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I've been thinking of making an OnS thread lately, but thanks for beating me to it, OP!
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God-tier thread
File: FvC3JLvakAA163p.jpg (67 KB, 928x582)
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File: 1675389587569092.jpg (45 KB, 749x421)
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this stupid asshole and lacus both have barely any western fanart or i'm not doing a good job of looking for it
File: 65934057_p0_master1200.jpg (268 KB, 900x990)
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268 KB JPG
and even the pixiv stuff varies in quality
File: 83821347_p0_master1200.jpg (1.96 MB, 849x1200)
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File: 66860427_p0.png (557 KB, 1000x740)
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Never mind fanart, it's been half a decade since the last time they even appeared in the actual manga. I love the current plot, but I still miss Lacus!
File: 1674516241828942.png (1.43 MB, 1020x1279)
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1.43 MB PNG
Who tops?
File: AMC-4-67.png (2.91 MB, 1332x955)
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2.91 MB PNG
Wit's official art was really something else. This was their initial concept art for the bloodsucking scene.
File: 1590398789325.webm (421 KB, 960x540)
421 KB
What does your heart tell you?
File: 1590398251248.webm (2.95 MB, 800x450)
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2.95 MB WEBM
Well chosen.
I haven't watched/read this series btw, Yu just gives off powerful bottom (power bottom imo) vibes from the clips I've seen
You're not the first to suggest it.
the blonde is the bottom.
File: 1672900998762779.jpg (312 KB, 1994x1125)
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File: 1450032223047.jpg (1.04 MB, 1300x1300)
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File: FuUlqbcaAAEPHmr.jpg (1.08 MB, 3500x3000)
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>I haven't watched/read this series btw
You're missing out!
File: 1450057770736.webm (1.01 MB, 960x540)
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1.01 MB WEBM
Are those two canon homo already
File: 1678731849923037.jpg (183 KB, 1693x1280)
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183 KB JPG
Getting closer every chapter.
Mika confessed and Yuu rejected Shinoa twice, so it's becoming harder and harder for even the most entrenched hetshipper to argue against it anymore.
i love them.
File: 1449950345401.webm (2.03 MB, 960x540)
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2.03 MB WEBM
File: IMG_2934.jpg (88 KB, 840x756)
88 KB
Severely overlooked character.
i want him to shoot me with his long rifle.
I owe OnS and No.6 so much for my teenage sexual awakening lmao
File: 1449962155042.gif (251 KB, 558x467)
251 KB
251 KB GIF
They fuckin'
This picture is like an optical illusion
File: ezgif-4-0074af8e0a.jpg (227 KB, 784x1145)
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227 KB JPG
Well, there was this scene... and those mysterious "talks" Yoichi mentioned having with Gekkouin every night...
Not fair Yuu, I want a pretty blond twink vampire boyfriend who's completely obsessed with me too

[spoiler]Mika is too pretty not to bottom at least some of the time, honestly[/spoiler]
File: 1450030349932.webm (464 KB, 960x540)
464 KB
Mika is definitely Yuu-sexual, but how would you rank Yuu? Is he just shonen MC dense? Gay? Or just flat-out Mika-sexual?
Anyway, there's no way I can see the author shoehorning him into a straight ending where he has babies with Shinoa at this point.
File: Fanbook 108 Sketches.jpg (26 KB, 407x324)
26 KB
Yuu is definitely gay. Even if you ignore Mika entirely, getting him to compliment a woman's appearance is like pulling hen's teeth, but he'll gush with praise for Yoichi's fashion sense. I don't remember him blushing for any women, but I absolutely remember him blushing around Crowley.
Yuu has zero attraction for women, that's for sure (too bad for Shinoa). But does it still count as gay that Yuu was smitten with a naked genderless angel corpse?
Only in the sense that angels don't have the same biology as humans. Sika himself consistently refers to Mikaela as "he" and "him." And Mikaela called Sika his father.
And don't forget, when Yuu thought Mikaela was a girl, he just said "she" was pretty. But once he found out Mikaela was a boy, then he wanted to kiss him awake and be his prince.
