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File: tijuana-mama.jpg (62 KB, 800x800)
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Thoughts on this thing?
corn syrup and soy way up top on the ingredients
why would a sausage have to have these ingredients?
Because they're cheap and for low class people so (((they))) add in the special formula to weaken them
Disgusting. Why would anyone pickle a sausage? Ive never seen any sort of pickled sausage in Tijuana
Fucking awful. Just now tried one, two weeks ago. I took a bite out of it, and the texture was awful, and the flavor was awful, and I looked at it and saw how the pink extended into it until it faded to grey and then was pink in the center again for a different reason, and threw that shit away, so the crows could have it. Based crows; they recognize my car and keep my ride safe from any pigeon who'd try and shit on it. The moment a trash dove so much as looks at my car, three sorties of angry crows scramble to show it why their collective noun is a "murder". Best aerial death army you can buy with stale corn chips and end-pieces from bread loaves.

But regardless, pickled sausage is bullshit. Tastes worse, has worse mouthfeel, and costs more than Vienna sausages.
Love them but rarely eat because my ass burns like nothing else the next day.
Surely there's better quality than that...
That brand is ass but there are some good pickled sausage out there
Not food

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