-map_metadata -1 gets rid of metadata
to cut the video length use -ss for the start time and -t for how long the video should be
wtf is a kombucha?
its becoming a meme thing around here, tho i already thought of the idea brewing stuff with some mixed in tea
is there any difference in the type of yeast used?
some protips from a fellow brewer >>2033985
- use two pass, it helps a lot getting steady quality and compressed within range
- use crf (constant rate factor) instead strict bitrate, you still need to set the bitrate for upper ceiling limit, this way you get more steady quality, just make it some tests until you get a desired file size
- instead of '-deadline best' I use '-quality good' and then set the slower '-cpu-used 0', in my experience it yields better quality while going much faster
It’s sweet tea that yeast it’s the sugar out of. It’s a little meady, a little apple cider vinegary, and has a good tang and sweet ration. It’s delicious and if you have a scoby easy to make
lol I recognize that kitchen. Small board.
File: cider.jpg (725 KB, 1500x2000)
725 KB
725 KB JPG
Got 2 small jugs of cider going. The apple juice I mostly bought for the glass jug, while the pear juice was originally for drinking plain but it was so bland I decided to ferment it instead. Used nottingham yeast for both. Pear juice has brown sugar added for extra alc %, while apple has nothing but yeast nutrient and pectic acid.
File: itis_all.png (473 KB, 680x486)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
I am going to make wine for the first time this year but I'm a retard. I thought I had to buy a barrel but now I guess I can just buy a carbuoy. Was there a tutorial/manual you followed? Where did you buy your supplies? I have no idea where to start learning how to do this. Thanks so much.
>fermenting store bought orange juice
don't do this lads
it's bitter as fuck with no distinct orange flavour, looks almost the same and smells just not good
just use apple juice for a decent cider

also does anyone have experience with making wine out of whey water? it was supposedly popular back in the time in my country
File: file.png (46 KB, 1366x768)
46 KB
what should the sticky say?
File: 1611787654615.jpg (37 KB, 640x638)
37 KB
I want to quit drinking every day.
2-3 weeks doesn't seem long enough for lagering
I just finished bottle conditioning my first ever batch of beer, I used one of the ingredient kits that you can buy online. turned out pretty well, but I'd prefer to try and put together my own recipes soon.

The kit came with a number of small-volume ingredients (different kinds of hop pellets and grains), that I dont think would be easy to get shipped economically in those quantities. How long would larger quantities of pre-crushed grains and hop pellets last?
Sources for kavass and kombucha
I have some simple apple cider going right now, I've made it before and it turned out great, but this time I put in a cinnamon stick and a clove halfway through primary. Now it smells like a necrotic asshole. Primary is finished and gravity is now 1.00 but it still stinks. What do?
Degas it and age? It's always the answer.

Or backsweeten like mad
not that poster, but you can use 34/70 yeast pretty much like an ale yeast. If it still needs time after terminal gravity, you can just lager it in keg/bottle.
Q :Is it done fermenting?
A: Only way to be sure is to check that the gravity stays the same for three days in a row. Finished brew will still make an airlock bubble due to CO2 escaping. Most normal gravity brews (i.e 7% ABV) or less will finish in two weeks as long as the yeast is kept happy. Mead can stall and take longer because it has higher nutrient requirements (honey by itself has very little nutrients).
good one, i'll add some questions and leave answers open so you guys can gib feedback
t. not experienced with all that homebrewing

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