I'm still convinced that was the only time Yuu ever felt attracted to someone who he thought was a girl. He very likely would have fallen for Mika angel ver. even if he didn't learn of the angel biology thing. Mika is just a special case of someone Yuu will love regardless of gender, and vice versa.
It could be related to that thing about Mikaela "cursing Yuu with a heart" by giving him a name. Still, it's hard to ignore how much more invested he was upon finding out Mikaela's true gender.
He had no real time to get invested before when there was Noya beheading him whenever he started fawning over angel Mika.
That scene where Sika explains the angel gender was probably one of the rare moments where Yuu could fantasize about kissing Mika in peace.
He was already corrected at some point before that lecture, since he was referring to Mikaela as "him" in the chapter 106 flashback and the lecture was in 113. Given that he and Mikaela had been having those secret telepathic conversations behind Sika's back for a while, he probably figured it out himself quickly.
The masculine pronouns are something the English translation came up with. Japanese language has an easier way around gender pronouns.
I checked the Japanese version and Yuu only ever refers to angel Mika as "Mika" with no specific pronoun and Sika uses "kodomo/child" instead of "musuko/son" to refer to Mika in chapter 113.
Noya refers to Mikaela as "he" in chapter 106's raws.
>He's dead, so there's no way he'll wake up.
No, he doesn't. The Japanese pronoun for "he/him" is 彼 (kare) and it isn't mentioned anywhere in that sentence. As I said, Japanese language can get away with avoiding pronouns altogether for a sentence to make sense.
You're right. I guess DeepL just defaults to "he" in those types of situations?
Yeah, using online translations for Japanese is faulty because of details like that.
Checking the Japanese, when it comes to Sika and angel Mika, the only gender-specific words are Sika being referred to as "Father" by Mika and "King" by other angels. So, I guess to angels it's more of a role or title rather than anything related to their identity.
File: 1680201403960520.png (1.21 MB, 784x1145)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Speaking of Sika, I wish he had more fanart. He is so handsome! These last couple chapters have made me sympathize with him so much.
Out of all the big masterminds behind the shitty state of the world, Sika is the only one I can sympathize with by now. He's not some drama queen with daddy issues like Saito nor a hypocritical, back-stabbing and self-serving asshole like Guren.
All Sika wanted was to be a good king and a good dad, but God is full of shit and took away everything he loved and cursed him with vampirism for breaking the rules.
After the current arc, I wouldn't be surprised if Yuu and Mika decide to ally themselves with Sika because this flashback is solid proof that he loves Mika and will help Yuu protect him, even if Yuu and Mika will still have their own agenda.
But most of all, I want to see Sika trying to be a dad to the current Mika and forming an awkward family dynamic with Yuu and Mika to revive their happiest days together.
I hope that (after Mika and Yuu's wedding, of course) OnS ends with Sika, Mika and Yuu finally going out for ice cream together as a family.
The manga was always about found family, so I would absolutely love that Yuu ends up happily together with his true family, Mika (spouse) and Sika (father-in-law), as they were in prehistoric times. While Guren and the squad end up looking like idiots for ever thinking they could replace Yuu's family when they don't even got an idea of what he is and the veeeery long history he has with his true family who love him despite knowing he was just an eyeball at first.
Bet that asshole Guren and the squad of morons will still insist Yuu is Sika's puppet to the end, because they don't want to accept they don't know the real Yuu and he can only be happy with Mika and hopefully, Sika too.
>the squad of morons
I've lost a lot of respect for Mitsuba, Yoichi and Kimizuki, honestly. They know Guren's full of shit and ruined everything the last time he tried to resurrect anyone, they can see that Shinoa's lost her mind, but somehow they still just follow those two like lemmings off a cliff. Narumi also looks like a genius now for ditching them even before Yuu did.
I still like the Squad except for Guren, but if I were Yuu, I'd never consider any of them family again, just coworkers at best.
