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File: Happy_Hooni.jpg (532 KB, 850x1328)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
feel better edition

>Suicide Boy by Parkgee
Raws: https://www.lezhin.com/ko/comic/suicideboy
Translations: https://mangadex.org/title/27455/suicide-boy/chapters/

>Early drafts
Part 1: https://imgur.com/a/jEYsaiQ
Part 2: https://imgur.com/a/RfAvEMc
Part 3: https://imgur.com/a/QuWQkpy
Part 4: (no translation yet!)

Parkgee's twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ch960116
Art compilation + lost patreon stuff: https://mega.nz/folder/mq4mAYRS#px3nvf4rnC7zvLDas4_BIA

Screenshot compilation: https://mega.nz/folder/anwxHYTL#nvPw9QAGMaurtLs2GDIhNg

If you have more updated info please post it
Stop making new threads if you don't have new content to post.
File: 1653869147969.jpg (969 KB, 2000x2000)
969 KB
969 KB JPG
The art's pretty much dried up at this point. I had to dig deep into the bowels of the degenerate Hooni Discord to find these.
File: Illustration2.png (228 KB, 800x1000)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Parkgee refuses to draw Sana in a two-piece swimsuit. :(
File: 1652533723118.jpg (165 KB, 750x932)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>starts a new thread
>doesn't post last thread >>3732560 for the archives
>doesn't even contribute to his own thread - implicitly expects others to fill his thread for him
OP is a faggot.
These threads are getting monotonous. All the drawfags fucked off, almost nothing new gets posted anymore, and these threads just hit the bump limit from all the mindless textposting.
File: PicsArt_10-03-01.43.42.png (151 KB, 874x874)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Whoops, correction: last thread is >>3713113
File: sketch-1658445088546.png (799 KB, 1080x1080)
799 KB
799 KB PNG
OP is a faggot for not contributing anything, but I have no real social life and these threads are the most human interaction I get at night, so I made some original content to make the thread at least slightly more worthwhile. Fuck you OP.

