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The best bending ability is without a doubt air. It gives you the most agility and evasiveness while still being powerful. Second would be water, then earth and lastly fire which is pretty much useless.
Funny how the least naturally powerful peoples invaded all others. Kinda like irl
The real redpill is that all of the elements are useful for different good things except fire. The setting aligns itself like LOTR, unironically-the element directly related to industrialization is in opposition to the feudal, tribal, and monastery organizations, and has the main use of direct combat, which drives its nation.

>water: heal, control plants, freeze, evaporate, move water, blood bend
>air: fly, astral project, move air, increase speed, alter weather
>earth: create sand, metal bend, lava bend, instant architecture, move earth
>fire: move fire, shoot lightning...heat up food? burn fuel?
Plus you can choke people.
Lightning benders literally became the backbone of the economy once electricity was discovered. And in any society before that point, being able to create fire at will, for heating, cooking and combat, puts you at a huge advantage. It's why the Fire Nation became the most technologically advanced people in the world.
That's not to say that it's overpowered; on the whole, all the elements are about as strong and about as useful as one another.

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