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File: Table legs.jpg (58 KB, 794x587)
58 KB
What's some shit I can make and sell locally while in lockdown? I saw this online for AU$225/US$160. I'm mostly a woodworker but I can weld perfectly fine if I use my grinder.
I also noticed people are hammering for exercise equipment. Dip stations, push up bars would be easy to churn out, I just don't want to be sued if they do something stupid with it and blame me.
Is it better to make small things like a succulent pot made from concrete or something like larger metal dining table legs? I'm leaning towards larger since I'm only one guy but I need more information.
File: dip station.jpg (65 KB, 376x500)
65 KB
Going to post pics of some ideas I come across.
File: Mountains.jpg (38 KB, 570x570)
38 KB
Something much smaller.
File: Push up bar.jpg (60 KB, 1000x1000)
60 KB
Personally I'd be pretty leery of buying homemade exercise equipment, especially wooden. I'm not sure I'd trust the table legs, either. For all I know you don't know shit about fuck and anything you've made will fall apart after a week.
Suggest shit to make and sell and stop being a concern troll.
you can make mountains of sodium hydroxide and sell online. baking soda cooked in over dry on cooking sheet at 350 for 1 hour then take clam or oyster shells and super heat in earthen kiln to make calcium oxide from the calcium carbonate then take the shells and put some distilled water over them and crush them up and let sit so they can disolve in solution. pour off fluid into container estimate its concentration by volume of space of water added vs shells

optional : crystalize it through reduction on the stove in a stainless steel pot at low low heat then when its getting to the point its super saturated because the bubbles have a skin you take it off the heat and let cool slowly and then when at room temperature put into fridge and wait 24 hours. crystalized sodium hydroxide is a industry standard for distribution and companies normally would have the edge but you arent using electricity to make it and shells are a waste product from sea food you could eat normally

sound complicated but its not many steps. earthen kiln can be made with grass clippings and mud and doesnt even need to be waist height.
you cant sell shit like this

make large items if you want to sellt hings
File: Mountain Painting.jpg (34 KB, 570x428)
34 KB
What if it were used as part of something larger like this? What are some other large items?
That looks like shit
Weld fine if I use my grinder? What the fuck are you talking about? I think what your trying to say is you can't weld a bead to save your fucking life. But ya sure can squirt metal and smooth it back down. Here's a tip. Get good at welding and leave the welds the fuck alone. Industrial is industrial. Don't waste time with the grinder making shit perfect and smooth unless you get a request for it. Then charge double for the extra time.
File: Candle Holder.jpg (209 KB, 1006x1500)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Bump. Post bigger stuff to make and sell.
Look at old pictures from the 1950s-1960s. Find unique things in them you can make. Sell them on etsy as "midcentury modern decor". Millenials are paying a shitload of money for this crap right now for some reason.
Something like this? It's so weird, why are the drawers floating anyway?
Doesn't even have to be as elaborate as furniture. Could be wall hangings, drink coasters, simple wall shelves, table decorations. Look at hundreds of old pictures and something is sure to pop up that resonates. Or if you dont mind stealing somebody elses idea just search etsy for midcentury modern decor
I’ve been making $500 a day building picnic tables for local restaurants who are forced by the government to operate on patio only. It’s super simple and cheap as fuck to make and all these establishments are willing to pay big bucks for 8 or more tables ASAP
File: 1596173719376.jpg (78 KB, 720x415)
78 KB
Function follows form, it seems. See how that thing sags in the middle? It was designed by someone that has seen furniture but not had much experience in making it. It was made by an artist, not a craftsman.

That horizontal support is oriented with its long side horizontal. You only make something like that if you don't expect it to hold weight because it is much less stiff in that orientation. Basically, like that, it is only good at keeping the legs from splaying outward. And why is it in the middle? How are you gonna get your legs in there? Then you have the top. It is a slab top but very thin with no frame. That is the main reason it is sagging. It has no structure to keep it from bending. Like cheap bookshelves. They hung those drawers from it and supported the left side of them using the two weakest points in the top and the horizontal support.

Put a frame under that tabletop and it won't sag. Move that horizontal support to the back of the unit to get more legroom and orient the long side up and down.
File: Mid-century desk.jpg (415 KB, 1657x698)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Yeah, but it's got to be something big and different so I'm not competing with a factory that's using a cnc. Would something like this actually sell within a month? Are the prices on etsy really high or do my bearings need to be adjusted?

Great idea. I've made a few in the past.

