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Cartman is not a bad person, he’s mentally ill and misunderstood with a shitty Mom. He’s done nothing more than act like a typical school bully and gets shit for it for no reason. All Cartman needs is a hug and real friends, he’s actually a sweet kid. The Roundtable has a great video explaining why Cartman isn’t a monster or a jerk, and anyone who thinks he is should watch it. It changed my opinion on the poor little boy quickly.
>He’s done nothing more than act like a typical school bully
>orchestrating the murder of another kid's parents and making said kid eat their remains
And that's just the big one.
>The Roundtable defending Cartman
Makes sense since they’re both shitty people, also….
>E celebs
he's just a right wing caricature
The Roundtable didn’t do anything bad. Why would you say that? Also, Cartman is only misunderstood.

Retconned as of recent seasons because Matt and Trey thought it went too far. People can change, you know.
Get off /co/, Cartman….
> The Roundtable didn’t do anything bad.
Who’s gonna tell him?
>Retconned as of recent seasons
Did they really retcon Scott Tenorman Must Die?
Drug Posession
Theft/Obstruction of Criminal
Armed Robbery
Violation of Firearm
Laws/Threatening with a deadly
Hate crime
Kidnapping and false
Medical Terrorism
Violation and
Obstruction of the Pure Food and Drug
Breaking and
Credit Fraud and Identity
Underage Driving/Hit and
Resisting Arrest
Blackmailing, Framing, False
Contempt of
Submitting False

In conclusion: Roundtable hasn’t seen the whole show
Cartman schizo is back
They did. Look it up, they hated that ep.

A lot of this was retconned and some didn’t even happen. Cartman has made up for it in recent eps, give him a break. Watch Roundtable’s video defending him.
Cartman schizo
I wouldnt call it a retcon
For the 200th episode they do a bit where scott tenorman reveals that cartmans real father was Mr. Tenorman and that he is cartmans half brother
The only reason cartman cares is because this means the ginger gene is somewhere inside him
Yeah, genius. I got that. But this guy’s posted before?
Nta but you're going to tell me
He’s a white knight for a fictional cartoon fat child.
He went on long tirades praising Cartman and slandering Kyle. He was particularly vocal during the post-covid special where Cartman seemingly changed his ways and became a Rabbi. He had a mental breakdown at the conclusion of that special where Cartman lost his family, becomes a hobo freezing to death, and all the town laughs at him.
Harassed a kid with cancer because he got to see an episode of SU earlier than everyone else for his Make-a-Wish wish.
Oh, I see. Another schizo who attaches themselves to a character who’s a shitty person. Wonder what bought him back…
Agreed. This is my thread on Cartman’s Mom.

I don't know how much of a damaged/miserable person you have to be to actually, unironically identify with Cartman.
>He’s done nothing more than act like a typical school bully
He has succeeded in genocide
Yeah is that the only retcon? cuz like I remember that and they didn't make it so that Scott didn't eat his parents still. They just gave him a little revenge against Cartman. Which is honestly fine. Cartman still literally made him eat his own parents with a human finger with a wedding rig on it.
Shut up you fucking faggot
who is autistic enough to list all these
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