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Please enlighten me! I am looking to get a crochet related gift to my girlfriend, and I am lost in the sauce on all these crochet websites. I can't tell what's for crochet and what's for knitting. As a preface I will say she ONLY crochets, and does not care to learn knitting particularly. So what do I get her that's decent quality, and won't break the bank?

> Any ideas peeps?
My mom enjoys it, she always seems happy to get new yarn, both new colors or materials, she was actually excited about buying bamboo yarn or something a couple of years back... either that or patterns for stuff she likes, those are always appreciated. Or if you want to make something, a box to store all her crochet materials would be also nice.
Best yarn are those that are not made of synthetic fibre. Unless she is vegan. If you buy her yarn make sure it's wool.

Alternatively get her a giant crochet hook to make chunky throw blankets. Like these:

Make sure if you do get her a giant hook to give her some giant wool (synth or not) with it.

DIY giant crochet hook:
Hey, I'm a femoid who knits. I can tell you distinctly what is for crocheting, and what is for knitting.
Easiest thing is yarn. Do you know what kind of yarn she likes? I personally recommend Merino wool, Very soft and easy to work with. I recommend Etsy shops for good yarn, particularly TheWanderingFlock on Etsy. I have bought merino wool from them before and made a hat which turned out nice. However the higher quality yarns will be more expensive so you will have to buy less of it.

Next is more project-oriented

I do not recommend acrylic yarn, if she likes to make clothes from it. The wearer get sweaty fast due to the microplastics that make up the fibre allowing no room to breathe. However if she does amigurumi (making small crochet plush toys) or likes to make non-clothing items acrylic yarn will be fine usually since youre not wearing the item.

There are extra items that are always nice to have, a yarn needle, extra stitch markers, nice buttons or beads. A book of crochet patterns would also make a nice gift with the yarn.
If she doesn't already have a good needle, get her a Clover one in the right size. They're pretty great.
If it's wool, Drops is pretty good for the price, although that depends on your location, I guess.

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