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hey does anyone have the /cm/ recommended reading list? I used to have it saved but lost it, and now I cannot find it
File: 1634851604647.jpg (3.88 MB, 2355x5603)
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File: 1605118516113.jpg (3.76 MB, 2428x7038)
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File: 1619483138669.jpg (1.74 MB, 1537x2432)
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I've got some more
File: 1619483427749.jpg (3.04 MB, 2300x4000)
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thank you, these are great, but I meant /lit/-related. I should've specified.
I remember it was a list of novels and stories that had homo or cuteboy content
The Secret History and The Picture of Dorian Grey were both on it
File: 1606639616025.png (1.56 MB, 1064x946)
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Annnnd done
The Picture of Dorian Grey is a very well written novel, I'd recommend it. You can also read Mishima, his descriptions of males are really hot. LOGH light novels have some cute scenes as well.
"“He is all my art to me now,” said the painter gravely. “I sometimes think, Harry, that there are only two eras of any importance in the world’s history. The first is the appearance of a new medium for art, and the second is the appearance of a new personality for art also. What the invention of oil-painting was to the Venetians, the face of Antinous was to late Greek sculpture, and the face of Dorian Gray will some day be to me. It is not merely that I paint from him, draw from him, sketch from him. Of course, I have done all that. But he is much more to me than a model or a sitter. I won’t tell you that I am dissatisfied with what I have done of him, or that his beauty is such that art cannot express it. There is nothing that art cannot express, and I know that the work I have done, since I met Dorian Gray, is good work, is the best work of my life. But in some curious way—I wonder will you understand me?—his personality has suggested to me an entirely new manner in art, an entirely new mode of style. I see things differently, I think of them differently. I can now recreate life in a way that was hidden from me before. ‘A dream of form in days of thought’—who is it who says that? I forget; but it is what Dorian Gray has been to me. The merely visible presence of this lad—for he seems to me little more than a lad, though he is really over twenty—his merely visible presence—ah!"
From chapter one, The Picture of Dorian Gray
File: achilles and patroclus.jpg (79 KB, 1200x600)
79 KB

This is what you’re looking for.

I wish that there were still /cmlit/ threads.
yes God bless you I love you so much
it doesn't seem as though this is *the* list that I saw but it is a good list
it is missing a few books that I remember from the other one though. regardless, thank you.
>Yuri on ice not in sports
Come on. This is fucking stupid
Huh Blue period has canon gay? I thought it's like a sportcon only with art.
Surprised at Senyuu's inclusion. There's a handful of /cm/ moments in the anime and manga but not enough for /cm/ status. Still a fun gag manga, though.
If anybody wants to get into it, I recommend also checking out fanworks for more content for the two main characters.
wasn't there yumejo chart or some shit?
awaiting the day when we get to change the suicide boy panel from blue to purple

>banana fish anime recced but not the much much much better manga isn't even mentioned

I don't know how it is possible to have such shit taste
File: volume 12.jpg (187 KB, 638x960)
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187 KB JPG
I remember I made a /cmlit/ list for an anon in a historical thread ages ago. Recreated from memory and some other stuff added:


plenty smut but I like the relationship between Giton and Encolpius such as how it is more like a man and his virtuous roman boywife than master/slave.

>Brideshead Revisited

Pretty much THE book on male-male romantic friendship.

>Rimbaud by Graham Robb

Definitely the best biography of Rimbaud and a great primer on his poems.

>A Rebours

It has an entire chapter dedicated to the main character drooling over a cute twink but mostly it is just a manifesto for flamboyant 19th century aesthete bois.

>Our Lady of the Flowers

Just an excellent book. amazing prose put to work in the most obscene gay ways.

>Death in Venice

Tadzio should be a patron saint of /cm/.

>Picture of Dorian Gray, Salome, Portrait of Mr H W and Oscar Wild generally

Read them in that order. His essays on art are amazing too but not very /cm/.

2 honourable mentions:

>The Basketball Diaries

great book and mostly not /cm/ but the very lewdly written part where he prostitutes himself and admits to finding it arousing really did a number on me as a closeted gay early teen.

>S.E Hinton's greaser works such as The Outsiders, Rumble Fish and That Was Then, This is Now.

Not really /cm/ but her works are filled with rebellious pretty boys and imo have low key fujo energy.


>Kaze Ki To No Uta
>nothing worse than kissing and cuddling

Are u trying to hoodwink me anon? It has like 50 different graphic rape scenes (all of Gilbert).

Shit I forgot Vathek:

>The women all doated upon him, for though he had passed his thirteenth year, they still detained him in the harem. His dancing was light as the gossamer waved by the zephyrs of spring; but his arms which twined so gracefully with those of the young girls in the dance, could neither dart the lance in the chase, nor curb the steeds that pastured his uncle’s domains. The bow, however, he drew with a certain aim, and would have excelled his competitors in the race, could he have broken the ties that bound him to Nouronihar.
>The two brothers had mutually engaged their children to each other; and Nouronihar loved her cousin more than her eyes. Both had the same tastes and amusements; the same long languishing looks; the same tresses; the same fair complexions; and when Gulchenrouz appeared in the dress of his cousin, he seemed to be more feminine than even herself. If at any time he left the harem to visit Fakreddin, it was with all the bashfulness of a fawn that consciously ventures from the lair of its dam; he was however wanton enough to mock the solemn old grey-beards to whom he was subject, though sure to be rated without mercy in return. Whenever this happened, he would plunge into the recesses of the harem, and sobbing take refuge in the arms of Nouronihar, who loved even his faults beyond the virtues of others.

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