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Hey /ck/, I don't have full use of my hands and have issues with psoriasis, I love cooking, but my hands keep getting worse. I can't bend some of my fingers all the way due to the skin splitting.

How should I go about continuing to cook? I already started wearing gloves to cut down on hand washing, changing as often as needed, any other tips I should try?
You're fucked lol
Ye, kinda how I feel dude, arthritis and psoriasis ain't a fun combo for trying to cook, hell it burns to simply rinse produce
O'Keefe's working hands is good for dry skin and coincidentally doubles as lube for cramming things up my ass.
Damn lad, that sucks. I had to bail on my chef apprenticeship after I broke my back, my nerves got fucked up so my hands get stiff in the cold weather due to lack of blood flow and I didn't trust using razor sharp knives while like that.

just googled psoriasis
>no cure
sorry bruh.
Yeah, it's also associated with arthritis too, which I've been tested for, worst part, I already have a musculoskeletal issue on top of it, so my finger joints are already loose lmao. Really fuckin' sucks.
How'd you break your back btw?

I'm willing to try anything because none of the medicated shit helps
Atleast you can rub your hands for free parmezan
They are great backscratchers too, like steel wool
Not sure if psoriasis is similar but I have ichthyosis vulgaris, which also causes dry flaky skin, from excess skin buildup. I use amlactin, which is an OTC exfoliating lotion. It's slightly acidic and basically dissolves the top layer of dead skin. Pricey, but it helps. Burns the first few times you use it though, so I don't cram any up my ass.
I'm also asking about how to make some cooking tasks easier.

You know what, that actually sounds like an option, thanks dude.
Moisturizing doesn't work?
Got stupid drunk off of homemade 70% abv vodka on my birthday, tripped up stairs and landed chin first, the impact was so intense that I got a c3 break. I wasn't able to walk for nearly a month, I got lucky though. now it's just my hands that are a little fucky at times.

How do you shower, by the way? does it flare up every time? I can't believe I've never heard of this, and was it since birth?
Instant pot, ricecooker, airfryer, press grill, food processor. Let machines do shit
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It does, this is after moisturizing and avoiding triggers, it splits even worse when I don't.

Cervical breaks are fucking awful, I am so sorry dude, and your hands will get better, the tremors and pins and needles should subside.

I shower normally, I just soak my hands first, and that helps a ton, burns at first, but it prevents splitting and my hands hurt much less after. But check out my joints, where you see red is where they're swollen.

Are instant pots that worth it? I see everyone shilling them and I just never thought about getting one, especially since I can't work and money is tight.
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It's not just my hands by the way, when it's really painful and dry, my arm also hurts to bend all the way.
Again, not sure if this works for psoriasis but I usually apply the lotion, go to bed, and in the morning take a shower with extremely hot water, as hot as I can stand it. I have an exfoliating mitt and I just scrub down any scaly patches of skin. The abrasive + exfoliating lotion helps take off a lot of it. Search for "exfoliating mitt" on Amazon, but don't get the soft ones, you have to get the abrasive ones, made with "viscose". The mitts are pretty harsh so I usually go easy on sensitive areas and avoid cramming it up my ass.
You know what, fuck it, I'm gonna try it, what's it gonna do make shit worse? I'll definitely be picking some up some supplies ASAP.
I still get tremors but it's mostly after drinking since it messes with my nervous system, the doctors told me i had so much alcohol in my bloodstream when the break happened that my body was confused and the white blood cells began attacking the damaged area rather than heal it lol.

Have you tried pawpaw ointment? Honestly, I think OTC shit may be more useful to you than medicated stuff. that sucks dick, man, hope it eases up a little.
I've never heard of that happening, but it makes sense, and no I haven't I'll have to read on it. Also, you got any recipes that are low mantainence?
leek soup, baked fish on rice with green sides. Depends what you prefer to eat.

FYI, I never wash vegetables. I probably should due to pesticides, but i haven't been sick from it in my 29 years of existence.
Those are both great recipes for when my hands are really fucked up. It does subside but it can take months. and desu, its more about not trusting corporations to not give me cancer
If you do make a leek soup, make sure you throw in somne garlic, smoked paprika and diced corned beef. really improves it overall.

and if you make a big batch, you can just store it in microwavable containers and not bother actually cooking for a week.
I used to work food service and when I was in that job my eczema and dermatitis on my hands was awful

Try not to wash your hands too much (only when absolutely necessary) and get yourself a good moisturizer. Get some cotton gloves and put it on at night then sleep with the gloves on. You can also review your diet and habits and see if anything triggers it more.

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