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God Damn I get lower back pain once a month. I've had my last case for like 4 days already. it really sucks. i can barely get off the toilet without yelling in pain. I have been taking 220mg of Naproxen for the last 3 days but it doesn't seem to help. i took 2 tabs today. Does anyone have any tricks for immediate relief? or some tricks for prevention? i usually do a quick back stretch before i lift anything. does anyone hanf themselves upside down or use an inverter table for their back? ive heard things like that can help. this pain really really runs me down. like it makes me feel depressed and sad after a few days. i kind of understand why people in chronic pain can commit suicide.
File: ACC-2425-2.jpg (549 KB, 1179x1500)
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B12 shot to the ass
Ozone therapy? It helped me years ago.
If nothing else helps, you might want to read the book "Pain free for life" from Scott Brady. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't. Prolly worth a shot though
Once a month, huh? Have you tried Midol ma'am?

fat fucks

lol what;s in midol anyway? isnt it just advil? i took 2 ea 220 mg naproxen today and 1 ibuprophin and took a quick bike ride. it seemed to help whatever it was. i know i shouldnt mix pain meds.
You're alright OP. Have you Googled "exercises for strengthening lower back?" Heat pads, ice packs? That's all I got, since I shitposted on you already.
Get into yoga. Sounds lame but it really helps. I live with back pain pretty much every single day of my life and, yes, sometimes i think it would be easier to kill myself, but then i dont.

really it depends on the cause to recommend the correct treatment but generally inflammation is helped by ice and anti-inflammatories. light movement also helps. dont sit for long periods without moving around. walk as much as you can. dont just lay down when your back hurts, get up and move around as much as you can without serious pain. trust me, there are no miracle cures
I have an herniated disc. EMG and EMR confirmed that... and that sucks anons. Take care of your back.
this is me as well. herniated between L4&L5 putting pressure on sciatic, there's bad days and horrible days. only fix Ive found so far is black rum
I'm taking lyrica, it has helped some. I has L4&L5 and pressure on sciatic too. I hate this shit, right leg hurts always, EMG show that left side is the main affected, so the diagnosis is I have both legs fucked up.

Weed and CBD oil has helped too.
File: wtf2.png (45 KB, 129x126)
45 KB

thanks guys. hasanyone ever visited a chiropractor? i know they are a meme dr but they seem to be very popular.
It’s counter intuitive, but you need to do dead lifts, squats, good mornings, and kettle bell swings.

Spend less than 2 hours a day sitting, not including sleep.

You have to strengthen your hamstrings and gluts.

Back pain is interesting. Two men can get MRIs side by side and have near identical pictures. One will be in excruciating pain, one will dead lift 800lbs.
They ARE a meme, they arent real doctors (and not considered doctors by real physicians). They have their own schools and are completely outside of standardized physicians. Its like someone who is a "licensed acupuncturist", yeah you got a license at your quack school, doesnt mean you are a real doctor.
That chiropractor got his degree in the middle of fucking Iowa.

Real physical therapy exists to show you daily exercises to limber up your muscles, and strengthen your muscles around the problem area, hopefully the stronger muscles help move and hold things back into place and alleviate pinching and pain. It does do wonders for some people and is the best first step.

Best case scenario a Chiropractor can shift your back into a position your nerve isnt impinged anymore sure. But the muscles are still weak because you are in pain, you arent moving those muscles.
So clearly your body shifts back into where it was pinched and the pain slowly comes back 5 days later.
And so you are suddenly in the chiropractor 3-4 times a month the rest of your life, spending big bucks.
Worst case scenario, they are fucking hacks and have no clue what they are doing, so they can damage you worse. Also a decent number of 100% healthy people die from strokes every year from chiropractors.

They are considered "quacks" because while it is just a scam to get you to come in routinely, many chiropractors believe complete pseudo science about the body
Google Chiropractor Immune system, or Asthma, or Flu or Cold or any other health issue.
Chiropractors claim that they can heal all sorts of nonrelated health issues by cracking your back.
Its the biggest load of horse shit, but its prevalent.
Palmer College in Iowa the biggest chiropractor school literally teaches this quackery.
My grandmother live in iowa and would have routine visits to stay "healthy". She would go in for a headache.

Get physical therapy, its what Chiros claim to be. If PT didnt work, Chiro absolutely wouldnt have.
This is extremely risky, you need a professional to diagnose exactly whats wrong.
The reality is, some people have damage that will never be healed without serious surgery and will be restricted from lifting heavy weights until then.
You could make the damage way worse doing this.
File: 1605898125513.jpg (16 KB, 235x451)
16 KB

Imagine those milkers...

