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File: FEPFJ2XISCAQ7NI.LARGE.jpg (72 KB, 576x568)
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Trying to find a neon light transformer i can use to do wood burning patter in wood. Seems like most nowadays have gfci and possibly other protections that would disrupt the device from working. How hard would it be to bypass the circuit protection in a simple 12kv neon sign transformer? Or Is there a specialized device I can buy where I won't have to worry about circuit protections. Inb4 microwave transformer, the voltage is too low and won't give me the patterns I want
stupid and straight off etsy
This is what I'm looking at, some reviewers are saying they can get it to work, others are saying nothing happens, and some are saying it's finicky due to the built it gfci protection in the unit
This isn't helpful
Thank you for the feedback, and we're sorry to hear that. Our staff members are working hard to make the service better.
By what the reviews say, I wouldn't get one. Keep looking.
Report back if you find anything. You can take out the gfci circuitry depending on what you're doing, but I'm interested in what common transformers are out there for projects.
Thats the thing I can't find an actual litchenberg machine, as in a high voltage low amperage transformer designed for this purpose, the only options seems to be microwave transformer (2000v) or neon light transformers which have higher voltage which people say gives more detailed patterns in the wood but the neon transformers seem to have protections which make them tricky or impossible to work with depending on how sensitive the protection
Thank you very much kind sr
I think the Prius inverter/converters have a high voltage transformer in them. Gen 2s are scrap p much, you'd be able to pick one up for scrap value or less.
I will find you
Stinky butt
The three most common power sources for diy woodburning are, in order of increasing voltage and decreasing amperage, microwave transformers, neon sign transformers, and oil furnace igniters. Your microwave transformer runs about 2k volts, neon sign 12k volts, and oil igniters vary but anywhere from 20-35k volts. All 3 will give different results on differing resistances of wood, based on species, moisture content, what electrolyte you're using, length of burn, etc. They're all fairly cheap so i'd suggest you try them yourself to see which one works best for your application.

And if you're not familiar with working around high voltage, either buy a pair of linesmans gloves or only use one hand (so it doesn't go through your chest, and heart, on the way through both arms). Either use a deadmans switch or dont energize it until you're completely clear. It'll arc almost an inch and if it hits you in the chest it can and probably will kill you. These will only draw a fraction of an amp but thats all it takes.

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