Forgot to mention: I can't wait for the Squad to find out that they've been trying to split up a 100+ million year old family. It's so funny that the plot went from making them look like assholes and fools straight into showing how insignificant they truly are in the grand scheme of MikaYuu's lives.
Shinoa's reaction is going to be priceless when she hears about how she was already pre-cucked when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
Shinoa; Yuu-san! I love you! Pick me over Mika! I can give you babies and he can't!
Yuu: Would you love me if I was an eyeball?
Shinoa. ??? The dick is kinda important for what I'm offering.
Yuu. Then you got shit on my beloved Mika. If you excuse me, we're off on our 100 millionth honeymoon.
I just want Yuu to come full circle and tell Shinoa to drop her stupid obsession with him and start a family with Mitsuba. It's over, it's done, it all ended that day!
They're all idiots, but I kinda like to see them as a result of placing shonen teenage stereotypes in a craptacular setting where everyone higher than them is either manipulative or crazy. Especially now that we see that the only true important characters are Mikayuu and the Progenitors.
I also enjoy how Yuu not regretting or even hesitating to ditch them completely breaks the nakama code of shonen series.
In regular shonen, we got these random teens who get forced to hang out and fight for their lives together repeatedly. And they and we the audience are supposed to believe they're now a big happy family after a few fights even though they barely know each other.
But in OnS, that's just something Guren drills into Yuu and his teammates for his own selfish motives. He thought that by giving Yuu a nakama team, he would forget about Mika. But Yuu didn't.
Still, since Guren insisted that 'family protects each other' then Yuu reasoned: Mika is my family = He's these guys' family if I am too = I'll buy into this nakama family thing so they help me protect Mika.
You could say Yuu merely PRETENDS to believe the nakama cheesy stuff, just because he sees it in his and Mika's best interest.
However, Yuu eventually realizes that wasn't true. Guren and his teammates got their own priorities.
Guren: His friends whose death clocks are ticking
Yoichi, Kimizuki and Mitsuba: Their dead family members
Shinoa: Yuu, but she's delusional and entitled enough to think he'll ever want to be with her without Mika in the picture
Yuu did want to protect them, but the moment their priorities collide, he drops them like a hot potato because they made clear they don't give a crap how he will feel if he loses Mika forever. They don't want to understand Yuu will be in the depths of despair without Mika. Anyone else's love and friendship means jack shit to Yuu if Mika isn't part of the equation.
Hell, nothing ever STARTED between them. It was all Guren and Sika gaslighting Shinoa into thinking she was the love interest when that's Mika.
And now that she got a reality check, she's in deep denial.
Even though she has gone yandere edgelord mode, Shinoa is just pathetic no matter how you look at her. She says she wants to kill Mika and steal Yuu from him when in her current state, she's a mouse facing a dragon if she seriously tries to fight Mikayuu.
She's delusional because her yandere sister managed to wrap Guren around her finger, but her situation with Yuu is nothing like that and Yuu will only ever have eyes for Mika.
File: Fanbook 108 Short Story.jpg (47 KB, 1000x295)
47 KB
>You could say Yuu merely PRETENDS to believe the nakama cheesy stuff
I'm convinced that the "family" shit with Guren was always half-hearted at best on Yuu's end. Yuu was always suspicious of Guren even before the main plot, and had figured out his entire scheme by chapter 44. He just always put it on the back burner because getting revenge for Mika or keeping his friends safe was more important in the short term.
Chapter 7 kind of spells it out when Guren says "forget your old family, the past is gone, there's only the future," and instead of "y-yes, Master Guren-sama" and licking his boots, Yuu's response is "no way, shut up."
File: eyeballyuu.jpg (24 KB, 269x244)
24 KB
I also just realized how much focus there's always been on Yuu's eyes and what he's looking at, now that we know what his original form/purpose was.
>...keeping his eyes on Guren's back
>Please, Yuu, don't look back, there's nothing there for you!
>I was looking west. That's where Mika's gotta be, right?
>I was too busy looking at you to see anything else
>I just figured I should look and really see... the world and everyone who died in it. I wanted to get a good look at everybody we're gonna save
And of course....
