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hi /diy/ im looking for help on a little project of mine. does anyone know if i could use a hobby servo to control the shift lever on a pit bike engine? im making a hard wired remote control for a sort of drag skateboard type project im doing.
need to know what the force required to operate shift lever
compare that to servo output force indicated on servo spec sheet
im guessing you would need a "light industrial strength" servo
hobby servos are small and not real strong. unless you go big
how do bikes shift? - do you tap down on one side of a rocker to go up in gear, down on the other to go down?
do you know if there would any simple way to wire it that would allow a half click motion to get into neutral? im using a semi automatic engine to eliminate clutch work from the equation i figure its dangerous enough as is.

going with a tadpole trike layout and aiming at a 6 foot overall length. trying to work out a leaning trike style front suspension for 12 inch wheels so ill be able to carve dirt and such with it
yes. if you watch colin furze's drift trike video youll see the sort of engine i have.
You would program a pic or arduino to make it do what ever the hell you want.
What about a car central locking 'solenoid'? Quick and fairly strong.
You can get any size hobby servo, so yes.

The one in the picture is small but there are giant ones available, and they're pretty cheap. The resolution and accuracy isn't spectacular but for your application it doesn't matter.

They're easy as fuck to control with an arduino.

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