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File: tha timbs.jpg (34 KB, 544x544)
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Hey /diy/, not sure if this is the correct place to ask this but I figured it's the best option.

I got a job in a factory recently and spend eight hours a day mostly standing at a machine, pushing buttons and loading billets. My feet are fucking killing me, and I think it's my boots to blame; my posture is very good and I'm in pretty decent shape. I need steel toe and slip resistant, and I've had the set I own now for a few years and got em cause they were cheap.

TLDR: What're the most comfortable oil-resistant steel toe boots, budget of no more than $180?
Redbacks or hytest
Get better insoles. So many are just thin junk with no real support. The Dr Scholls machines that scan your feet are pretty nice if you can find one in your area.
>What're the most comfortable oil-resistant steel toe boots, budget of no more than $180?

It wholly depends on your knee structure and gait.
Go and try a bunch out at a boot store.

Meme or not, I bought redwings because I found a pair that fit me well. I stand on concrete 8 hours a day and my feet dont hurt.
I am not REQUIRED to have steel toes, even though its greatly encouraged. I wore my Aisics tennis shoes for several months because they were more comfortable when I am out and about but they just fucking killed me at work.

Being properly fitted matters most though
Anon, dont waste money on cheap boots, you will always be disappointed, go all out. If you are working in a factory you are standing all day, So get the best you can. its a one time investment. I have a pair of pro timbs like the one in your pic, with 70$ insoles. After about a week you get used to the weight and its like walking on fucking clouds.
Also buy the most expensive socks you can find, they are 1000% worth it
I find simply changing my shoes helps when I'm on my feet for a long time. Take an old pair to work and change them during lunch to see if it works for you.
>Also buy the most expensive socks you can find, they are 1000% worth it

You really need to qualify this.
Wesr slippers/comfy loafers then put on boots whenever you gotta do stuff
This so much.
>mostly standing

CAT boots with dr. Scholls and youll just have to man up. Buy a good mat to stand on
These are gonna make concrete workSO COMFY
File: I'm new help me.jpg (19 KB, 503x501)
19 KB
wear these OP and some skinny jeans
machinists are fags youll get lots of raises
I just did what /out/ists do, one moister wicking sock under a wool sock. I works for hiking and all day in the garage work shop. Summers are mild where I'm at, so this might be not good in very hot and humid climates. Works great when cold as fuck though.
File: 1546986266790.jpg (47 KB, 540x530)
47 KB
get a boot dryer before its too late anon. Once you get mildew in your boots the only way to get the smell out is to buy new boots


You make your money on your feet,
Put some money into them.

I bought redwings and insoles,
8 to 10 hours a day running around a construction site,
My feet never hurt.
OP make sure your floor mat is in good shape and consider doubling it up. If you got the job recently are your current boots pretty new? You might want to just break them in. I’ve been forced into met-guards the last few years but the best boots I ever had were Caterpillar polished black leather. Had them for 5 years only paid about 150 and even when the sole disconnected I put hem back together with gorilla glue and they stayed waterproof for another year
He probably means something like Darn Tough brand work socks. $20 ish per pair depending on the specific kind and length, but they're pretty comfy. And they come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Also, get two pairs of boots and a boot dryer. Alternate boots daily while drying one out thoroughly. I like Red Wing welding boots (they come with good insoles), but I would recommend visiting a store that specializes in work boots. Look for the owner or a longtime employee who is knowledgeable about what would be good for your work.
Wow, they couldn't even be assed to make unique socks for your money. Imma buy some normal socks and pay a nine year old girl to bedazzle them too!
Lemme steal this thread.

I have problem that left heel lifts when walking and causes blisters, measured my feet and found that left foot is slightly shorter ~4-5mm. Right foot fits perfectly, boots GRISPORT 70416L VAR 82 size 47
Got gel insoles that helped a little, but double socks doesn't help.
is there way to reduce shoe or fit foot better? tightening laces didn't help.
i've been wearing these for 6 monthsish. After about a week they felt amazing, got for like 150. I don't make enough money to afford a good pair of redwings

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