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Can /diy/ help me set up my dashcam? I bought a hardwire kit with fuse taps but I'm unsure where my switch fuse is and the constant one

Pic related
There's no end-all answer for you. What functions on your car function only on key-on?

Find the fuse that is on that "thing" and tap your fuse into it. I tapped mine into my headlights I think?

Then wire it up and ground to chassis and ur done
Just use the radio fuse - that's constant.
Actually, get a circuit tester to be sure.
install into fuse 37. It can handle a dashcam at 7.5a easy. No way to tell if it's constant.
>No way to tell if it's constant.
Use a circuit tester with car turned off.
If it lights up, it's constant.
If you have to turn the key to get voltage, it is switched.
Just find an open KL15 and that will be your positive. And body ground or common ground will be, well it will be the ground.

But in lamens terms. #38 is what i would go with since that KL15 row is interior.
>I'm unsure where my switch fuse is and the constant one
37 is accessory - this is switched
>the accessories turn off when the key is off
25 is illumination - this is constant
>the interior lights will come on if the key is off
27 is parking lights - this is constant
>the parking lights will illuminate if the key is off
> Install dash cam into headlight fuse.

Dash cam only comes on when headlights are on. Hey you should hook it up so when you put the brights on it records in HD

jesus fuck why does everything have to be so hard for people? spoon feeding these idiots who cant google shit
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i love angry posters.
>Dash cam only comes on when headlights are on.
The headlight fuse it always 'hot'.
That's why the ignition doesn't have to be on for the headlight switch to turn the headlights on.
[battery] > [fuse] > [switch] > [headlight]

and you also love idiots who start threads wanting their hands to be held for them it seems... and have no sense to google any info before coming here to waste a thread for "I bought this how do I hook it up" dumb threads.
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I'm sorry, do I know you? I was talking to beaveis
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See that 3,4,11,18,38 are empty?
Those will also be hot or switched
I used the empty slots in my fusebox to wire my dashcam.
Use a cheap continuity tester like pic related to test it.

Also if you are using a typical "add a circuit" you need to know what lug is positive and what lug is negative.

In my honda, the top half of the fuse box, the top lugs were hot, while the bottom half off the fuse box, it was reversed where the bottom lugs were hot.

Continuity tester made quick work of it.
Also what kind of dashcam are you installing?

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