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Any series / books that revolve around basically DIY in medieval times?

I want to learn to do all sorts of shit without electricity. Dig a well, make a forge, etc
theres a youtube series of a guy who does primitive stuff. Dont remember the name of it but its someting like primitive technology or something. I think he wears a leaf.
Not medieval but you might try survivor library
You probably were talking about this guy
thats the dude
Not medieval but the Foxfire books have a large amount of pertinent info.
File: energizer_bunny.jpg (30 KB, 282x397)
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I think a great youtube series would duplicate Maxwell's achievement starting with Faraday, Ampere, Coulomb, etc., and doing their experiments with crude instruments and homemade equipment like they had, measuring amperes and flux and such when nobody had ever heard of an "amp", much less owned an ammeter, and you powered your stuff with the most godawful batteries imaginable.

And consider the math at the time. All done by hand. How the fuck did Maxwell conclude that electromagnetism could propagate as a wave at the speed of light? That part is incredible to me.
So go do it. I'd watch.
Bless you for reminding me this guy existed. Eric Sloane, "our vanishing landscape" and a few others.
Not medieval, but pre-electricity.
Off the top of my head I think it was because he found that the equations describing electromagnetism satisfied the wave equation, ergo electromagnetism had to be a wave.
There's a great BBC series called "Secrets of the Castle", about guedelon castle which is currently being built using period techniques. They go over stone masonry, blacksmithing, food, clothing, rope making, and weaponry. it's a good watch.
The only BBC I like isn't allowed on tv
then you don't get to learn the secrets of the castle.
casual observer here
you're funny
was it cause he was paid to do it at a university?
Caveman Chemistry
Came here to post this.
Good man, beat me to it.

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