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Why did Craig McCracken fail while Genndy Tartarkovsky became a huge hit?
File: Fosters-home-lauren1.jpg (32 KB, 389x437)
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>Did he though?
Craig gets to titty fuck his hot wife, Lauren Faust
File: I'mma head out.webm (488 KB, 1920x772)
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I think they've both done well for themselves

Animation is a shitpit and they're both just unlucky enough to end up raking it
People care more about directors than character designers.
On the other hand Genndy is making Hotel Transylvania direct-to-streamings now and that's a dire fate, indeed.
Transylvania's lame shit no one will remember.
Primal, Song of the Sea, Brendan and the Secret of Kells...people will refence these great animations for long to come.
but Genndy also has a hot wife
I'm glad Genndy got himself a hot wife, because otherwise with a face like that he could be mistaken for a pedophile.

Years after years Craigs shows just keep on bombing. Meanwhile with Genndy.

>Finishes Samurai Jack
>Gets more work from CN and AS with Unicorns Eternal and Primal. More so than Cucked McCucken.
>Gets a French studio to animate his 2D projects than the same Korean work slaves.
>Finally broke the leash off of constantly making Hotel Transylvania sequels
>Finally gets to make a movie of his own with the Dark Knight

How does he keep on winning, bros??
and here I was thinking Genndy was into big booty black women
>Old ass cintiq
>Working onTransylvania
Am i messing up my timeline here or dose Genndy just like using old tech?
Diligent and not a doomer. I met Craig in person a couple of times and he had a real negative air about him. Also kind of a cynical cunt.
As a mopey cynical cunt, i find the fact that Craig had any success inspiring.
File: 1612175445071.jpg (433 KB, 726x800)
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433 KB JPG
>No S2.
God damn, it hurts.
>Why did Craig McCracken fail while Genndy Tartarkovsky became a huge hit?
How the fuck did Craig fail? The Powerpuff Girls became one of the most iconic critically acclaimed and commercially successful Cartoon Network IP’s ever.

Craig has
- Powerpuff Girls
- Fosters home
- Wander over Yonder
- Kid Cosmic

Genndy has
- Dexter’s lab
- Samurai Jack
- Primal

Stop trying to pit them against each other they both made good stuff
If you feel inspired that makes you more positive than him.
I was surprised to learn Genndy is not the creator of Hotel Transylvania, Todd Durham is. Genndy was just the director.

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