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File: udmurt-girl.jpg (40 KB, 400x600)
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This necklace thing from coins, how it is made? What holds the coins together and in place?
holy shit dude are you retarded

File: udmurt-girl2.jpg (480 KB, 1024x683)
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>are you retarded
I want to know how it is actually made. If an ethnic Udmurt could explain it it would be great.
>ethnic Udmurt
what the fuck did the glow nigger mean by this
why do they want to track these russians now?
Udmurts are not Russians dumbass.
I don't think you have the prayer and crafting levels to craft this necklace.
They aren't just 'made like that'.
They are heirlooms handed down to following generations.
Each generation is expected to add to it for their daughter's marriage.
>take sheet metal
>>if you don't have sheet metal, hammer metal until it's sheet
>punch a pattern into it
>drill/punch hole
>put thread through hole
>tie to clothing
So they're just made like that... Over time.
File: movie_main__941_0.jpg (64 KB, 639x480)
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We have similar stuff here in Bulgaria and I suppose the Balkans in general
File: 1.jpg (74 KB, 615x487)
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You could try soldering a metal loop to the coin so it looks like pic related. Afterwards you can simply attach it to a chain using a metal link. If you dont have a chain, you can use 2-3 strings braided together and pass the link throught the loops in the braid.
for god's sake just punch a fucking hole and put wire through it
File: udmurt-necklace2.jpg (116 KB, 448x625)
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I did it and it didn't look correct. But now I see that there must be a piece of cloth underneath that the coins are sewn onto like on pic related.
File: duckduckgo.png (127 KB, 799x796)
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>there must be a piece of cloth underneath that the coins are sewn onto like on pic related.

search: Udmurt coin neclace
click on obvious link

> ...the bride would wear coins, usually attached to a piece of leather or cloth, around her neck to protect her chest. This was passed down from generation to generation, usually with coins from each generation attached to the necklace. The bride would also cover her head in a special headdress covered in coins that usually arched above her head...

>usually attached to a piece of leather or cloth

Have you heard of search engines?
They basically are
They're not even Slavic.
hot glue
It's also bulgarian costume, must be something tataric
Why do you need that tho? Are you goin to larp a uralic bride for your husband?
they basically are
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