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I'm looking to start a small painting business in Canada. Maybe just painting a room or two in people's houses.

If I post an ad on kijiji or craigslist or whatever, would I constantly be in business?
How lucrative is this?
Is there a lot of work painting people's rooms?

Would I be able to work 5 days a week, maybe do someone's house every day/2 days?
Do you have a leaf loicense for that? Seriously cuckanada will take you to court and give your possessions to migrants if you operate an unlicensed business.
Contractor here. Painting can make you some money if you are efficient. It's like any trade, really. Im in the northeast US and charge $3/sq ft plus paint cost for primer and 2 layers topcoat.
Do you constantly get business?

Could I get constant business simply from posting an ad in my area?
I'm on the border between the US and Leafistan and I know a young guy (early 30s) who bought a mansion with the money he made from his painting business. Of course it wasn't just him, he has probably 10 employees or more but he just got in good with the apartment management companies in town so he has painters turning units every day all day. Pretty lucrative, actually, if you develop a solid reputation for literally showing up on time every time and just doing a good job.
I just want to start a small one man operation and work for cash.
I'm trying to figure out if I can do it on kijiji ads alone.
I worked for a fella in Alberta who did this sort of thing. Did all of his business through facebook and word of mouth. If you do a good job and have reasonable prices you will do fine. All of the guys he needed were hired as contractors so no WCB, EI, etc. We did a lot more outside painting than indoor. Most indoor stuff was finishing up from drywalling jobs.

Also, don’t undercut yourself. Compete on a balance of service, quality, and price.
One of the jobs we did was a porch, deck, and some fence. Previous guy charged $400 for it. We did $1200 or so. There was a reason the previous paint job looked like some sort of camo after a year.

Also with Kijiji the people are pseudoanonymous and don't risk their reputations if they flake out or scam you. There are a lot of competitors on Kijiji too.
Better do a damned good job. In burgerland u better have insurance. Learn to patch small drywall and plaster and whatever kind of leafs you use up there.
Get a stack of color charts from all main local businesses and put them in a few binders. Let the homeowners pick. Then when it's a shade off tell them thats the fucking color and youll be happy to repaint for a smaller fee. Or if it's half a wall just paint it and take the hit.
If yall run ventless blue flames or gas stoves it will smell like a gas leak for like 3 weeks for some reason while it cures all of the way. 1 gallon of Killz os worth a pallet load of cheap shit paint.
Find the "in" colors everyone is painting their mcmansions.
Get business cards and website and social media etc...
Soon as you can get uniforms. Even the cheapest dickies and button T shirt with color is fine.
If you are young you might have your mom or dad or whoever "own" the company and take phone calls. This will give you a little more credibility and lassive agressive soccer moms will call and bitch them out while smiling at you. For some shit you did. Then you can fix it without that awkward scene they make. Be sure and try to get on better business beuro and angies list and shit if yall have that.
Get car magnets for semi pro car look. If you have enough line put the fucking compressor in your car and run coords to the house unless airless lithium sprayers exist. Been out of the game a minute. Lol.

At minimum get that 1mill insureance and get bonded. Down here that's the bare minimum most look for. The last thing you need is some drunk faggot falling off a ladder in a blue state or whatever and you having to lose everything forever because of it.

Other than that good luck. Be on time. Keep the closest you can to your set hours and give them the option of weekends.
Get a few books on business plans, how to run a business, business taxes, get a CPA and at least find an attorney probably you can call.
Fuck man. Whats a standard culdesac teir 3 bed 2 bath bring?
It's truly sad how the best we can hope for is just an honest job done anymore. People used to take pride in what they did.
Downside of my beloved capitalism i guess. Cheaper labor faster turnover.
I assume you know how to paint but are you any good at it? Pros typically don't run cash business you scrub. Also painting is so simple it's one of the only things homeowners actually do for ... ok thanks 4chan ad for blocking me
If you're good at it you can make a lot of money. You'll need several hundred worth of tools and drop sheets and spackle any deficiencies and shit. The painter I use charges $50/hr and that includes his helper who likely makes less than $15/hr . This is in southwestern ontario. But this guy is a phenomenal cutter. If you haven't painted much I doubt you understand how much practice/skill it takes to cut properly
Ya probably but kijiji fags always bitch out when it comes time to pay.
>hold on, it isnt worth that
After you did the work.

Do you know any contractors? Yous have better luck with them
Fuck that. Money up front. Once you build a name for yourself and find contractors like this guy says then youll be good to roll op
>Fuck that. Money up front
You've never contracted before have you? You can ask for deposits but collecting is up to you. This is why I hate residential work. Sub contracting is the way to go but you're still looking at net 30 terms usually. And if you're that guy begging for advances before payday you put yourself in a position to be taken advantage of.

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