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File: 1605880041565.jpg (35 KB, 632x549)
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trying to learn music myself ti be able to play something decent like this...what should i understand? how do i improvise something of this quality? how do you assure melody and harmony to be balanced and have the melody sounds like the original and not to messy?

The self-taught musician has a fool for a teacher. Find a piano teacher that will help you towards your goals of improvisation.
8 hours practice a day until you git gud.
true... but perhaps the question should be...how do you improvise the best way to be as similar as the encore ibposted above? what do you juxtapose to create such performance? chords? progressions? harmony? melodies? scales?

to be as similar and as harmonious i guess... utilizing all your arms for it?
Do you have zero background? You're going to have to study a LOT of theory. Like you might as well sign up for community college courses at that point.
no money for that. no community college here.... i have tons of theories trying to cover up for myself. but getting a bit lost, i guess. i m not even sure ill make it past college entry test or anything...

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