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So, I acquired some linoleum and some carvers because I plan to create some patterns to decorate my room and some other things, meaning I won't (for the most part) be printing on paper.
My question is: If I want to be printing on other surfaces then what kind of paint should I use, and more importantly, does it matter?
I want to decorate a piece of spray-painted wood, so I don't think regular xylography ink will do. Can I use acrylic? or will that screw everything up? what other paints/inks do you suggest.

Pic related: not what I want to do.
>does it matter?
maybe, you gotta check the surface carefully, is it rough? it should be paper like, or else the ink will behave oddly, linoleum ink is light, if you use another ink you could impregnate the cuts and therefore fuck your shit up
Acrylic should be fine, just make sure you're not printing to thick, so you'd get bleeding lines or smearing.
Great, thanks! I'll be sure to spread it really thin, I just need the paint to stay.

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