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I love the tortilla chips at Taco Bell. They're better than anything I can buy in a grocery store.
Anons, if I go to Teebz and ask to just buy a big bag of their chips, will they sell them to me?
Anyone here try this, or ever work for Teebz who can give an answer?
Every time I get nachos from Taco Bell they're stale as fuck, it doesn't matter where or when I go
Aren't the three layer nachos going away on the 13th?
i hope every /tacobell/ poster is brutally murdered
They fry their nachos.
Okay, still, I'm sure that rather than frying them nonstop all day, they make them in large batches. Whats stopping them from just scooping up a bunch into a paper bag?
I'd honestly pay $5-10 for a bag of them
can't answer. taco bell used to be fucken awesome when i was in high school. i could get a butt load of food and a drink with the change from the ashtray in my car. now, they're expensive and they suck. bean burrito stuffed with french fries (when they offered them) was pretty damn good.
They're not allowed to do that (used to work at a Taco bell). Company policy is that you have to buy everything at menu price. You COULD buy a bag of their uncooked chips and fry them yourself, but you'd be paying for like a hundred orders of chips, at like 50 cents - 75 cents per order.

We had some people who would order just flatbread, and lots of it. Not cooked. They made them pay for each individual flatbread, a dollar a piece.
>they’re expensive

A $5 box gives u like 5 items you fat fuck
Thanks anon
I just went today and it's more expensive than I remember. About a dollar per crunchy taco. I do live in an expensive area though.
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I'm thinking about trying taco bells breakfast, I've never had breakfast from taco bell before. I don't normally order a lot of fast food.
Any opinions on what I should get?
So far I'm thinking 2 of the $1 breakfast burritos, I'm considering adding potatoes to one just to see if it's better that way or not.
If I ask to add potatoes to one, will they put less of the other stuff in the burrito?
The secret is to only get things from the dollar menu.
If your taco smell is serving breakfast, get the Breakfast Crunch wrap, shits the bomb yo
That's what I'm trying to decide between.
2 burritos or 1 Crunchwrap.
When they get rid of potatoes in a few days will that include their hashbrowns they use for the breakfast crunchwrap? If I don't get it today I'll still be there in a few months if I decide to go there for breakfast again, won't it?
maybe, maybe not
Better go out and get one while you still can
Then after that try Wendy's breakfast because it's better than TB's
I'm a poorfag, I got a free breakfast baconator when they had it on their app, but now they only have free maple bacon croissant.
Jack in the Box Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich was always my favorite fast food breakfast, followed by McDonalds Sausage Egg McMuffin.
How fucking poor are we talking? It only costs like 5-6 bucks for the breakfast baconater combo
I try not to spend more than $3 when getting fast food. and I only get fast food like once or twice a month.
Got laid off last month and unemployment hasn't come through yet so I'm dipping into my crypto to support myself / pay the bills.
Oh shit, understood, here's hoping Congress can do something right for once
Those breakfast burritos were not very good.
Just finished eating them.
Should've got the crunchwrap
I should have. I am full of regret.
It was a decision I can never take back.
We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past but I am not defined by my mistakes, nor am I a collection of my struggles, I live in the here and now with the power to shape my future.
We all do things we desperately wish we could undo. Those regrets just become part of who we are, along with everything else. To spend time trying to change that, well, it's like chasing clouds.

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