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Like seriously, it doesn’t make any sense. There are a handful of unrelated indie comics that do well but other than that there is no movement or publisher that is truly trying to bring comics back. There IS a market for comics (Look at manga) so I have no idea why US comics aren’t able to compete. Please do not say Wokeness because the industry has been dying since the 90s and please do not say it is because we only focus on capeshit when the big 2 tried multiple times to bring non-superhero comics to the forefront.
The strength of the United States has always been live-action. The animation/comic is merely a tool in the U.S. perspective to push either market (toy sales) or politics (see current cartoons or WW2 cartoons).
It's all in the title:
MANga will always have at least 1 MAN in it
COMICs are in 99% of the cases not funny, most of the times they don't even have jokes aka they use false advertising.
The art is bad and unappealing to most people. The stories are too tryhard and convoluted. And they cost way too fucking much for what you get.
>MANga will always have at least 1 MAN in it
If you are referring to creators...No?
If you are referring to characters, also now
>Asking why are American comics dead
>Being denial about woke culture be responsible for that
If every Marvel and DC comic from here on out was completely agenda free the US comic industry would still be in free fall dumbass. If Wokeness was the cause other US publishers would be outselling Marvel/DC but they aren’t.

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