Nice catch. Thanks.
The midcentury/teak/danish design/80’s will blow up even more in the following years, so if you go that road, you‘ll be set.
I‘d suggest chairs. Pic related would sell easily.
You have to capitalize on the „local, handmade, unique art piece“ aspect and you could make a lot of money.
Computer desks since everybody is working from home
Wouldn't everyone have already gone out and bought something cheap by now so they can get back to work quickly?
countless, countless people working on dining room tables right now bro. no everyone does not immediately buy furniture.
Absolutely based analysis.
God that looks uncomfortable and annoying to own, but then again I am a jaded fuck and frankly, if it sells then who cares.
>it's got to be something big and different so I'm not competing with a factory that's using a cnc
That's why I'm saying to find unique things. Things that nobody is mass producing via cnc. Small=less material cost, no huge shipping bill, less likely to have shipping damage. Hipsters like having unique artisan pieces, this shit sells.
I'd say wooden cooking utensils and the like, most of it can be cut pretty easily, then it just needs to be planed down and sanded. Shit like wooden spoons and spatulas and items akin to it. if you can get your hands on some hardwood making a cutting board and treating it wouldnt be hard, and sell that shit online as "artisan"
I had a buddy who was out of work last year, so I recommended that he look into making some custom dog crates. We knew someone who ran a rescue, so I told him to make one, brand it, donate it, and let them raffle it off to build some sales. He didn't do it because he's a slacker. This is one from etsy that's listed at $1,250. https://www.etsy.com/listing/602099443/sgl-lg-dog-kennel-furniture-dog-crate
File: Money money money Muhney.jpg (453 KB, 1505x1208)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
That looks just like what kikes on ebay have been doing for 20 years: lobbing some random cheap junk item in with what people actually want to buy.
Made to order chicken coops and dog houses are a thing where I am. Make one to be an example of your work and take pictures of it. Sell it and then after that you don't have to keep an inventory. Just build them as people order them. You can even lure people in with the option of choosing paint/roofing colors or to have a name stenciled on it. For additional cost to the customer, you could do names using wood letters from hobby lobby.

You could also do yard sales. I had a friend that would go on fb market place and buy a bunch of inexpensive stuff or get the curbside alert stuff on craigslist. Then on Saturdays, he had a yardsale every week with all the stuff he had accumulated. He said it was a lot of hustle, but worth it for some extra cash.
File: 1551301103340.png (701 KB, 1470x972)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
These are selling like hotcakes, soccer moms are afraid that router waves are gonna give them cancer, so this solves a big issue and people feel safer
What are they for, anyway, transport?
Is dog crate just another name for indoor kennel? I can't really tell the difference but I can't imagine making a little metal cage a permanent home for a pet.

Good ideas, made to order is something I always forget about.

That's scummy and I'm not interested.
The floating drawers is an old mid century danish thing, partially aesthetic, but fairly handy, you get a shelf thrown in for free.

>Put a frame under that tabletop and it won't sag.
It does not actually need a frame, just needs the drawer unit treated as the leg, not actually floating. It is an old Danish mid century thing, Pic related is fairly well constructed modern take on the old Danish design, could not find a pic of the original, which is far more pleasing to the eye and lacks the brace to the left legs. Can not recall exactly how they worked the left legs on the old one, been over a decade since I have seen one.
Honestly it sounds like you are wanting cheap and easy ways to make money. Look into "white label" products. You pick out something that isn't branded and then resell it with your matketing and labels. Ever notice that there are some things on amazon that look EXACTLY the same, but slightly different prices and sold by different people? Those are likely white label products that come from the same manufacturer. Coupled with amazon prime means you don't have to keep the product on hand. It gets stored in the amazon warehouse in order to make 2-day shipping possible. Depending on the products you choose, it probably won't be super productive at first, bit once you get it started it will basically be a passive income.
Repair old free wooden furniture people put out on the curb and sell it
>you get a shelf thrown in for free
Makes sense. That one looks a lot nicer but I don't have a lathe for the legs so I'd have to use metal pipes like the other pic or large dowels.

I have the option of taking welfare or doing this while in lockdown.

I wish they existed in my area but I've only ever seen IKEA tier crap.
File: danish table 3.jpg (43 KB, 465x559)
43 KB
>don't have a lathe
A good amount of the mid century stuff can not actually be done on a lathe, or not easily, like the left legs on that desk. Often times, even when they look round, closer inspection shows a much more complex shape, Mostly spoke shave and scraper work, which is very quick for complex shapes, quite slow for round. The Danish really loved the spoke shave.
File: 20200805202110.jpg (76 KB, 967x430)
76 KB
He could just make spoke shaves with ~wooden handles~
Sure, but it is a small and crowded market. Most people are perfectly happy with the cheap all metal sort.

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