Guren was never subtle about his bullshit with Yuu, if you think about it. Right from chap 16, Guren blatantly told Yuu that he owns him and he should worship the ground he walks on as his 'god'.
Now it's laughable that Guren really thought Yuu was THAT brainless to not figure out how Guren sees him and that 'family' crap was just a sugarcoated way of saying Yuu should be his lapdog.
I actually respected Kureto from the beginning because even if he's a prick, he acknowledged Yuu as his own individual who doesn't belong to anyone.
File: yuugod.jpg (177 KB, 800x948)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>Right from chap 16, Guren blatantly told Yuu that he owns him and he should worship the ground he walks on as his 'god'.
That scene is also very funny in hindsight now that we know what Yuu is.
Guren was seriously trying to make an artificial god into his mindless worshipper.
As we learn more of the truth, I love how Guren ends up looking as more of a fool. He plays at being a mastermain villain when he has no idea what are the cards he's playing with. The squad all thought Yuu was the idiot, but don't realize Guren can only mess up the world even more while trying to fix his first screw up.
Prime foreshadowing.
It's fascinating how a lot of Yuu's behavior gets given a new context with this.
Even when he noticed red flags, Yuu still focused on observing things about those around him, like when he figured out Guren set him up yet still wondered his motives because he saw him crying.
And he had to helplessly watch Mika die, like thrice already.
Yuu being all about watching and protecting Mika makes total sense.
If the main pairing becomes explicitly canon, I'll read the whole thing and declare it a win for homos and fujos.

If the author pulls the "It was platonic family love this whole time!! Heterosexuality yay :D" carrd at the last minute, I'll be glad I never read this series.
Mika already confessed years ago.
And Yuu violently rejected the option of marrying and having kids with Shinoa, all because of his feelings for Mika. He wants a future with Mika or no future at all.
Now the only possible outcomes are Yuu and Mika living happily ever after (explicitly as a couple or not) or dying together like Romeo and Juliet.
>And Yuu violently rejected the option of marrying and having kids with Shinoa
People underplay the significance of Mika being the one to suggest this, too. Mika has access to Yuu's deepest desires as his demon. The obvious reason why he'd specifically bring up marrying and raising a family with Shinoa while trying to push him away is because he knows Yuu's deepest desire is to marry and raise a family with him.
File: FxFRQiuWwAEem1g.jpg (754 KB, 4096x2553)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
File: FxLdoNJWIAIyNdu.jpg (355 KB, 1998x1487)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
File: FtHG2fbagAEk6dZ.jpg (117 KB, 768x1024)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
gay thread.
File: taste.jpg (142 KB, 711x861)
142 KB
142 KB JPG

need blonde vampire boy bf.
I caught up recently because I wanted to see dinosaurs and just how gay Mikayuu got.
If one can ignore Mika's confession, I would say Mikayuu can still be seen as that bromance looking like plain ol' romance because of the lack of chemistry with girls in shonen.
However, there is something about how Yuunoa is written that I do think amped the Mikayuu gayness. Normally in shonen, even if the MC is a dense fuck, there are moments where he does something for the girl that increases her affection. Here, Yuu barely interacts with the girls and it's all one-sided pining from Shinoa... And it's mostly from watching how Yuu acts towards Mika. It's like Shinoa doesn't want Yuu as much as she wants a love like the one Mikayuu share, but she doesn't get it and ends up projecting onto Yuu or something.
It's also hard to ignore the parallels between Shinoa's behavior towards Yuu and Yuu's towards Mika. The reason Shinoa thinks she loves Yuu is basically the same why Yuu loves Mika (the 'first person who needed me' and all that). The only difference is that Mika wanted Yuu for Yuu's sake, while Yuu just needed Shinoa for MIKA'S sake and discarded her along the rest when she wasn't useful anymore. That proved Yuu's one and only will always be Mika and Shinoa can't even hope to be a rebound.
