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Do you plan your meals? If so, how?
I generally don’t because a lot of my meals are impulsive. It’s an unhealthy eating habit and I almost always regret it afterwards. I feel like having a partner would help but it’s not like I’ll ever get one.
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I keep a mentai list of what I have, whats about to turn, etc and cook. repeat this process everyday until at some point Ill die.
Add cleaning your shit to your mental list.
I order 90% of my food online every 7-9 days so I have to 'plan' in that sense.
But I mean. I pick some meals and I cook them. What obstacles are you facing?

I cook for a household with other cooks, so I usually only cook 3 dinners a week - I guess that's similar to living alone, but cooking for a household every day is undeniably more effort.
I tell my wife to write down what meals she wants, then I make a grocery list. Being organized is much easier in my opinion
No fuck you
I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch pretty much everyday. I plan out two dinners (4 nights) in advance when I go to the store
Yes. I meal prep (work gives us paid breakfast and lunch) so I usually have for breakfast something simple and healthy, half a cup of yogurt/cottage cheese and an apple or banana so not much prep. Lunch, I usually think on Sunday on weather I want to put in minimal effort or make a decent dish. If its simple, I'll usually do some veggies, a protein and a starch (for example, baked chicken, sauteed garlic and broccoli with roasted potatoes). If I don't mind putting in some effort, usually something spicy like Al-Kabsa, Tikka Masala, Chicken Arrabbiata or Lamb/Beef Adana.
>I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch pretty much everyday.
You don't get sick of it?
Different anon, same general practice.
Because while breakfast and lunch are largely similar, day to day, maybe I get something different at the store week to week.
So this week is eggs with one kind of toast, next week is a different kind of toast.
Sausages one week, different sausages next, maybe bacon if I'm in the mood, steaks now and then, kippers, spam, etc.
Change out diced peaches for diced pears.

Repetition lets you practice the skills to get good at each preparation with subtle differences as things age.

But yeah, I'd get bored if it was always instant maple flavored oatmeal.
I would but I’m too lazy to.
>tfw no sensei to prep your meals
I only plan work lunches, usually fast one day a week and cook some variation of chicken and rice or pasta in 4 portions.
Dinners I plan one day ahead at the most. I prefer to pick what I feel like eating as I finish my day
>random weebshit image
>low effort prompt typed as an excuse to post said image
Where do you faggots come from? Discord?
What's that?
It looks really good

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