Try this seem to help me!
I did tile work for 6 years and I developed back and neck pain. The solution took a while to figure out. Here is what is is:

> stretching (and yoga) do a lot of it. I do 2 hours a week. Stuff that is targeted on lower back, hamstrings, upper back, neck, etc
> strengthen your back, low weight high reps. And workouts without weights. Stuff that is targeted on strengthing the back
> massage therapy. Get 1 massage a month, maybe even 2. Get a strong therapist who can work out the knots.
> chiropractor. I use to think these people were crazy but they really do help. I go 2x per month
> last thing is drink lots of water and take supplements for joint health and overall health. I take a few.
My DIY go-to is laying flat on the ground, on my back, with legs up on a chair. thighs 90 degrees, legs parallel to ground. I told a family member this and they just "pfft'd" and kept complaining. Some people would rather be in pain than try something new I guess, kek
Carpenter of 15 years here, here's my 2 bit sorry. About 10 years in I was fixing soffit/facia and painting it, woke up the next day, turned my head and a shock went through my spine from my neck to my ass and my fingers went numb. Took the day off and was miserable for two weeks before listening to dad go to a chiro. He fixed me, 3x a week for a while, like 2 months and maybe around month 6 I never felt better in my life. All manual manipulation, not that fucking clicker. Was always dealing with back, neck and all over pain. Continued going for years to the point of once every other week. Then the guy left, was replaced with a woman who had great Booba but just didn't have the technique or the strength the first guy had. Decided to buy a teeter and the chiro just did less and less manipulation (she wasn't really don't much anyway) on my back. So I stopped going to the chiro and get on the teeter every day or other day, or multiple times if I'm hanging drywall by myself or something stupid. I feel better in my 30s than my 20s.

Op should find a chiro to get the initial problem fixed and teeter after it starts to heal. To know when you get a good chiro, you should get off the table and feel elated, or like you're walking on air. All is right with the world and you go buy a fucking milkshake because fuck it why not. That's what a good chiro session feels like.

Good luck op
A month or two of physical therapy would have fixed up right up with proper exercises.

Instead you got raped by the Chiros over a huge period of time, AND you are sitting here still telling OP to go to one?
File: feet and back.jpg (18 KB, 236x386)
18 KB
>lower back pain



most back problems come from bad ie weak feet, think about it you stand on your feet and most people have weak feet, that causes bad back.

do feet strenghtening exercise to cure your condition
Look up the McKenzie rehab method. When the pain subsides you want to check your posture and strengthen weak muscle groups that could be causing imbalance.
Some relief can be had by lying flat on your back on a flat surface like the floor for 30 mins at a time.
When I had some sort of compressed nerve issue this actually resolved it after 4 months

Pre-face: been dealing with lower back pain for years. And today it's felt better than ever.

Went to a Chiro a few times. I've been to a regular doctor who just gave me pills; anti-inflammatories, cordico steroids to suppress my immune system, and non-opiod pain relievers.

The alignment helped. It loosened everything up pretty bad, and the next few days I just wanted to lay flat on my back.

Moving around felt like I was going to sever my own spinal cord. I could hear my disc tissues in my inner ear any time I moved.

Chiro did put some electro-stimulation pads on my lower back. TURNS OUT I had very little lower back muscle to keep my posture and discs where they needed to be.

I did a lot of visits, once a week he recommended.

Ive stopped going since the covid-19 jazz.

So here's what I've been doing at home/at work. In the beginning I could lay down, tighten/flex my lower back and I could feel pain in certain areas. Some more than others. Eventually I could slowly flex my posterior chain and feel a disc pop and pain would subside.

I consciously flex and hold those muscles throughout my day, everytime I walk or move, sit stand or lay, sleep. It's become a way of life to try and actively work these muscles.

I'm to the point now where I can bend at the waist and work on stretching my back, ham strings, calves and feet with nearly no pain. At my worst I could barely walk or sleep without pain shooting from my back to my foot. Nothing like waking up with a foot and calf cramp like no one's business.

1 of my discs is compressed, so some pain will be apart of my life. I work with a bunch of old dudes who've had the steriod shots, and surgeries. So I'm gonna do anything in my power to avoid that BS last resort.

Tldr; get all alignment. Build your lower back muscles, stretch your lower half, eat healthier.

Pills wont fix the problem, they'll just make it not hurt to get you through your day. Eventually you will build a tolerance.
You starting to notice a pattern here with the chiropractor people yet?

Knee pain comes from your feet too
File: piriformis+syndrome.jpg (257 KB, 1920x2715)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I'm a physician. And I had back pain that would out me on my ass for days. I once 'threw my back out' and for days was able to even stand for longer than a half our. Even as a doctor I thought it was a herniated disc.

I was 35. I'm not obese or in terrible shape. I lift weights and I watch my form.

So I went to a chiropractor (because in my training I knew that seeing a doctor would be pretty pointless). And the chiropractor seemed like not a total scoundrel or idiot (80% fall into at least one of those categories). And he popped some stuff and put me in a machine that knead me like a piece of dough.

But that didn't really help.

So, I smoked some weed, and stretched in all the ways my body could move. For like an hour and a half I just wiggled around, trying to figure out how to reproduce the pain.
And then once I found the area, I went to my anatomy book (well, an anatomy app I purchased for med school) and found the muscles around that area. And that's when I saw this bitch of a muscle. It was the culprit, I looked up piriformis muscle spasm and I found out it is a not too widely known syndrome.