It's ironic that the presence of a het ship made the manga gayer by repeatedly shoving in our faces how Mikayuu is the story's one true love compared to Shinoa's shallow feelings.
>If one can ignore Mika's confession
Why? It happened.
>I would say Mikayuu can still be seen as that bromance looking like plain ol' romance because of the lack of chemistry with girls in shonen.
I disagree, especially since they've switched roles and now Yuu's the one wearing the pants in the relationship. He's the one who arranged the date night at Mt. Fuji and is flirting in every other line of dialogue.
If it was just a matter of him being dense or not having chemistry with women yet, he would have taken the path of least resistance instead of choosing Mika over Guren and the Squad.
>It's also hard to ignore the parallels between Shinoa's behavior towards Yuu and Yuu's towards Mika.
You are right about this, though. It's most blatant when Shinoa gives her teary-eyed "I can't live without you" speech to Yuu in chapter 118, then Yuu gives the same speech to Mika in chapter 119.
>The only difference is that Mika wanted Yuu for Yuu's sake, while Yuu just needed Shinoa for MIKA'S sake
And Shinoa only wants Yuu for her own selfish reasons. Yuu is ultimately just a trophy for her to win, a way for her to prove to her schizo sister that she's matured into a woman. She doesn't think of Yuu as a person, so his feelings don't factor into the equation.
In contrast, Yuu's love for Mika is selfless. If Shinoa wasn't such a narcissist, the sight of Yuu literally begging for Krul's help on his hands and knees while telling her that Mika's life mattered to him more than his own would have been a wake-up call for her.
To clarify some points, what I meant with my first paragraph is that Mikayuu could still be seen as that kind of intense bromance if people convinced themselves Mika's confession was meant to be platonic and read all Mikayuu moment since then wrong, but *I* don't see it that way.
The Shinoa parallels just serve to make it obvious that if Shinoa's feelings towards Yuu are meant to be read as romantic, the same goes for Yuu's feelings for Mika, even if he hasn't said 'I love you too' to Mika yet.
Before I started reading, I had seen spoilers of the recent chapters and mentioned to someone else how gay Mikayuu looked now, but the other person *still* thinks the author is giving Mikayuu the Naruto and Sasuke treatment, with Shinoa as the Sakura/Hinata.
However, I can now firmly say Mikayuu doesn't look like anything like Naruto and Sasuke at all, especially because Yuu has proved himself to not be a typical shonen hero who loves everyone equally. Yuu loves Mika the most and vice versa, period. Someone who doesn't see that is blind.
Hell, I can't say Shinoa actually lost when she wasn't ever in the race. Mika already won eons before she ever met Yuu. With these recent chapters, we see Shinoa's 'love' is even more shallow because she's literally nothing in the big picture for Yuu, yet she tried to claim he's her reason to live like Mika is to Yuu. Her problem is that she always lived in Mahiru's shadow, but couldn't do anything to her because she looked up to her. Now that she realized she was the third wheel to the main couple, not the love interest, she thinks killing the real love interest will at least give her an important role. It was never about Yuu, it was about her wanting to feel like a relevant character and if she can't be the love interest, she's going to be a villain.
To add another thing about the scene where Yuu begs to Krul for Mika. I believe that goes to show Shinoa, same as the rest of the squad and Guren, had the completely wrong interpretation of Yuu. Yuu always said he would do anything for his family and since he called everyone in the team family, Shinoa thought that anything Yuu would do for Mika, he happily would do it for HER too if she was in Mika's place. It was all her romantic fantasy. But she saw reality when Yuu didn't give a shit about her desperate confession. If he cared for her anywhere as much as he does for Mika, he would have at least asked her to come with him. But no, the only one he needs at his side is Mika. He doesn't need her or anyone else as long as he has Mika. That's probably what has her in denial the most. Shinoa convinced herself she 'loved' Yuu because he said he needed her, but now that he proved he doesn't need her because he has Mika, then her 'reason to live' meant nothing. That's probably what made her go yandere, besides the Mahiru genes.
