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File: lg-32lb570v.jpg (131 KB, 960x720)
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so I have a broken beyond repair Television an LG32lb570v And plan somewhere in the future to read up on internal mechanics & how to use/implement individual parts for any random whatever it can be used for.

Is there any interesting stuff i can take out of it before i get rid of it ??

These are several pictures if relevant..
>be russian
>can't hack a tv
fuck off back to redit
thats nott racist at All

not russian btw, just used google
> hay /diy/ i have hard rubbish wat do?
I love these threads. If all you're doing is aimlessly harvesting junk on the off chance you might one day actually find an interest in electronics, as opposed to actually displaying an interest in electronics by researching the parts within the thing and determining what might be useful, then pull resistors, push buttons and LEDs. Caps are prolly cheap shit chink rubbish which will be completely dry in 20 years when you finally get your shit together, but pull them as well if you wish.
File: 489065578_876.jpg (119 KB, 800x753)
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dAmn anon that's some solid truthspitting
but i am devoted so lets hope i avoid these common pitfalls

anyway i need to get rid of it and common sense and uneducated research only goes so far, so i came to 4chan hoping for some advice from people who already understand what it's all about
i buy broken tvs and sell the power supplies for 50 bucks on ebay all the time. if it is a cracked screen you are good to go. if tv wont turn on, not so much.
> in giving advice, seek to help, not please.
If that's the board, most of it is SMD which will be beyond both your current capacity to use or store. Assuming it is not also riddled with SMD the power supply board may yield more useful parts.

If you are looking to stock up on some parts on the cheap, check thrift stores for old (reads 10+ years to avoid the SMD plague) stereo/audio gear, which tends to yield a good variety of resistors, small signal transistors/diodes, variable resistors, voltage regulators and amp chips, keep an eye on curbside cleanups for similar. Again, you want to dodge modern gear, it will be largely surface mount. Be mindful with curbside gear that the component you pull might be the one that destined the device to the curbside in the first place. Test shit before you use it, nothing worse than trying to work out why babbys first amplifier is not working under the assumption that all the components are good. Grab bags of components from places that sell tarduinos are also a good option, they tend to have a good selection of "common" values so you can have most of what you need on hand to rig shit up.

Also, go read the OP of >>>/diy/ohm for some good beginners shit if you are actually keen to get among it, and lurk that thread like a motherfucker. When it is not being raped by tripcunt drama it's usually a great source of help and info.
no thatis not the board. there are resemblances though.
Like hdmi,usb, vga image, av & YBPR
possibly also motherboard specifics (CON~)

With sufficient skill wouldn't some be useful for building a custom pc for example?
The RCA etc headers will not be readily mountable to prototype board due to their non-standard footprints, unless you want to design and order custom PCBs, which you are miles away from at the moment.

>With sufficient skill wouldn't some be useful for building a custom pc for example?
With sufficient skill you could mine all of the elements you need from your backyard and build a PC, but again, do you want to be sitting on junk for 20 years or do you want to get this shit underway? That kind of mentality leads to a room full of hoarded, which leads to no room to work, which leads to frustration, which leads to abandonment. Figure out the things you would like to build, source the components by what ever method you can, get something done. Don't waste your time with shit that is 27,000 feet over your head.
It's 4chins, nobody cares about your virtue signaling.

this is true anyway, btw, with any form of education or planning

i'm not planning on hoarding anywy ok, but happen to have this Lg32lb570v im'na get rid of
if you were in my place -what would You take out and why? -and if nothing, what is most likely implementable into any other thing
especially the part at the end
>I have junk, what do?
take it to the recycler

best options is to remove boards and ebay them in "for parts/not working" condition, and buy real components instead of fancying yourself some kind of electronic alchemist
I want to use shit I'd throw anyway. should I donate it? Who want this stuff?
>buy real components instead of fancying yourself some kind of electronic alchemist

this is why you will never be a millionaire

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