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Alright, I got a charcoal grill, and I want to smoke a brisket for my family for the fourth. How the fuck do I do that? Do I just get the grill up to temp, put the brisket on, close the lid, and check it every hour and a half until it's 160?
You want it higher than 160. Maybe like 175-180 when you take it off. You already know how to smoke in a charcoal grill?
I loosley followed the method on meat head's texas style brisket on amazing ribs.

I used a texas crutch, but the bark around it turns kind of mushy. If you want that nice bark, just put more time in and don't wrap.
you need to read more and practice on pork butts.
>and practice on pork butts.
It's already over between me and your mother, anon. I'm sorry.
Nah I dont, this'll be my first time smoking anything on a charcoal grill.
My main concern is monitoring temperature. I know brisket takes a long time and you gotta make sure the temps all nice and good. I don't wanna be anal about the temp but I also don't wanna fuck it up.
As long as you keep the indirect heat low (210-225F) you're good till the brisket hits temp. You'll have to add coals whenever the temp drops, about once a hour. You should try it before the big day if you can.

Here's an easy guide: https://www.weber.com/US/en/grill-skills/mastering-smoke/smoker-setup/smoking-on-a-charcoal-grill/weber-34482.html
Just buy an electric smoker, why do you wanna torture yourself anon?

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