>but the other person *still* thinks the author is giving Mikayuu the Naruto and Sasuke treatment, with Shinoa as the Sakura/Hinata
Never mind OnS - with a take like that, I question whather they've really read Naruto either.

To me, the true significance of Yuu begging Krul is from thinking back to the rage-fueled vampire slayer out for revenge that he used to be. Having Mika by his side again is what took all that hate out of his heart. So when it was his turn to save Mika, he was able to do something that would have been inconceivable for him to do when Shinoa and the squad first met him. And it just shows how ignorant Shinoa is to the man she claims to "love" that she didn't pick up on how much being around Mika again had changed him. Instead she pretended to faint a few chapters later so Yuu would give her attention, because it's all about her, her, her.
>wall of text discussion
>no art
Are you seriously retarded?
Considering the takes on OnS I saw before I read it all myself, I have concluded people just tend to project traits they find normal in shonen protagonists onto Yuu, no matter how much he has already shown he is NOT an idealistic, all-loving hero. He can care for others and feel compassion, but if anyone tries to take Mika from him, he's ready to become the devil. Types like Naruto just put matters like romantic love on hold to save his bro from darkness and all that, but Yuu is willing to ditch and kill everyone else for Mika, or kill himself if he can't have Mika and the world. How can anyone call that anything but a man madly in love?
Same can be said about the characters. They were all so convinced Yuu was an 'everyone is family to me' type idiot that none of them wanted to see the red flags that should have let them expect he will always pick Mika if forced to make a choice.
Those like Guren and Shinoa especially are such self-important egomaniacs that they thought of Yuu as an adoring lost puppy who will give unquestionable loyalty to anyone who shows him kindness. They should have noticed Yuu only did a 180 when he found Mika was alive and only stopped obsessing with revenge then. The friendships he made until that point changed nothing for him, but Mika changed everything in a second. That should have been enough for everyone to notice 'family' to Yuu doesn't mean what it means to Guren and the squad, but the characters and most of the readers didn't figure it out until Yuu yelled 'Fuck humanity! Over my dead body will anyone sacrifice MY Mika over the world!!!'
File: FwbOqjBacAAHJTc.jpg (266 KB, 2048x1758)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
The story is just that fun to analyze.

>the characters and most of the readers didn't figure it out until Yuu yelled 'Fuck humanity! Over my dead body will anyone sacrifice MY Mika over the world!!!'
Even after that, they were all like, "nooooo, Yuu, this isn't like you!" But they were literally in the room with him in chapter 55 when he said "I don't give a crap about the world, I understand how Guren felt, I'll sell out the world to make Mika human again." Red flags is underselling it, he was outright telling them what he was going to do and they didn't listen.
/a/ doesn't talk about this series because it's not popular anymore and because it's too gay and the board is full of homophobic incels/dudebros, so we discuss it here.
Guren and the squad's blind idiocy is comedy gold in hindsight.

They always treated Yuu as their little endearing dum-dum when they were actually at the mercy of an ancient monstrosity that has lived millions of years just to see the resurrection of his equally ancient angel lover. And then they told him they're sacrificing said lover so Guren can feel better about having killed billions to spend 10 more years with his friends, truly convinced Yuu would just kneel down and say 'As you order, my master. You're my family now.' It's so hilarious.
File: FmwwOfDagAE6YNR.png (261 KB, 712x677)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
>so Guren can feel better about having killed billions to spend 10 more years with his friends
And don't forget, those friendships Guren killed billions for are already strained to the breaking point because he can't tell them the truth or else they'll drop dead. The end goal of Guren's masterplan is, what, prolonging his own misery for another decade? What happens when his friends' death clocks start to run low again but he's already sacrificed Mika? Who's next on the chopping block? Wouldn't Kimizuki and Yoichi's sisters be placed on the same restrictions as Guren's friends after being revived? All questions that the Squad should be asking if they weren't such dumbfucks themselves.
