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When was the last time you lost control, anon?
>be me
>decide to eat two cans of tuba instead on one
I added ice to my water

Forgive me
I ate a family sized bag of chips and a bunch of sour cream and onion dip. the only other thing I ate was one of those 99c microwavable frozen hamburgers.
i just did bulimia last night because i was too uncomfortable to fall asleep because i ate 24 tacos
Damn g cool it on the tacos why don't ya haha
I have non-diabetic hypoglycemia and sometimes I'll completely freak out and just eat as much as I can until the sickness goes away.
Most recently, I ate a whole 12-inch oven pizza, ruffles and dip, baby carrots, and a breakfast sandwich.
The worst part about this is that I can never have breakfast cakes. Pancakes, waffles, french toast; anything with syrup will drive me to another episode.
decadent fool
fags here will talk shit because they're stupid, but please consider a ketogenic diet
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Got high and ate 3 bars of chocolate + soda + something super sweet I can't even remember anymore, felt like shit the day after
>>18021158 Me in the centre.
>anything with syrup will drive me to another episode
because syrup is easily processed and you produce too much insulin to compensate when you don't absorb enough of the syrup?
...were they good? what kinds tacos were they?
Ate a whole large pizza once while also drinking beer. Probably 2500 calories that evening
Unfortunately, gluttony remains my sin.
>be italian living in america
>really miss ham
>pass by new """"""""italian"""""""" deli
>most items on the menu board are misspelled
>hipster cunt behind the counter doesn't speak italian but, omg, she, like, totally loves italian culture and stuff and, like, she, like, opened up this deli after she, like, spent a summer in florence and, like, daddy paid for it and, like, gave her the money to start the deli and, like, i hope you, like, like it, italy-sama ^_^
>doesn't have ham on the sign board
>ask for prosciutto cotto
>doesn't know wtf i'm talking about
>omw out, catch a glimpse of it through the glass of the fridge behind the counter, way in the back
>"THAT! i'd like that, please."
>'this? ^_~'
>"no, to the right"
>'this? ~_^'
>"no, I said right, not down"
>'this? n_n'
>"between that and the fridge wall"
>'this? UwU'
>"yes, that."
>'oh, the burzhudo koh-toe.'
>"don't trim the skin or fat off, please"
>buy 2lbs
>little by little, I manage to eat it all that night. no bread. just sneaking slices from the fridge every several minutes.
I am not proud.
This area has a lot of daddy's money bitches who open up stores, but at least there's one now I actually like, despite its owner being among the least intelligent cows I've ever met.

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