I looked up how to do a piriformis stretch, and I did it daily for a few weeks.

And then it went away, and it's been a few years now. I still stretch it about once a week for a few minutes.

So, why the story? Because I think it shows the problems and solution to back pain. The problem is that it can be caused by a million different things, and it almost always looks the same regardless of the cause. Unless your doctor finds something on imaging, he isn't going to be able to help you find the solution.

My advice is do what I did. Really listen to your body, reproduce the pain, figure out what muscle that is, and stretch it way, way more than you think you need to.

I did a physical therapist. They told me to lay on my stomach and push myself up. Kinda like a weak AF push-up.

Gave me some other things to help move things around a little. Offered aquatic therapy for more money. That was only offered during the times I had to be at work.

The adjustments help, so did the electro-stimulation. But ultimately it was me having to stretch and activate my muscles.

I'm stubborn AF. And me showing up to an appointment helped keep me on a track of trying to fix a problem.

Also the receptionist was hot as fuck and flirted with me. It's like 20$ a visit. I've wasted money on stupider shit.

One dude told me to get an MRI of the lower lumbar no dye. I call me insurance, they give me a list of different places that take my insurance, I call each one up, at the same price. $179.

Picked a place, make the appointment show up and the lady says 'this is gonna cost $2000' I say 'im sorry what? Can I see that?'

I walk right the fuck out of that mother fucker.

This dude sounds pretty close to where I'm at. And with a good solution as well.
>in my training I knew that seeing a doctor would be pretty pointless
True, a General Practitioner has no clue how to deal with your bad back, they just refer people to specialists for things out of their scope.

Now if only there was a type of specialist doctor who would know all about anatomy and muscles, and could figure out those stretches and exercises you need to do to rehabilitate people with injuries.
I wonder why they just dont exist anon, it seems so logical.

I wonder what they would call such elusive doctors, who do physical work in a therapeutic manner!
Surgery gets better every year and I should have had my C3/4 fusion much earlier. Old dudes will generally have had surgery long ago. I agree with putting it off BUT I waited too long and the nerve impingement did permanent nerve damage.
Fun fact, it's hard to differentiate pain and my worn shoulder joint pain overlapped my impingement pain. The joint replacement worked perfectly but I take care of it and being a mechanic am able to lift anything without straining my body.

Tip for everyone, learn creative ways to lift and move everything early on. Study rigging. Acquire and get good with lifting and pulling gear, jacks, hoists and more. Learn to stop and do it right instead of heaving or you will damage yourself sooner or later.

Pills don't fix problems but many simply cannot be fixed so know the effects of each and use them wisely so you don't have tolerance issues. Chronic pain causes sleep deprivation and pain pills are NOT sleep aids. Cannabis at night helps me greatly and doesn't leave me groggy next day like muscle relaxers but those also have a place.

Everything will get inexorably worse over time.
I was prescribed a short run of muscle relaxers. I didnt want to take them because the pain was manageable just sitting around.
But once I started physical therapy, I was crying and the pain was unbearable.

I took them to soften the pain early on in PT, and they did wonders.
Getting your atrophied and stiff muscles moving again is hell.
The receptionist has no clue how much stuff is going to cost after going through your insurance anon
You refused because of a receptionist, then refused to get rescheduled somewhere else?

How long are you going to continue living in pain instead of getting real help?
Is it all about money to you? Are you going to just live in pain for the rest of your life?
Guess what a PT would do for OP... He'd have him move all around, note where he can't quite make it all the way, then he'd write out goals such as:

>Achieve full range of motion blah blah

And he'd pass him off to the PTA with MAYBE a few exercises listed, then they'd work with him exactly as much as insurance will pay for, not a minute longer. This might help, or it might not. PT's aren't pain docs.

t. First wife was a PTA
Yeah, a PT would pinpoint proper stretches and exercises to regain a full range of motion and strengthen the muscles around the damage OP has.
Thats literally the point. Its not hard, it doesnt take forever, you learn what you need to learn and get out after maybe 6-8 sessions.
You follow the exercises on your own for the next 6-8 months and see if you improve to where life is managable. If you DONT, you go back and start looking into imaging and surgery and other treatments.

Its not a scam like a chiropractor who keeps you coming in twice a week for years. Its very cut and dried

We get it, not only are you "stubborn" you are smarter than everyone else.
You can downplay it all you want because >muh insurance >muh wife >muh chiropractor

But other people might actually want to heal themselves, not limp along for years in pain because of how smart and above it all they are.
Chiropractors prey on people like you
Who are you even responding to? I haven't said a single word about chiropractors. I said seeing a PT might help, but it might not, and they aren't pain specialists. Are you projecting with all that about being stubborn and superior or what?
>Knee pain comes from your feet too

and hip pain as well. Weak feet is a very small problem that is easy to fix but if left untreat it causes a lot of issues

>The problem is that it can be caused by a million different things

THIS! What I hate the most about going to basic doctors is that they never ever tell you that they dont know what it is but when they dont know just tell you some bs and prescribe pain pills

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