Everyone else, how's your night going?
>but I have no real social life and these threads are the most human interaction I get
This unironically me. You're not alone, incelbro.
File: tired.png (210 KB, 450x450)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
if it makes you feel any better i'm working on some OC... or trying to. i was ungodly drunk, spent an hour getting emotional on another board before passing out and waking up with my arm fucked up
File: pHoon.png (131 KB, 199x328)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>i was ungodly drunk, spent an hour getting emotional on another board before passing out and waking up with my arm fucked up
Wait are the /cut/ threads back up?
File: 1646205872596.png (200 KB, 522x401)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
they're back? huh... one was in the archive.
File: sketch-1658460320813.png (1.23 MB, 1440x1080)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Shit, sorry to hear about your arm homie. Alcoholism is a bitch.
What kind of oc were you planning? Image edits?
some of that art backlog I got here written down on a sticky note from a few threads ago.
File: lovehoon.jpg (93 KB, 564x846)
93 KB
i love all of you hoonis. this is the one place where I feel even a little understood. i hope all the hoonis here have the loveliest day possible under such a hellscape.
File: 1636507451048.jpg (76 KB, 720x720)
76 KB
damn, I don't remember any of that. I just started using this fuckhole of a website again around halfway through the last thread.
I love you too, anon.
Make sure to drink plenty of water and clean your room and all that good shit <3
File: drunk hooni.png (1.44 MB, 1307x1228)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
oh yeah anon no worries. ive been drinkin water all day. now im drinkin somethin else. I deep cleaned today. did u?
File: 1520376527941.jpg (118 KB, 534x761)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Then post new content, or help gather new
Not how it works around here, newfag. /c/ isn't /r/. Don't start threads and expect anons to fill it for you.
I did not, actually.
I was meaning to get things done today, but all I managed was doing the dishes and getting fucked up drunk today.
maybe I can get some shit done tomorrow before work.
Everyday is hell is for me so thanks for the nice message, it's probably the nicest thing I'll ever get so I appreciate your post, even if we don't know each other. I love you, anon.
I'm not the one that started this thread Anon. Here, have a Sana.
File: hoonigger.jpg (85 KB, 736x893)
85 KB
i will make more /cut/ threads. I was making them back a couple months ago but forgot. I'll check the catalogue every now and then and if one aint there I'll make one.
File: wp9000926.jpg (97 KB, 658x1200)
97 KB
are there seriously threads on here for cutting yourself?
You niggas need serious help.
File: yg3ij6j4ogp71.jpg (154 KB, 640x433)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
believe me, i've tried. everything can be going perfect and i'll get drunk or high one night and my mood will randomly come crashing down and i'll stumble home in the dark forgetting half my stuff at a friends and end up waking up with my left wrist fucked up. been like this since i was 12 and it's seriously mentally unwell but the doctors don't take me serious because
>muh bpd stigma
c'est la fucking vie.
yeah, honestly would be nice. i'll try making a few if you don't. it's cozy even if it's misery loves company sorta stuff. keeps it out of this thread i guess even if half of the usuals seem to be from or adjacent to the threads on r9k
Kys, retard.
Just let them be, as long as they aren't hurting anyone else what's the matter? Just hide those threads and stop bitching.
>hurr durr as long as they aren't hurting anyone
They're hurting themselves you fucking downie. That shit isn't exactly the best coping mechanism. That's like starting a thread for people who cope by shoving fireworks in their ass and lighting them and saying it's okay.
>They're hurting themselves
And it's consensual. They aren't hurting anyone other than themselves.
Why does it bother you what others do with their bodies, you piece of shit?
File: RetardPhilosophy.png (1.98 MB, 1440x1080)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB PNG
>hurting yourself consensually is okay
I agree, but there are certain things that society thinks is immoral. Suicide is technically consensual to the person trying to kill themselves, but the people in your community will do anything in their power to keep you from killing yourself. On the other side of the coin, people harm themselves with drugs and alcohol everyday, and it isn't as opposed by people, by some, it's encouraged.
Some people slit their wrists to try to kill themselves, and others do it just to feel something.
So where does cutting yourself end up on the morality scale?
File: unknown.png (714 KB, 610x920)
714 KB
714 KB PNG
I don't care about this philosophy garbage. I just want to rub Sana's legs.
who wanna see me recreate this
do it :3
Actually, if any of those activities (hurting yourself, drinking, doing drugs etc.) do end up hurting the people around you, that's when people oppose it. Yeah, self harm is between one person only but what society opposes is the effects said self harm does and the implication of your circumstance that makes people worried.
nah, fuck society. what are they gonna do? put me in the hospital because it makes them uncomfortable about what i do in private? last time i tried do that they put me on experimental drugs because the doctors don't care past their paycheck and having exhausted all other options for what is known to be pretty much not treatable they just started throwing random medications for diseases i have no diagnosis for. yeah, i'm good. i don't need any half-assed attempts done by doctors who don't care.
File: www.tiktok.com.jpg (40 KB, 720x1280)
40 KB
The causes of our pain, as of our pleasure, lie for the most part, not in the real present, but merely in abstract thoughts. It is these which are often unbearable to us—inflict torments in comparison with which all the sufferings of the animal world are very small; for even our own physical pain is not felt at all when they are present.

Indeed, in the case of keen mental suffering, we even inflict physical suffering on ourselves merely to distract our attention from the former to the latter.

This is why, in great mental anguish, men tear their hair, beat their breasts, lacerate their faces, or roll on the floor, for all these are in reality only violent means of diverting the mind from an unbearable thought.
Society doesn't care about you so why should you care about society?
society as a whole is shit. people in groups are judgemental, paranoid, selfish creatures. to truly see humanity for what it's worth, you need to meet the individuals.
Your friends. Parents. Family members. Coworkers. Classmates. People you've meet in the past. People you still have yet to meet. It may not seem like it, but you have somebody who cares about you. Even someone as awkward and cringy as Hooni has friends who care about him. I know that you do too, Anon.
Treat yourself respectfully, as if all your friends were there watching you.
File: 20220719_141159.jpg (49 KB, 400x400)
49 KB
Damn, I just go out and smash shit with a metal bat if it gets to that point.
Wood, glass, children, old broken things, just fucking smash it into rubble until the violence leaves my body.
File: happySana.jpg (183 KB, 736x1143)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
I care about you Anon, even if we will never know each other
Same thread everytime
No one cares about Suicide Boy anymore.
Remnants of a bygone era
File: sketch-1658803577404.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1584)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
I know. It's been at least a couple years since I've been on this website, but this is the only thread that I really frequent.
Send me pictures, I'll get extra drunk and make some edits of them. I don't fuckin know man, I just want this thread to live.
Me in real life
File: bleh.jpg (7 KB, 260x194)
7 KB
Same... I gotta draw those things I mentioned, might be held up by some obligations beforehand but yeah
Same day everyday.
Hooni’s breath smell…
There are times where I desperately wish and wait for somebody to reply to these threads so I have somebody to talk to
Then there are times just like this where I wish you haven't said anything at all.
File: FYyvptKWAA00L-5.jpg (769 KB, 2892x4096)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
Rare Jaehoon
File: imfine.jpg (25 KB, 563x469)
25 KB
What would you like to talk about hooni?
Very nice
File: DeSDDJ8UQAAPsIh.jpg (186 KB, 1280x2000)
186 KB
186 KB JPG

