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So I have this small chinese music player, it works fine and its pretty convenient so I don't want to change it. But like with a lot modern electronics the battery goes to shit. But in this case is not entirely solded is just glued to the back and connected with a small connector (sorry I don't know the name) , since I wanted to change but couldn't find a direct replacement I was thinking about changing it for a cellphone one like one of those BL-5C old nokia batteries since it seems similar on size and voltage. But I just don't want to add some hot glue to the connectors and call it a day, I want to make so I can remove the batteries and exchange them easily since the BL-5C are pretty common and cheap. I was thinking about salvaging an old battery holder from a phone but it I wanted to know if anyone have done something similar, before fucking it up.
See the number 473752 on the battery? That's the standard way these things are designated, it comes from 47mm x 37mm x 5.2mm thick. Find another 3.6V lithium pack on ebay / amazon with the same or slightly smaller dimensions and you've got it. Looks like it's a two wire pack with the + and - doubled up so they can use tiny wires on the tiny connector. Re-use the old connector on the new battery which will just have a bare + and bare - wire. Solder and heatshrink to make good safe connection. Never ever ever let a lithium battery short, fireworks will follow.

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