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File: FXPHWXDIDK8E9YF.LARGE.jpg (200 KB, 1024x683)
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Any e skate builders here?
File: 20190612_095839.jpg (630 KB, 2172x3862)
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Never built but here are a couple of the home built abominations i've found on fb
File: 20190612_101122.jpg (909 KB, 2172x3862)
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File: IMG_20180917_223848.jpg (3.74 MB, 4608x3456)
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Kind of...
Nah. Am fat and too old and uncoordinated to get hirt doing kid shit these days. Lol.

I know basics of the electronics and pack building tho. You thinking of building one, buying one, putting a kit together?

Don't listen to these fucking jelly faggots op. I just wish eboards were around when i was a kid. I had one for a short stint. Was handy as fuck! Kinda heavy but with lithium packs now i bet they are great
Don't let that stop you. I'm at the half century mark and I'm either building an overpowered drift trike or an overpowered go kart. IDGAF what the neighbors think :P Not electric tho... I like gasoline engines.
>Don't let that stop you. I'm at the half century mark and I'm either building an overpowered drift trike or an overpowered go kart. IDGAF what the neighbors think :P Not electric tho... I like gasoline engines.

Predator engine? I'm always amused by the various uses people have for them
File: 20181225_160630.jpg (549 KB, 2896x2896)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
I build.

12s4p 30q
Focbox Unity
Hummie Motors
Gt2b Master Cho Mod Remote
Hummie motors are the best. He should be releasing them to the general public soon
Just built my first e board

Bonzing boomer deck
Caliber ii trucks
Vesc 4.12
Hobbysky 6374 190 kv motor
Got those knockoff 83mm flywheels from china, they reeked of cigarettes like they were stored in an ash tray as soon as i opened the plastic. Been riding on them for a week and they still smell like cigarettes
12mm belt
36/16 tooth pulleys
10s3p battery
And i got a cheap rc car transmitter that seems to work well enough
Is there enough people into this for a general? I imagine it could encompass e bikes and scooters as well
>I imagine it could encompass e bikes and scooters as well

ebikes and scooters sorta make sense, from the lazy amerilard perspective, but why fuck up a skateboard with worthless motors?
Because it is rly fun and I can go uphill
File: um.jpg (1.11 MB, 3292x1824)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
here's mine. getting batteries shipped to an island is hard
No, that isn't overpowered enough. I'd prefer an insane sport bike engine powered shifter kart, but I will probably end up using either a 125cc pit bike engine, or borrowing a 29HP 400cc twin off an old motorcycle I'm restoring.
Are you riding with the car battery? Does it work?
File: yyyyyyy.jpg (1019 KB, 3504x1468)
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1019 KB JPG
i did for a few days but the top speed wasn't impressive since the car battery only puts out 11-13v. my current setup is just a bit more refined and gives me 20v at max charge so it gets around 30kmh. the batteries are connected in parallel since i don't want to blow the battery controllers for now but i have plans to extract the cells and make an actual power bank that doesn't look like a bomb
are there any plans for a system with 4wd regenerative braking which has a large capacitor capable of 10-100A at 20-200V wired in parallel with a 6-90V battery via a dpst switch that simultaneously removes the battery pack from the circuit and introduces the capacitor such that if you are going to drag race someone, you can get up to 30 mph on the battery, then rapidly decelerate as you approach the start line of the race, thereby charging the capacitor, then engage the switch to start the race off running on the capacitor until you lose acceleration then flip over to the 6-90V battery to finish the race with for the win. If you come across anything like that please post it here because I have a pending patent application and this right here is my prior art so if it hasn't been discussed yet, I may need to use example as evidence in court.
Why not build it yourself?
Longboarding is WRONGboarding. Get a real skateboard and exercise
fuc u i'll put a motor on a skateboard too
I am it just takes a while. trying to prevent the chinese cause they are fast workers.
Four wheel drive, one motor per wheel, use Miata wheels. It's not diy enough unless you can someday get it licensed .
>someday get it liscensed

Get on cl and fb and find you a junk ass crashed to shit motorcycle frame with a clean title. In my state you don't have to have an inspection if you bought it within the state. This is how i am building a street legal drift cooler trike. Frame was $50. Was a 200cc moped but since it's over 49cc it's actually manufactured and titled as a motorcycle.

$50 got me a big front tire with disk brakes, vin plate, handle bars and all controls, and a shitty headlight and blinkers.

Money well spent my bros.
What motor are you using for it?
Ever heard of options to change voltage? Step up converter.
This is a pipe dream my dude. This isn't a good feature. You would knock yourself off the board. Also, if you can't design these electronics yourself or have a ton of money laying around, you won't ever. I'm pursuing a project and I'm going to EE just to learn my way around it.

Easier solution: Get a good job, save all of your disposable income, prototype parts you can buy in bulk for $uper cheap, and sell these online or through any small shop that would take them at a discount.

The business model is shit because it's a niche, already saturated, limited to online marketing only, requires huge startup money, and you can't do it much cheaper if at all.

Best bet is to make sweet engraved decks and do the regular old electric skateboard.
Will I be able to use only one motor for a build? I've heard of people doing it but it seems like it would make you go in circles if only one wheel is driving the board
>pipe dream
>saturated market
>must be tons rich to basic
>online only

Read before you post, no one cares about your nihilism
i hadn't considered it. sounds awesome since nothing beats a used car battery in terms of cost

i'm currently running on only one motor and the only time i notice it is when i lean too hard and the driven wheel starts doing a burnout. it also feels like you're surfing when driving over loose terrain

Im building a shifter kart right now. I have a wrecked 1989 gse500 for the motor. 40HP and 5 gears? Hell yeh bruthur
have you noticed excessive wear on your drive wheel?

also how is the torque compared to a dual drive setup? is it unable to climb hills?

also how does it affect the mileage you will get on a single charge?

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