>if you have more updated info please post it
Preferably anything other than "boy smell" or anything like that
How's your night/day going so far?
Just sitting here contemplating man aroma.
File: 1646237538591.png (448 KB, 1080x1080)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
Just installed a system-wide font that helps with my dyslexia. Having a beer too. Also, sending u some love hooni. How was your day?
File: 1652523874602.jpg (296 KB, 1008x2242)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
I dare every hooni here to set their homepage to this thread and every subsequent hooni general
God dammit anon.
Thank you. I'm pretty fucking far from ok right now honestly. My pc was send to the shop to get wormed on because it won't turn on anymore after trying to replace some parts, and I'm trying to stop smoking pot. Definitely seems easier to quit weed than almost anything else, but it still sucks.
I love this boy and this place please let me hang out with you guys.
For many, cutting and self-harm are a literal last resort to prevent themselves from committing suicide. Some way to divert their attention and bring sensation that they can feel in-control about in an attempt to avoid just jumping off a bridge and praying that the fall kills them on impact. It's actually more common practice to help people who self-harm to reduce the severity of their self-harming over time to help them cope and improve their state of mind without forcing them to effectively go cold turkey on their psychological equivalent of alcohol or heroin. Sad, tragic but ultimately the truth. It's extreme but there's something even more extreme that they're keeping at bay with self-harm. We all know people shouldn't do it, it's terrible, but there's a reason they do.
>Thinks that Self-Harm is a valid coping method.
I think its more preferable that a person actually attempts other forms of coping that don't cause people around them to fall apart. Speaking from experience.
You mean you experienced "falling apart" because of someone else's self-harm or you self-harmed and think that it's wrong because it hurts others around you? I mean, no duh it hurts people around the self-harming individual.
My ex-boyfriend was extremely abusive and would self-harm constantly as a way to cope with depression and alcoholism, shit like that.
His rampant self harm and blatant publicity of it would cause his friends to also slowly fall down the same path.

You can see this a lot on Discord and other awful chat-apps that have entire servers for this shit, it may be TOS banned but the community is large enough that they always have at least one sizeable server up that features "Cutting Competitions" and crazy shit like that.

But to answer your question, I've done both, and I regret both very much.
Self-harm as an act of abuse is deplorable but that doesn't mean that self-harm as a means of coping with immense psychological pain and trauma is that easy to overcome. When someone, who isn't using self-harm to manipulate like people I've known, so close to the brink of just ending themselves that even the idea of basic interests and activities feel miserable to them then they'll do anything to try to keep it together even a little bit. It's not that it's preferable to other options, it's that it shouldn't be something the self-harmer gets ostracized over and told to "just quit it" like there's absolutely no reason they should be doing it. Even most art of Hooni shows him trying to do it in private to keep it as under-the-radar as possible. That's the self-harm that I'm talking about, the kind that is done to protect one's own little world and is kept as far away from others as possible to avoid being that harmful and painful influence that you experienced.

In short; If someone's not trying to hide their self-harm as much as possible then in my experience they aren't really doing it for the coping effects as much as they are the stigma that is attached to it being a strong tool to get what they want. Or some people are just really big jerks.
Alright, I think I can agree with that.

Thank you for your insight. <3
Laika, I don't want to bring up feminism but, as the feminazis say...
My body, my decision.
Let the others ruin/enjoy their lives the way they want, the only harm they are doing is to their own bodies, it's not like they are stabbing other people or something so please shut up, no one asked you to judge the way others cope with their problems.
You're extremely selfish, honestly.
File: 1657048197711.jpg (29 KB, 288x288)
29 KB
And for the record; I'm sincerely so sorry you had to go through that. It's one thing to suffer through painful depression but it's entirely another to be intrusive and hurtful towards others. I'm glad that it sounds like you've gotten away from that and that you advocate against that behavior like people should be. Stay strong, hooni-lover
File: unknown.png (239 KB, 473x278)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
This thread might as well be called "text post general." Don't even bother to make another one.

