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I like to buy these big bags of shelled walnuts to snack on, but the bottom twenty percent of the bag tends to get mixed up with these weird shell shavings that taste bitter as fuck and make them inedible. Has anyone else experienced this and is there any kind of easy solution for it? These walnuts are expensive but I am getting so sick and tired of having to pick around the detritus and blow it off the shells or get a mouthfull of bitter shit, I'd rather throw it away than eat it at this point.
You're probably eating rancid walnuts. It's hard to avoid as they go rancid the fastest of all nuts. Best thing to do is buy a higher quality brand and put them in the fridge/freezer after you open the bag, and make sure the bag is airtight.
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Walnuts literally cost more than decent steak where I like. I can't afford to snack on those things.

I guess maybe save all the shitty bits and then eventually fill a bag with them and take it back to the store and go "hey, this bag of walnuts was all trash and crumbs. I'm gonna need a refund over here"
It's not the nuts going bad. They taste fine as long as I get the shavings off of them. It's just an issue of, I guess, the shavings 'settling' near the bottom of the bag. I'm looking for almost an engineering solution here.
They're expensive here too bro, that's why I'm looking for a solution that doesn't involve throwing them out. They're perfectly good walnuts, they're just covered in bitterdust.

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