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File: preview.png (3.09 MB, 1341x1200)
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>What i wanna do
Create a shiny/holographic collection cards for my cousin. Think of turning the upper left pic into the bottom right one, with a background like we know it from old trading cards. See the YuGiOh and Magic card as reference.

>What's the problem
There seems to be a lot of different solutions to do this, but not really an automatable method, or at least none that glows a bulb on how they likely produced these cards in the printers. Most people seem to use an acetone method like in this video for example.
This seems to be a pretty straightforward method to create an effect like top right corner with a simple rainbow foil material. However for my own curiosity I'm rather interested in recreating an "textured" effect like the super rare YuGiOh cards had, see top middle.
Would be my best bet to just get some YuGiOh/Pokemon/Magic foils from aliexpress or are there ways to do this at home too?

>Indepth problems
What would be the best paper for this? I'm thinking of at least A/B grade white on something at least 130g/m2.
How to recreate the shiny lettering? Now this isn't part of the project, just a some general thoughts about it. I thought about stamping through some foil, but seems a bit wasteful. Given how tight the printing industry is from my experience, i find it hard to believe that they ramped 70% of foil sheets just for lettering..

I have around two months time for that, so the only real challenge here would be, if necessary, to order stuff from aliexpress in time. Cheers!
>or at least none that glows a bulb on how they likely produced these cards in the printers. Most people seem to use an acetone method like in this video for example.
So that's the hint as to how they made these in the first place: it's printed onto the inside layer of a transparent plastic sheet, stuck to the substrate (the multilayered card), then cut out. There may be some variation to this, like with MtG cards the substrate is made of several layers of thin translucent card glued together with blue glue (the blue things you see if you tear it), so they might do the backs and the fronts like this and then glue them together and do one final trim.

The acetone method dissolves the plastic that was printed on, that's why you end up with a blank card. The lettering is just areas with no ink and you're seeing the foil backing, foil cards just have a shiny "foil" substrate instead of plain card. The "hologram" in the middle, however, is pressed in.
Oh, and for the textured effect it's likely a pattern put into the foil, you can either order it patterned or you can use a heated stamp/roller, but it's pretty specialised and likely expensive equipment.
File: SNSDfilter.png (225 KB, 400x275)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Yeah, after a day of resource collecting the printing on the foil directly seems the way to go. Finding a local printer with a proper white printing machine seems like the easiest solution. Now there's basically just left if find some 350gsm paper with foil already on it or if i just buy adhesive and combine it myself. A heated stamp seems cool, but i likely won't get the tools for that, nor do i see really the point of it on paper if i can just use adhesive foil and press it a bit against the paper to make it "disappear". Probably a lot more suitable if i'd use some kind of cloth material.

Besides choosing a patterned foil, some filtering on the image itself seems to be not unimportant as well. At least to give a result like the YuGiOh card i had in mind. Pic related was my first try on such. Not very happy with it, interesting nonetheless.
File: SNSDfilter2.png (262 KB, 400x275)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
Better result of a filter.
Considering how out of alignment the different parts of the card can be, esp MtG cards, I think you're overthinking it. The ink you're using is probs not opaque/thick enough.
What's the fun in diy if i'm not overthinking it?
Printer isn't a problem, i found some local who can print on foil in a good quality. So the final plan is now to print on foil and paper separately, cut out the foil pictures with an ID picture puncher, glue them per adhesive bottom and slightly coat it for protection and avoid ugly corners. So for now it's just editing the models and if i have enough on monday, i'll bring it all to the print shop. I'll post some results if the thread survives till then/someone else shows interest.

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