That's the biggest comedic irony there. For as much as Yuu was treated like an idiot by them, Yuu is the only one looking for a long-term solution for everyone. He wants a very long and happy life with Mika, and he needs the world to at least be stable and habitable enough to do that. Guren and the squad are too obsessed with erasing their feelings of grief and (for Guren) guilt on the short-term to actually even stop and think what comes next. It's no different from the first time Guren fucked the world over just to put his grief on hold for a decade.

Also, Guren and Saito just want to completely ruin Sika's plan without considering there might be an even worse apocalypse coming. I seriously doubt Sika was lying when he told the Black Demons there was a disaster they need to stop, surely because God is a real bastard.
Speaking of Guren and his bullshit plan, words can't describe how pissed off I was at him in chap 114. I had never felt the urge to grab a baseball bat and smash a fictional character's head so badly.

What made me the most outraged was Guren having the audacity to still call Yuu 'family' when he was blatantly threatening him into letting him kill Mika to fix the mistake he made when he chose ten years with his friends over the world. Yeah, of course, NOW he can say he chooses humanity because he isn't having to lose anything in exchange.

I'm also kinda bothered by how little Guren's friends have mattered so far, except maybe Shinya who got some drama with Guren here and there. The rest just kinda exist. The plot wouldn't really change much if Shinya was the only one with the resurrection death clause. And yes, I have read the prequel, but still don't care much for anyone but Shinya. The women even feel like Guren's harem instead of actual characters, which is made even worse by the fact Mahiru is the only one he banged.

Now I kinda wanna see Yuu using the death clock against Guren. Like outright threatening to tell his friends everything and kill them with it to give Guren a taste of his own medicine.

No hate on anyone but Guren, but I think it would be so satisfying to see Guren having to watch his friends die all over again because of his actions and have it shove it on his face no sacrifice he made was worth this result. Karma at its finest.
File: IMG_20230605_004353.jpg (318 KB, 1199x848)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Anime merch coming back!
File: Fu-IfphWwAQRgsl.jpg (477 KB, 1898x1500)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
>Yeah, of course, NOW he can say he chooses humanity because he isn't having to lose anything in exchange.
If there's one thing I would have added to that scene, it would have been Yuu calling him out on exactly this. Something like:
>How can you say you choose humanity when you killed so many other people to stay with your friends? When you're standing on the corpses of my family while telling me to kill the only other one who survived? Don't preach to me about humanity when you've lost all of yours!
Goddamn, would I have loved to see Guren try to bullshit his way out of that one. Or maybe Shinoa would jump in and do it for him like the last time Yuu asked a tough question that he couldn't answer.
>Now I kinda wanna see Yuu using the death clock against Guren. Like outright threatening to tell his friends everything and kill them with it to give Guren a taste of his own medicine.
I like this idea a lot, but...
>I think it would be so satisfying to see Guren having to watch his friends die all over again because of his actions and have it shove it on his face no sacrifice he made was worth this result. Karma at its finest.
Guren is a narcissist and a sociopath to his core. Instead of reflecting on why it's actually his own fault, he would blame Yuu.
>I have loved to see Guren try to bullshit his way out of that one
He would have probably tried to once again spin it to convince everyone Sika is the bad guy. Fuck that Sika had nothing to do with the murders of the orphans and the sisters.
And the others, especially Shinoa, would have totally believed him because Sika must TOTALLY be the devil and Mika the Antichrist if Guren says so.
>Or maybe Shinoa would jump in and do it for him
With scenes like that, it's kinda incredible how superficial Shinoa's feeling for Yuu is. She plays lawyer for the scum that killed his family, but does nothing to defend Yuu from the shit Guren pulled on him with the corpses. She just cried and begged him "No, don't leave, Yuu! I'll do anything, just keep giving me attention!"
And let's not forget when Mika was dead and she knew Yuu was crying about it, but she didn't even try to comfort him because she was getting stupid drunk.
Guren is way worse, but I do see him and Shinoa as shitty egoists who want to blame Sika and (for Shinoa) Mika for Yuu not doing what they want from him because they think Yuu owes everything to them despite the shit they throw at him.

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