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>Take time off work to stay in Italy for a week
>Really excited I get to have the real deal food wise
>Go to my first restaurant
>The atmosphere and food is exactly the same quality back in America

Wtf? What makes the food here so exceptional again?
Probs got tourist-trapped bud
Wow so italians carefully study and reproduce every aspect of American tourist restaurants specifically to entrap tourists into having the same food they had in a tourist restaurant in America?

Well it seems like a lot of effort
No. She's just never actually been to Italy.
let me spell it out for you retard-kun
>you can't walk into any restaurant in italy and expect great food
I know, pretty amazing right? Almost like it's the exact same shit in every single country! Almost like you actualy have to do a bit of research before hand instead of just going to the first place that had a "menus in english!" sign on the door!
and yeah, a western country being very close to an other western country culturaly isn't really new. You HAVE heard of globalism right?
Fucking and?
I thought they had a law there requiring them to make everything from scratch?
Yea basically. After decades of Americans trying to find their roots you get a bit of a handle on how to make their experience as homely as possible.
I mean, come on bro, even the atmosphere is the same as the in the States? And you expect me to believe he didn't get tourist trapped? Gedawta heya.
you misread, they have to make everything from scratch deez nuts
>>The atmosphere and food is exactly the same quality back in America
Anon, I lived in the USA for a bit and you have dead taste buds, the food in italy is different from what you find in murrica, on average

What gave it away was the atmosphere lol. you either got bamboozled in a tourist trap or you need to be more subtle next time

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