Yeah, that guy sucks. Banned me from the server then deleted it cause he couldn't take the heat.
File: hoonitrying.png (471 KB, 1049x1054)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
If textposters weren't bad enough, now there are namefags too. Fuck off back to discord, cancer.
Post hoonis.
File: 1656400869523.png (226 KB, 483x556)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
But I have been posting Hoonis. That's when you know someone's sour about their quiet thread when they take a few text posts and call it the end of the world because they can't look at their suicidal shota 24/7. Dang, anon.
File: 2723.jpg (23 KB, 303x455)
23 KB
You're not the problem, brother. But bump wasting is still despicable. These holy grounds are for posting hoonis. Textposters would find better company on a discussion board like /a/.
See >>/c/1990691
File: 1630100059344.jpg (85 KB, 577x650)
85 KB
>"post hoonis"
>posts sana
Disregard this I suck dicks.
I have brought shame and dishonor upon my entire family... Time to commit hang myself!
I wish I could suck some anon's dick too. That would help with my depression for sure.
File: 1657019871971.png (233 KB, 473x445)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
I forgive you but this is only tolerable for so long, brother. I will ensure that the Hooni is always there. Always here for us.
File: 1658984835062935.jpg (69 KB, 640x1000)
69 KB
drunk as fug :DD
high as fug :DDDDD

gonna be hung over tomorrow :Dd
File: 1648872779339.jpg (50 KB, 745x862)
50 KB
God I wish I could drink.
Why can't you?
Me too, I can't drink anything with alcohol now that I'm with antidepressants.
My god what the fuck are you doing here Go back to the discord bubble where you belong.
Hey I made this my wallpaper, thanks for whoever made this.
so hooni threads are for shotacons and boymoders right
File: 1648866865581.jpg (48 KB, 363x352)
48 KB
No they're for you, why else are you here?
These threads are for anything but suicide boy posting.
Because if I have 1 pint it becomes 15 pints every day again and then before I know it I'll be drinking hand sanitizer.
settle this for me anons. does liking hooni make me a creep or not? he is 17, so would be legal where i live, im also 18 so it's not a huge age difference. however my friend who is also 18 told me it was wrong to like him since he is a minor and got mad at me, i was a under 18 just 2 months ago, how is it bad now?
is it just americans trying to virtue signal? idgi
It doesn't make you a creep but it does make you retarded for thinking fictional underaged characters and actual human children are the same thing and you should leave this board.
This is why anime and manga should have never gotten popular among normies.
Americans are fucking stupid. You'd do well to learn that quickly so you dont waste time on them throughout your life.
You could be 80 years old, and it still wouldn't matter. Love is love. Don't let a bunch of normies get you down.

Also, Hooni is technically 16. He's 17 in Korea because they count age differently.
File: fug.jpg (150 KB, 455x648)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
what the fuck is a boymoder?
i drank way too much on my plane flight after taking benzos. i wonder how often i go do that before i suffer a cardiac arrest
then as soon as i got home i ended up carving up my arm again. go me... i don't even remember doing it but i slept like a baby
>what the fuck is a boymoder?
trans girl who presents as a boy day-to-day
File: Flattery.jpg (166 KB, 736x1256)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
I decided to to drink after getting into medication but I can't resist that temptation.
Not to drink*
File: Hoon.png (128 KB, 258x366)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
Sorry to hear that benzo fren.
God I love hooni so much. I need him like I need food and air. I want to breath on his space, I want to follow him around and know if he is safe .
File: 1648919828845.jpg (111 KB, 850x990)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
He feels like a way for me to express or personify the more frightening and vulnerable parts of myself even when my life is perfectly fine. There's a want for me to appreciate hooni as if he were a part of my own psyche. Generic and small and simple, yes, but even as far as I've come with my depression I still feel some of those vulnerable and desperate cravings as if I wanted to cry out for help in some way. To just hope somebody notices I feel weak and emotionally fragile. I'd like to think I'd never threaten my own life or self-harm but I'd be lying if I said the thought hasn't bubbled up on occasion.

In that sense, I wish I could be as desired as Hooni is for how people recognize and care for him.
I loved these political edits.

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